Thursday, January 17, 2013

65 million and 12 years in the making

Jurassic Park IV was announced by Universal Studios when they publicized the release date of June 13, 2014 – which incidentally marks the 21st anniversary of the first time I ever watched Jurassic Park (which is being re-released in 3D this April).

Cryolophosaurus chasin' down Malcolm would make an interesting scene - I think "smaller" carnivores can be scarier, they're more agile, they can squeeze into the same spaces as a man, and might actually leave someone fending them off with hand-to-hand combat, which would be absolutely terrifying!

While the first film was “65 million years in the making,” in today’s age of immediacy, waiting 12 years for confirmation that this will in fact be released is like waiting an eon. Spielberg announced plans to film the project back in 2002, yet it’ll be mid-2014 before we can all watch dinosaurs kick ass some more.

My hope for another sequel was squelched when I heard reports from Kathleen Kennedy (one of the executive producers) that when Michael Chricton passed away in 2008, that perhaps his passing marked the terminus of the franchise’s momentum – but … uh, nature found a way.

So what can we expect? 
Kids – there will no doubt be some genius kids in the film, a staple Spielberg ingredient whenever he’s creating a fun adventure story. They usually make the picture a bit more family friendly than if it were just a bunch of mercenaries blasting dinosaurs away.

More feathers and cool new animals. Austroraptors were weird and wonderful, and might be a better fit - they're naturally as large as a man, rather than the suped-up Velociraptors that were designed for the film.

I can’t imagine we’ll see dinosaurs getting murdered by people, either. Whether dinosaurs are stomping, stampeding, licking, chasing, or attacking people all over the damned island, in the kitchen or throughout San Diego, it still seems the only weapons anyone’s able to hit a dinosaur with is the tranquilizer dart.

I'm certain the tyrannosaurus and velociraptors will return as big villains, but there is so much more that can be achieved. With12 more years of technology and special effects at the hands of the producers, the visuals and animals should be thrilling.

Perhaps triceratops can get a bit more time in the starlight? The sauropods haven’t done anything except step out of a pond to eat and sneeze (though some dude drove a stunt bike between one's legs while it was walking around!). There are so many strange, wonderful animals to consider adding that it really makes the imagination swirl.

Who should come back and be in this film? 
Laura Dern needs to get into her short shorts and get back on the island. She can join Vince Vaughn, Julianne Moore and hopefully Sam Neil and Jeff Goldbloom. Perhaps Lex and Tim can come back?

We need to introduce some weird and wacky animals to the the fauna, too - the Ouranosaurus might be the Mesozoic's version of a platypus, part Spinosaur, part Hadrosaur and part Iguanadon.

As far as I know, none of the surviving characters from the franchise have died in real life, which is good – though Michael Jeter (who played the mercenary Udesky in JP3) passed away in 2003. But the raptors assassinated him after using him as bait in one of their traps (similar to a ploy used in Full Metal Jacket), so his character wasn't really available anyhow.

For the record: no more of the Kirby’s. Great actors, worthless characters. The whole bunch of them can stay home and file for chapter 11 together in their paint and tile business. 

Spielberg decided this would be a priority 
For whatever reasons, it just seemed like this was Jurassic Park's time to return. Spielberg was apparently working on a Robopocalypse film that's been postponed, and he had a choice between producing a major epic film about Moses, or Jurassic Park 4.

I don't know what Spielberg was thinking, but somehow this action-adventure/ film was a better idea than honouring his religious heritage. And that's fine with me!

I would be in absolute love with Jurassic Park putting a therizinosaurus in action.

And with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek, I wonder if perhaps Spielberg feels he owes something to the dinosaurs, after half-assing his work on Jurassic Park 2, to work on Schindler's List?

Apparently, I've read, Spielberg has confessed that The Lost World didn't have his complete attention while wrapping it up - as he was basically moonlighting the film's final steps while working on Schindler's List.

In any case,  I must trust that after this announcement, the movie is definitely going to be delivered. There's no more time left for teasing or delaying, or postponing it any longer. June 13, 2014 - do it!

What do you want to see in the new film?

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