Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Secret to great hair

I'm not sure if this really leads to "great" hair or not - but I noticed a few weekends ago (like back in September) that after a weekend without a regular shower that my hair had some serious volume.

It was because there were still some "natural oils" in my hair - which was allowing me to tug and shape it. I was getting some reliable "hold" and it got me to thinking:

My wife doesn't wash her hair every day. Why should I? Especially if I can get the same effects of gelling it without having to add any hair products?
Boy was I right! I honestly might be the last guy on the block to know about this - but not washing your hair all the time is awesome! I've had the same bottle of shampoo ALL YEAR and I've not had to buy hair gel in ages - which is awesome.

When you wash your hair every day, you wind up with clean, but lame hair that just sits there and does whatever it wants - not washing it all the time gives you WAY more options and abilities.

So after a shower - I just dry it off, give it a combing, and it's right as rain all day - no extra steps. It's perfect for the man who was only gelling his hair because he didn't want to look like a slob at work, but wouldn't think twice to gelling it if he didn't have to.

Take the "Awesome hair challenge" and don't wash it for a couple days this week and see if you don't mind your hair being AWESOME without effort.

It's perfect*

*may smell a little**

**might be a lot.


legs01 said...

And if you don't wash it for weeks you can shape it nicely into dreads and you can occupy Port Perry.

It will be a good time. By staying in a tent for weeks you wont have to worry about any sort of washing and then you'll be as nautual as possible.

Acually you and your buddy from King St. would likely get along after sharing the same hygiene outlook. Totally win win for sure.

Rogers said...

to be clear - I never meant to indicate that I smell better than Mr. Minestrone. Only that his haircuts are far below industry standard. and he smells like Minestrone.