Friday, March 2, 2012

Getting' lucky in a job interview

Monster just released an article on the Top 10 Interview techniques you NEED to know, most of which are no-brainers.

Researching the company, crafting your interview to meet their needs, back-ups of your resume, cover letters and letters of reference, punctuality and enthusiasm are hardly "need to know techniques" to a job interview. Why not add important advice like: figure out how to get there and remember your name?

A friend of mine was recently part of a lengthy hiring process, and he tells me too many interviewees weren't dressed to impress for the interview. Gotta look good when making a first impression. It doesn't matter how long after the interview you loosen your tie, so long as it was done up tight and trim when you walk in.

BUT - are there other things you can do to swing an interview in your favour, and finally separate yourself:

All things being equal, what can you do to swing the odds in your favour? Here are a few ideas I had in mind, though they're just theories.

I always thought providing a cover letter in verse would get you notice, as well as dropping the F-bomb instead of your middle name on your resume. That's GOT to get you noticed. Possibly even get an interview on that merit alone.

BUT that's not what I figure. Once you're in the interview, how can you stick in their minds?I imagine if you interview 10 people, it's like looking at houses - they all look the same in your head when you look back at them.

So the idea is to stick out - and here are a few things I thought up -

One) go in humming "For He's a Jolly-Good Fellow." Maybe they remember you, and recall how jolly-good you are?

Two) I've heard spilling a bottle of water curries favour. It's like they empathize with you more greatly because they "feel your embarrassment" or something like that.

Three) rub the same cologne you wear that day, on your cover letter and resume. Same principle if you rub your resume and paperwork with a banana, in case the company you're applying to literally has monkeys picking their staff.

I've heard it at more than one place of employment that it's been supposed a bunch of monkeys do the hiring anyhow.

Now go get hired!

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