Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nursery shots: east wall

Here are a few progressing shots showing how the nursery came along - more shots to come, of course.

Step 1 - green paint first - we didn't bother clearing the room of furniture. Will it come back to bite us? Stay tuned and find out.

Step 2 - add blue paint to the walls. Nice - the colours look great! The mixer at Canadian Tire deserves credit fixing one of the Rona paints. They look great.

Step 3 - the closet was an unspeakable ordeal. But it looks good from this angle. Let's leave it at that.

Step 4 - furniture was phased out for the flooring to come in. That carpet's life is short-lived.

Step 5 - see! No carpet!

Step 6 - JC starting the laminate floor. How's the hockey pool going!

Step 7 - The twins do a great job, eh. Lookin' really good.

Step 8 - they set up shop in the nursery to finish the floors in two other bedrooms after they finished the baby's room (you'll like the name - but we're not saying anything until the birth). - - unless of course my wife already told a bunch of people.

More pics to come!

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