Friday, April 27, 2012

The makings of an awkward conference finals?

Cool first round of the playoffs, but it seemed to take a long time to get through it all, eh?

I'm happy that St. Louis won, but that was the only team I preferred in the Western Conference to make it to the second round, which is about par for the course in my books. The teams I root for rarely give you much to root about.

If I'd rather have seen Detroit, Vancouver and Chicago in the second round, you'd better believe they'd all fail and Phoenix, Los Angeles and Nashville would make it.

St. Louis v. LASt. Louis has been so awesome that I think it'd be fun to watch them continue on - not sure if I'm interested in staying up late to follow the Kings later into the playoffs for the rest of the spring. I'd prefer a team that is great a defense than a team that struggles to score (which is basically the difference between these two).

And of course, my local Stanley Cup connection will be Alex Pieterangelo bringing the Cup to King City for me to visit if St. Louis wins, so again, that's who I'm going for.

Nashville v. Phoenix
I've kind of enjoyed following along with the Predators so far - they're opportunistic and strong, and I don't know two things about Phoenix, plus, half of this series won't even begin till after 9 p.m. (which means I'm not going to watch a lick of it). All things considered, for the same reasons I can't stay up to watch the Kings, I want to get Phoenix on the ropes, and then knock 'em out. 

Washington v. New York 
I actually prefer the Capitals in this one - yet again, two teams that really had trouble getting offensive production up on the scoreboard. It could be a grumpy coach's duel, but that makes for some fun sound bytes after games. I think I want to see .... the Capitals move on in this one. I think Brian Boyle on the NYR is pretty cool, but that's probably the only Ranger I'm really interested in seeing - while there are more fun names and stars on the Caps.

Philadelphia v. New Jersey
If you're picking New Jersey, you're boring. After what Philly did in the first round, I'm super-excited to see what they've got cooking for the Devils. Philly all the way - think Giroux continues to put numbers up that threaten any recent scoring records in the playoffs?

So, if I'm picking Philly, Washington, Nashville and St. Louis - you'd better believe that's going to mean your conference championship games are going to be played between:

Phoenix v. LA (sleeping right through this, literally - I'll be in bed)
NYR v. NJ (I'll metaphorically sleep through nobody scoring in this series)

Has the makings of an awkward conference finals...

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