Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Maybe they should play with shame?

Leafs should be ashamed of themselves
Maybe that'll work?

With the Leafs losing 3-0 and being eliminated from playoff contention, it officially lets everyone unload with both barrels on the Blue & White. But I think I may have a different approach than others.

Solutions? Fire Burke. Hire Gretzky. Play with more pride and passion.

However, what do you get?
“We didn’t have a lot going for us,” Carlyle said, “I used the term “(flatter than) pee on a plate, but in more vulgar terms. We allowed the opposition to dictate the transition game and it sucked a lot of life out of us.”
Piss on a plate. Great.

Apparently, I have also discovered that there's an affliction in horses called Red Maple Leafs Poisoning which is "is a potent killer of horses and ponies" where they'll die within 24 hours of ingestion. They produce a dark red or brown urine.

As far as Carlyle's concerned, that lethal diagnosis may as well be a on a plate. And the diagnosis last night was lethal - post season hopes dying. It didn't go unnoticed either. The Leafs were booed off the ice from those fans who were still around at the end of the night.

So how about they try this? Play like you're ashamed of yourselves. Play like you're embarrassed. You CAN'T play with pride. WHAT do you possibly have to be PROUD of?!

Play like you KNOW that you're piss on a plate.

Use the shame to compel some sort of action!
Shame is not just an emotion, but an instinct compelling action, and we might actually try to envision it as rage turned inward. .... It's easy to understand why we would turn outer rage to inner shame: rage is immensely powerful, and if vented in an unchecked, uncontrollable, indiscriminant way is usually met with immediate and harsh societal consequences.
That might be a bit too much philosophy into the subject - channelling it in a checked and discriminant way might be cool to watch. Might be better than what we've had to watch lately (admittedly, I've only caught a couple HNIC broadcasts anyhow).

It's one thing that the Leafs didn't manage to win much this half of the season, but it would have been nice if they were better than piss on a plate.

Next year's motto. Better than piss on a plate.

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