Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 2013 is in the books

Welcome to June - - which means we can appreciate May for everything it was to us. Here's a recap if you missed anything last month! Here's a great recap of everything that went on, featuring 7 new Tomb pages, 4 new Capers, 4 more webcomics, and 2 behind-the-scenes posts on the creation of Tomb of the Undead. That's 15 pages of content, 2 pages of commentary and 1 ad (which hardly counts, but it was fun putting together) - - pretty good for the month of May.

I hope you're enjoying it!

Tomb of the Undead 

Beginning with Since When Did You Become a Martyr?, we went from page 154 to 160 in a hurry, finding our heroes at the lack of mercy of Dustin Mugabe, desperate to extract the information he desperately requires to serve his masters.

Dr. Casey Miller is forced to dig deeper into his inner resolve than ever before to save lives in Silence of the Lambs.

And of course, Miller is forced into action against a truly intimidating nemesis in Mugabe, in Saves the Day.

King St. Capers

I announced the coming of the Hot Tub to King St., inspired by true events.

Then the Capers took flight with the Fedora Excuse, featuring Mr. Minestrone's handywork and the opportunistic Surveyor.

Then Beard-o shows his myopic contempt for Mr. Minestrone's bad habits in You Smoke A Lot, having obviously never heard the expression: He without sin cast the first stone.

Then we jumped into the Hot Tub story arc, as in a completely random act, a Hot Tub simply drops into King St. in Someone Lose their Hot Tub?

And the Hot Tub mystery continues in Hot Tub in the Middle of the Street.

Spring Chickens

One of my favourites in the Spring Chickens webcomices so far has been Hoighty Toighty which was featured in early May.

Another highlight is Puss 'n Boots which shows how a story can deviate from its original narrative over generations of telling and retelling.

Fundraising Faux-Pas returns for its latest and infrequent installment of clever and disastrous fundraising strategies and ideas with Honorary Chair.

Lastly, my home-dadding experiences emerge in Green Eggs and Ham are Good .... But

Zombie Dinosaurs

My working space looked like this once - - now I'm at a converted
wet bar (complete with a faucet) and not a drafting table.

And if you're a fan of behind-the-scenes stuff and production notes on the writing of Tomb of the Undead, you can find more information on the writing and drafting of "Martyr" and "Silence" at this link, and more details on "Saves the Day" at this link.

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