Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I didn't know about Roald Dahl..

Check out this post about "Who will save Roald Dahl's writing shed?"

His family has asked for help in raising more than $790,000 to move the shed from its current location to the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre in town in Buckinghamshire. The funds would also help preserve and restore the shed and its contents, which haven't been kept in pristine archival condition -- instead, they've been in a shed, which is sometimes referred to in its less-than-glamorous condition as a "hut."
Why do they think it's so worthwhile? Read more to find out! I knew Dahl wrote some pretty seminal books for children, but had no idea he did so much else with his career as well. Impressive.

Dinosaur Sighting: Fermented Stegosaurus

I might have to put my red wine of choice, Fat Bastard, aside for a while, now that I know that this exists!
Sent in by reader Tim Goodwin, these (noticeably empty) bottles of dino wine were spotted at a Manhattan party. I had never heard of the brand before, but according to their website, Terra Fossil wines carry dinosaurs as a tribute to the rumor that fossil bones were once found on the Argentine vineyard where the wine’s grapes are grown. This could be true—many, many dinosaurs have been found in Argentina, including the sauropod Mendozasaurus from the same province as the vineyard.

Crimminy (as Gary Larson would say) I've got to get ready for work now!

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