Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sept. 15 is MY lockout, but what am I waiting for? Part 4

So, ultimately, this is a pretty cut-and-dry response.

Sports used to be wildly fascinating and engaging subject, particularly the Maple Leafs and the NHL. However, lately, (and you could argue for almost 10 years) it's been unrewarding.

The logical conclusion is to stop bothering with it. It's not fun anymore. And honestly, I don't know why I'm letting the Sept. 15 deadline for the NHL lockout set a "milestone" for me to call it quits.

There's no reason to believe that what I'm looking for can be found in any sport out there - I may as well just cut them all out. 

It's going to be a really different world for me without sports, though. Half my Twitter feed is sports reporters or athletes. Two thirds of my radio presets are for sports stations. Readers of Spring Chickens will know that a majority of my blog posts throughout the year are focused on the Leafs.

But, I'd rather be frustrated in pursuit of finding something new and exciting to be passionate about than being frustrated with something I know can't give me what I'm looking for.

So - there's a very tenuous thread that I'm holding out hope for. The league doesn't go on strike, the players come back, and I get caught back up in the same old narrative about the Leafs fledgling hopes, ... or it's a genuinely new world for me.

It'll be an interesting day on Sept. 15 - when I purge all my connections with the sports world ....... stay tuned.

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legs said...

Maybe over the last 10 years you have spent way too much time focusing on Sports and mainly the Leafs.

No other sport has really interested me all that much other then hockey. So right out of the gate, not too much time invested.

Since the last lockout I have still "followed" the leafs but not anywhere near the amount before the last lockout. I attempted to catch a game here and there but never went out of my way to do so.

After this lockout, I will not stop following hockey and will likley keep my pace that I have been on over the last 7-8 years.

Will I have the game on in the background when I have friends over? Sure. Will I head to sports websites to check out rumours, scores or trades when I have some downtime? Very likely. Will I head to pub once or twice to watch the game over some food and a few beers? Probably.

Will I watch 82 games? No. Will I get angry when they loose? Nope and I have not become emotional at all over this stretch of loosing