Thursday, December 29, 2011

Unhappy with Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza folks in Grimsby
63 Main St. W., Grimsby, ON L3M 4H1
(905) 527-1111

Dear Pizza Pizza,

I like Pizza Pizza, I love the creamy garlic sauce, the crust and the chicken wings. I love the choices and delivery options, especially the online delivery opportunities. It’s incredibly well-conceived and customer–centric delivery. I really enjoy Pizza Pizza.

However, I have yet to return since last October after an incident with an employee on my wedding anniversary with my wife. When I think of Pizza Pizza now – I only think of this story:

My pregnant wife and I were en route to Niagara Falls when she told me she needed a restroom. We stopped in Grimsby, ON for a break when we saw a Pizza Pizza. She needed the washroom, but she was also hungry.

Before she used the restroom, I encouraged her to select a pizza slice on display. She selected a particular slice before she went to use the washroom.

This is where things became unacceptably awkward: because the employee did nothing.

I suspected at the time that there was a pizza in the oven that the employee was waiting to finish cooking, before addressing us, but … he was just leaning against a shelf, ignoring me. We made eye-contact, and then he looked away, proving there was something suspicious.

I figured then, that he was waiting for my wife to return before he served us. She was in the washroom for five minutes. The employee didn’t say anything to me, didn’t acknowledge me, didn’t’ serve me this entire time.

Please, imagine my discomfort. I was literally standing there for 300 seconds, wondering what I’d done wrong to be ignored like this.

No doubt, after my wife returned from the washroom, I’d obviously lost my interest in being a “customer of Pizza Pizza.”

Fed up, my wife and I were leaving, when the employee finally said something:

He said: "Next time you come, just use the washroom,” and " don't create a charade of pretending to want to order something.”

I was speechless! Not only had he ignored me as a customer, but he was accusing me of scheming a charade for my pregnant wife to use the washroom!

He was concocting a fantasy, (that we were being dishonest, lying to him, and being manipulative to take advantage of his business,) rather than warming up our pizza while my wife was in the washroom.

I have never been in “yelling match” let alone in a “public argument” but I was astonished and furious that he was suggesting that we were somehow being dishonest, lying to him, and being manipulative to take advantage of his business.

No doubt, after he’d yelled at me, I was in no mood to change my mind and become a customer of Pizza Pizza again. We left, the entire time the employee was insistent on getting the last word in – hardly the customer service I’ve enjoyed for years, nor is it up to the standards I’d expect of the Pizza Pizza brand.

Whoever was working that afternoon is a liability to your good name. I hope you make the necessary adjustments.

I'd like to say that I've been able to set this experience aside, but in the past several months, I have not ordered a Pizza Pizza product since.

I hope you understand,

Thank you for hearing my concerns

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Rogers said...

Kevin, the regional director for the region phoned me the other day, helped me out, and assured me he'd look into ensuring that customer service returns to the higher levels you'd expect.

Thanks Kevin! Much appreciated.