Thursday, October 6, 2011

Leafs, funny tweets and dinosaurs caught in a tree

What the Maple Leafs need to make the playoffs (technically)
Looking forward to tonight's hockey game! Another season - I honestly don't know what to expect and don't even have a "feeling" of how they're going to do. After they've had so much consistency (in a bad way) it's difficult to think they don't look the same again... one thing I hope doesn't happen all season is Ron Wilson talking about the winning streak that they went on at the end of last season.

Resting on their laurels hasn't served anyone in pro sports - athletes always tell you to leave the last game behind you, whether it's a loss or a win, because you don't play the next game in the past. Or something like that. In any case, I think we have to watch the Leafs with the hope that they'll require 90 (maybe 92) points to make the 8th seed.

They'll need about 11.5 points per for every 10 games played, and be consistent about it. For this to work out ... this is their requirements.

11.5 points by Oct. 30

23 points by Nov. 20

34.5 points by Dec. 14

46 points by Jan. 8

57.5 points by Ground Hog Day

69 points by Feb. 24 (I'll have a son by then! He will cry louder than AM 640's broadcast of the games, I'm sure).

80.5 points by Mar. 16

... and of course, 92 points by Apr. 8

So we can track their progress along the way - should be interesting.

Tweets that made me laugh yesterday

@twolinepass (ryan lambert)
red wings announce "two-fer tuesday" at joe louis arena this season! niklas kronwall guaranteed to leave his feet twice as much on hits!
@twolinepass (ryan lambert)
the red wings' new "bobblehead thursday" will be particularly exciting because todd bertuzzi will demonstrate how best to make heads bobble

I also fell for a fake account (briefly - it sounded fishy as all could be) when @ESPN-PierreMcGuire said the Leafs had just traded, get this, Tyler Bozak, Naz Kadri and Carl Gunnarson for Jason Spezza.

It didn't sound too crazy - but Spezza's not really a "Burke" player, and it had my head reeling. Luckily, Leafs didn't do it. (There are a lot of big stars on junk teams that might get moved this season, like Spezza, Alfredsson, Iginla to name a few).

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Missing dinosaur models found hanging from tree

Two fibreglass dinosaurs were found in a park in Nicolet Monday, after they disappeared from a popular restaurant on Highway 20 between Montreal and Quebec City.

Restaurant Madrid in Saint-LĂ©onard-d'Aston, Que. is a landmark known for the 75 large dinosaur replicas that adorn the front of the restaurant, facing the highway.

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legs said...

Or...Do what they did last year...

Play in the basement until January then come out full steam ahead after that and miss the playoffs by 4 points (I think)

I think another coach for the leafs had a strategy similar to what you are proposing. Something along the lines of win 2 and tie 1 in every 5.

Didnt work out. NHL is not consistant.

Rogers said...

It's not a plan - it's a measuring stick. No matter what the plan is, if they're not on this pace - they're not on pace for the playoffs.

92 points is the minimum required to get in these days (I think). Depending on how successful the shitty teams like NYI, NJ and FLA are - if they're more competitive, the number could change.

In the west you almost need 100 poitns to get in.

legs said... could win...62 points the second half and 30 in the first.

Or 70 in the first and 22 in the second.

Or....list goes on.

Your suggestion would be a consistency mediocre season.

Pace = consistent.

At the end of the day they need to win a few more games then they did last year and win them against their division. Then they are in the playoffs.

Rogers said...

I see what you're saying - think of this as more of a means to measure expectations then. You're right, they could lose the first 30games and then win the last 52, but we can see whether they're on track or not this way.

legs said...

So its a measuring stick that ignores every variable!

Just kidding......

So win against same division...keep it up! haha.

Rogers said...

Rulers don't do anything except measure length. They dont' care how you cut the wood, what the wood's made out of, or what you're going to do with it.

And the length that fits it he playoffs is 92. Probably.


legs said...

This aint a piece of wood.

Your idea is loose. Looking forward to tracking it.

Angry yet?!

legs said...

And if it is "wood" then if you cut the wood, add wood or even curve the wood then it changes the measurement.

I'll be watching this all season...maybe.

legs said...

I think I am out of gas on this measuring thing.

Game was not all that great last night. Goal tending was pretty good some defence was alright but really to me they looked alittle uninterested. At some points I was alittle bored.

I hope with a few more games under their belts together they can mesh and get some more shots and action going.

Did you enjoy coach's corner? I did.

Rogers said...

I watched with Darryl and Shelley at the local public house, which made it more fun.

Missed Coach's Corner, unfortunatley. Though, I did catch Cherry calling James Reimer "George Reemer." that was a good one. He's like my mom trying to remember the name of celebrities.