Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Can other sports fill the void? Part 3

The Leafs have been a disaster for years, and I hadn't realized until the looming NHL lockout at how radioactive that's become for me. They've poisoned my interest in the whole league - I'm not financially investing in seven new sports channels to watch different hockey teams, but could I find what I'm looking for in terms of engagement and fascination with other leagues?

New story lines, rules, plays, highlights, athletes and  history could be really interesting to jump into.

I've had to broaden my horizons (a little) over the summer, what with no hockey, of course, but also with the Olympics. There's been a LOT more soccer going on (that stupid Euro-Cup was overwhelming in the media - plus god-awful). But there's also the other main leagues, with basketball, baseball, cycling, football, and the ubiquitous presence of golf and tennis. 

I can't stand tennis.

Never played, don't know anything about the players, and I don't want to watch it.

Golf is surprisingly good TV. It's more fascinating and fast-paced than watching any other sport, I'll argue. They're ALWAYS flipping to a new highlight as one of dozens of players on the course at any given time are making a difficult shot - and they're interesting to watch! They're constantly cutting away to another amazing feat of accuracy, chance and excellence.

Baseball can't do that. Hockey can't do that. Football and basketball need play clocks or else the players would never get moving.

Doesn't mean I like watching golf, just means there's an argument to be made for it being better television than the rest.

So, what are the big sports stories out there? 

Sports officials making bad calls, steroid use, mouthy managers/players, what rules could be improved, and contract negotiations. Athletes getting arrested, dying, and "big trades."

Some of these are frustratingly awful to listen to, watch and read. 

Another bad narrative is the "hope for the future," narrative, which says fans can have hope that some minor-league prospects will be exciting in the future, bringing a championship back to the franchise.

Ultimately, I want to get caught up in an interesting world where the characters and the stories are rich and interesting and where the feats of excellence keep me wondering "what's going to happen next."

Sports has s failed to do so lately, and it's been a terrific source of frustration for me.

And if you've read through all this, then you're likely wondering - why bother anymore? 

Then you can understand why I've titled my last post:
Part 4: Sept. 15 is MY lockout, but what am I waiting for?

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