Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tomb of the Undead's first random, unsolicited follower

I was shocked to discover that the Tomb of the Undead has its first random, completely unknown follower signed up on Jan. 6.

I have no idea where "Bridget" is from, but she's absolutely welcome, and I hope she loves the comic. What a surprise for me this afternoon.

This is a definite milestone, and I'm happy to have her following. Welcome Bridget.


legs01 said...

I'll follow you as well.

If Bridget is I might as well me!

(I want a full published, finished, hard cover copy of this when you are done. On the copy you give me a little gold leaf on the letters of the title would be nice too.)

legs01 said...

Me = be.

Rogers said...

Sweet - printed hardcopies may be available someday - they'd look awesome. I have to finish first. Gold leaf is available for a price, I'm sure ;)