Friday, August 5, 2011

Worst ball league I've ever been in

This year's baseball league I'm playing in has to be the worst league I've ever played in, let alone paid to pay in.

When I signed up for the team we were scheduled for 12 games, and then playoffs. I understand the team had trouble finding players, so we'd be welcome additions. I looked forward to it.

Of those 12 games - 4 were cancelled and as far as I know, they won't be rescheduled. Three were rain outs and the last was a scheduling f-up, because it was written wrong on our schedule.

Immediately, right off the bat, we've lost 25 % of the season, or 1/4 of the quantifiable value of the league. Two of those games had opportunities for the team to practice anyhow, but the team elected not to. So we haven't had a practice (also known as "added value") once this season.

Next - of the remaining 8 games, let's say we played the full 9 innings in half of those (even though I'm sure that's not accurate) the other half the time we only played 7 innings. I understand there are time constraints, but that's till time missed playing ball.

2 innings per game = 22% more of 1/2 the season lost. (or 11%)

So 25% + 11% = 36 % of the season is lost.

Factor in that we've got hardly enough women (so they play non-stop, and go up to bat 6 times a night) but plenty of men (so we sit three innings per game and bat about 3 times) you could argue that we don't play another 2 innings per game.

That's another 22% sitting out instead of playing ball.

36% + 22% = 58% lost value.

This means I'm receiving only 42% of the value I signed up for.

You might argue with my math or the weight I've given to it all - and I might provide some relief for resting out a few innings, too IF we had a one single practice during the entire season to return that value in investment - but we didn't. Nobody wanted to, and we had two inexcusable opportunities for it.

Tonight, case in point, the entire team was together - but we had the wrong day due to a scheduling snafu, which is infuriating in itself. Did the team stick around, fully dressed, with all their gear on an empty diamond to practice throwing, hitting and in-fielding for any amount of time?

... I won't even dignify that absurdity with an answer.

42% is my satisfaction rating based on my expectations of the quanitity of baseball I was expecting to play this season - and that's not factoring in the "quality" of baseball I might have been expecting - which would reduce my satisfaction significantly more.

Not a strong return on investment. Probably won't do this again.

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