Sunday, August 7, 2011

Surprises in publishing

I was writing another article, like I do on a daily basis, and going through the dictionary to see how to spell a word, or even if the word exists: cottaging.

I'd interviewed someone, and they said they enjoyed going to the cottage, fishing and camping. I wondered if, for the same of visual consistency, I could use "cottaging" as a verb, and if I could, whether it had an "e" after the "g" to maintain the hard "G" sound.

For the record, for an example of both the hard and soft "g" sounds, there's no better word is "Negligent." I like that.

ANYHOW - Cottaging. I look it up ... and really, I'm glad I did.


( Brit ) homosexual activity between men in a public lavatory

This is derived from the British slang for a lavatory, which is a cottage, so it says.

Anyhow - had I said that the man liked fishing, camping and cottaging - and anyone was aware enough to know what I'd said, it could have been surprising.

This has been another segment in: Surprises in Publishing.


Anonymous said...

That's too funny! It reminds me of when one of my high school drama teachers used to get mad when we used the word "skit". According to her, the word refers to sexual role-playing, and was not appropriate for the classroom. However, I have looked up "skit" several times and the closest I can find to what she suggested is that one meaning is related to vaudeville and burlesque - but that's quite the stretch. Regardless, I still giggle every time I hear the word.

Rogers said...

I did think this was pretty funny, and I was very relieved to think I didn't use th eword, and that it wasn't misinterpretted.

I thought the "negligent" example was a pretty good one, too, both G sounds in one word!

Apparently a "cottage" is a Brisih slang for the water closet.

Skit - anything like Skeet? Maybe she was just a stupid teacher?

skeet skeet!