Monday, January 30, 2012

Alcatraz making a turn in the right direction?

Not sure if you're following along with Alcatraz or not, but we're heading into the fifth hour of the show this week, and it's GOT to turn a major corner or else it's already become far too stale.

In a world where all the inmates and administrators from Alcatraz disappear into thin air, and then slowly begin to reappear in San Fransisco, the glaring questions are: 1) where did they go? 2) why are they back? and the tertiary concerns of, what do they want, and how does Sam Neill know they were going to return.

At this point there's been a pretty standard "crime drama" format where a criminal appears, does some trademark stuff, elude the cops, but a specialist on inmates from Alcatraz figures out their pattern and captures them in the end.

It's time to reveal some enthralling mythology, some crazy back story or a super power or SOMETHING because ... well ... the chick's not that hot, Sam Neill isn't being used to his full potential, and Jorge Garcia isn't being funny or loveable.

Sam Neill doesn't want to be fed. Sam Neill wants to hunt.

I wanna want to enjoy it - but it's up to them to continue to make it an interesting, mysterious and challenging show. If they don't ...

Set Sam Neill free, give Jorge some super powers and teach the chick how to dress, and I'll watch ep. 6. How's that sound?

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Shelley said...

There's not exactly any attractive lead male characters in the show either... Could they add one of those too?