Friday, December 16, 2011

Bill Watters returns! ...

... as far as I know.

He'd been lost to me while Arlene Binnan (I'm not sure if that's her name, if that's how you spell it, or if she's even HEARD of Canada - what with her ubiquitous and unending coverage of everything American) took his time slot. I miss him.

The real reason I'm posting this:


He's back, and apparently he's not worrying about being on Twitter - I hope he realizes the value it has to connect with his followers and have information delivered directly to your computer without ever having to type in a search command.

Courtesy of Bill, I've learned something about Kaberle I didn't know:
Tomas Kaberle's play has slipped over the past 18mos.It coincidentally corresponds with his marital dissolution.Too much free time
I know his play has slipped, I didn't know it was in cohesion with his wife agreeing he's a no-good professional as well as the Leafs.

Bill's conceded Jeoffrey Lupul has been far more valuable than he expected:
Lupus.Forgive me for I was wrong and you were right.You have been right all along and I have been wrong.
This isn't necessarily revealing, other than he has realized he can call people names and not be held liable to the same standards as if he were on the radio. To my knowledge, I cannot recall him calling Jeoffrey, "Lupus" on the air.

The tragedy is only 2,771 people are following him ... but time will improve that if he is able to translate his constant haranguing ion Ovechkin to only 140 characters.

I love Wilbur, I'm sure everyone does (Bill, if you read this, know that everyone who's worked on air with you has said they've appreciated it on air, as far as I know - except the second Hayes - he may have said something, but I never listened to him if I could help it).

Welcome back to the mainstream - rather than being sent to the back of the 640 bus for 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there. Glad to have you back!

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