Monday, December 12, 2011

Latest nursery shots!

I hope everyone is as wowed by our nursery shots as I am. I did a bit of the painting, and I technically helped with the crib - but I had no idea it would turn out looking so awesome - that's all my wife's doing.

She picked the colours, the dinosaur border (thought it was because she knows dinosaurs are cool - by virtue or me) and she picked all the furniture out (which our loving and greatly appreciated family gave to us from the baby shower - THANKS!) and assembled almost entirely on her own - while I was being a loner making comics in the basement.

apparently the cat feels she's fit to babysit ...

This is a shot of dinner at some point - I made it, while I had nothing to do with decorating the nursery, it looked good on a plate one evening. Would you agree?

Hope you like the shots. all the best.


Cara said...

yay dinosaur theme!
looks great!

Rogers said...

glad you like it! you home yet?