Monday, September 5, 2011

Holiday's over

It's been a quiet weekend at the cottage - and I've taken a few neat picture I think people will like, too - but the Internet connectivity is too sparse to load anything like a picture, let alone a website.

Spent the weekend working on my graphic novel and watching the first season of The Sopranos - which isn't quite what I expected. It's funnier and more interesting than I thought it would be, and doesn't seem to be as formulaic with its rising and falling action as a show usually would, and it never ends on a cliffhanger (which is odd). But interesting.

It's 11 degrees here today - a sure sign that the summer is fading.

Time to tidy up and hit the road and get back home in time to do the dishes we left behind and get my laundry done from last week, and I should probably cut the lawn, too - we'll have to see. :S

Holiday's over...

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