Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Leaf's playoff pace

So Leafers .... where are we at with the season?

After 35 games, the team needs to have 39.26 points to remain in the playoff hunt at the end of the season, which they are, with 40 points in the team wanted to have 34.5 points, technically speaking, to retain a playoff spot pace.

To make it to 92 points, you need to average about 1.22 points per game - and the Leafs are just doing that, which is great. They were somewhat expected to scrounge for the final spot, not challenge for the Easter Conference lead, like they were at the end of November.

So far, so good. They've maintained a playoff pace (overcoming key injuries to Connolly, Reimer, MacArthur, Lombardi and Komisarek - almost an injury at every position, for many games. As for character injuries, you could argue that Armstrong and Brown have been missing as well.

By their 40th game on Jan. 8 - let's hope they can reach the 46-point mark, and keep things going.

Here's the rest of the sched IF you believe that 92 points will be enough to get in (which, right now, technically IS, but it could certainly require more than that ).
  • 57.5 points by Ground Hog Day
  • 69 points by Feb. 24
  • 80.5 points by Mar. 16
  • ... and of course, 92 points by Apr. 8

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