Friday, May 11, 2012

Before the second round wraps up

Before the second round wraps up and I'm back to laying out the worst possible finale to the season, I'd like to make an observation.

It always seems while a team is winning games in the earlier rounds that they're unbeatable, that they're destined to win, because everything they're doing is leading to them not only winning games, but making significant progress in the post season.

We always seem to say: "Well, if they keep playing like this they'll win it all," YET no sooner does the next round start, and they stop playing like "this" and wind up losing the next series (and eventually the Cup).

I guess what I'm saying is, a team looks great while it's winning, but totally mortal when it's losing - and when you're picking between two teams that are both winning, it can be difficult to guess which one is going to make the about-face and stop doing what made them successful.

Look at Nashville in the first round - they looked "unbeatable" and analysts were saying "if they keep playing like this," etc. etc, but of course by the time they were two games into the next round they were already write-offs. Same with St. Louis.

Philadelphia was a totally different team in the next round - the only teams that seem to be balancing the tight-rope of stinking and succeeding have been NYR and WAS - and of course they've both been walking that line for 14 games each in the post-season.

In any case - it should be interesting to see which teams are most likely to lose their identity in the next round. Who's the more veteran team that's likely to stick with their game plan and stick to what's made them successful?

......... NJ just might be the team to beat now.

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