Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The missing links, dino tweets and swimming sauropods

I was going to show you some fun links, but the URLs weren't working, by my own misdoings, HOWEVER, it did lead me to one of the greatest 404 Page Not Founds I've ever seen:

404 Page Not Found!

Sorry, but the page you were looking for is not here. You can try finding what you're looking for by searching up top, or emailing tips@baristakids.com to let us know if there's a missing link!

Love it!

From the Smithsonian - they answer whether or not dinosaurs could swim

Read from the link above at the evidence supporting swimming sauropods - check it out!

No good dino-tweeters?
I've had trouble finding any good Twitter feeds that share dinosaurs news, and here's an interesting explanation as to why: Carowinds atwitter over dinosaurs 

In short, it's hard to share any cool information about dinosaurs in only 140 characters, I guess.

Big discovery!
And for good measure, 20 hadrosaurs have been discovered (featuring something like 200 fossils) in Espinau. Where is Espinau? Well, it's in Cataluna, of course.

Where's that? Apparently in North-east Spain - but don't quote me on it!

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