Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th - and Leafers

For the record, this was the year the Leafs had to start making positive strides or else. I just hadn't realized it yet. It'll be hard for me to admit this, but this is kind of a shocker ...

Part of me thinks if I write this in a smaller font it'll be less heresy:

I was watching the Senators whooping the Leafs earlier in the season, knowing that they had nowhere to go but down, stripped of all their second-line and secondary talent, traded away for picks and prospects (but mostly picks) so they could rebuild.

But the Sens were good. The are good. They were supposed to bomb, but instead they had a spark.

And I started to think ... (to myself! I didn't say it out loud, thank God)... hey, I don't mind that Spezza guy. Yeah, Alfredsson's a bastard-rat, but ... he's kinda cool. I like Nick Foligno, and the big bastard rookie defensemen they had were brutes (Zack Smith). I started thinking ... ugh ... hey, I don't mind the Sens.

And that was it! That's when I realized, this is how far the Leafs have fallen from the tree in the last few years. I was starting to think I liked the Senators. .... (I'm frowning just thinking of it - and even when I look at the standing I wrinkle my nose thinking about them).

In any case, the Leafs had to start doing something more than stink more times than they don't. Stink a LOT less often. I wasn't sure that John-Michael Liles and Tim Connolly were going to be the solution, to be honest.

However, they're doin' great! I'm hanging on every game as best I can. The players have been good, the team has been pretty good, and there's been different players stepping up at different times, which is making for exciting times, too.

Anyhow - Leafers after 42 games, who require 1.14 ppg, should be sitting around 48.14 points, if they're hoping to make the playoffs. AND they're at... 49 points, which is right on pace for being around the 8th seed in the playoffs, and presumably a first-round match up with the irresistible Boston Bruins, eh? Maybe the Rangers? Still half a season to go.


legs said...

If you leave you can't come back when they are playing great. That is the rule.

Not my rule...The rule.

Rogers said...

I have a hunch the Leafs have been sitting Gardiner for the past few games because they're going to trade him shortly - and are avoiding the whole "pull Cammalleri in the middle of a game" move.

Looking forward to hearing what Burke's got up his sleeve!

legs said...

Sent to the minors.