Thursday, February 2, 2012

Leafers on Ground Hog Day

Oh Leafers! Ground Hog Day was one of my cutoffs, right at the 50-game mark, but of course they played two games back-to-back, meaning I missed the mark by one game. So they're at 51 games played - BUT in real good shape once again.

About 1.135 points per game gets a team around 93 points, which is right about how much the 8th seed in the eastern conference will need to make it into the playoffs. At the 50-game mark we'd hope the Leafs would have about 57 points. At 51 games they've got 58 points, so they're right around the eighth seed, and good enough to qualify for the first round.

There aren't many games left, and there isn't a lot of room losing streaks or anything, so it'll be more interesting than ever to see how they do. A BIG game against the Senators on the weekend, which'll be exciting to watch (only if the Leafs win, lol).

30 games to go - 3 yardsticks yet to reach. They've come this far and they're still in it - so that's especially encouraging!
  • 69 points by Feb. 24
  • 80.5 points by Mar. 16
  • ... and of course, 93 points by Apr. 8

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