Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tomb of the Undead anniversary post

It certainly would appear that there were a lot of posts last March - which is true. I think it's more because the scenes were shorter than they are now. Probably because I was trying to keep the introductory scenes short and sweet, while the latest scenes are putting more of the plot and character interactions into play.

Barney's recon - pages 38 to 39

Here's the teaser for Barney's Recon where Casey gets moved along toward entering into the second act. There's only a few more things to instigate him forward, and then we're into the exciting world of Act II.
And you can read about some of my thoughts on writing these pages while we're at it, and see if there are any behind-the-scenes aspects that interest you.
  • Page 38True stories of Vegas, undergrads and 'sequeling' Red
  • Page 39 Great motivational quotes from graphic novelists

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