Sunday, September 18, 2011


I had heard of Twitter, and didn't really get it, for a long time. As far as I could tell, it was basically the news feed you already get on Facebook, but with a limit to how many characters you can post.

Anyhow - a few weeks ago a tornado blasted through my mom's family's hometown Goderich, which was pretty freaky. Of course I was concerned and started looking it up on the Internet, and discovered some newspaper that set up a Twitterfeed that basically just kept pumping out links to videos, pictures, updates and news stories featuring the latest news as it happened in Goderich.

It was eerie, but so amazing. People were linking to images of the damage, updates from the police, videos of the storm clouds coming in, and all the latest updates letting everyone know that basically everyone in town was safe, but basically downtown got busted up.

After seeing the power of how much information can be blasted into one spot so fast, I was impressed. So I set up an account intent on learning more about it. I figured it might be an opportunity to spread word about Tomb of the Undead, while I was at it.

In any case, every news organization has an invested interest in Tweeting as well, which means as soon as TSN or something has a new article, they tweet it right away - basically, it's an immediate update. So instead of you having to go to various different sites to see waht's going on and if there's been an update, you can just load up one site and they'll tell you what they've done as soon as they've done it.

This is pretty impressive. You pick who you want to hear from, and then they bust out a bunch of links to show you as soon as they're ready - and that's awesome. Bloggers like Eklund from HockeyBuzz who does incredible trade rumours and stuff for the NHL, the hosts of the Fan 590's morning show tells you who's going to be on the air, etc, etc.

You can get whatever you want, and when something big and incredible happens, it "Trends" and you get the news as soon as possible as well. It's incredible.

You don't have to sign up and like it, but you should totally check it out. I think you can just look at it without making any kind of commitment.

Anyhow, you can technically follow me if you're on Twitter at @RogersRyan22 if you'd like. My Twitter account is on Team 22 as well - which is awesome.

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