Monday, September 2, 2013

Caesar's Gladiolus ... This. Is. August!

August was the sixth month in the early Roman calendar, named after Julius Caesar Augustus, and its official flower (believe it or not) is the Gladiolus.

Well, .... somehow that's related to a recap of Spring Chickens in August. Although there were no Gladiolus or flowers whatsoever, nor Romans, Caesars or anything like that. BUT they all appeared in August, so there.

King St. Capers
The King St. Capers completed a few "one-offs" but then entered into the Stilt Story Arc, which I was excited to reveal, beginning with Way Down There.
 Why does Beardo have stilts? What will they mean for the rest of the story arc? Where could it possibly be going? Nobody's going to wind up getting a haircut, right?! All such big concerns. Of course, I was happy to share FEMA response, Put That in Your Pipe and Stilt Merchants.

Spring Chickens

I had some great responses on social media regarding a lot of these jokes, which was great. The uncelebrated Quit Smoking  was a bonus comic (same artwork, different punchline) to start off the month, but then Gogh for It!, Studio Lesson, Seuss Swearing and Opa! all came out to terrific circulation figures (relative to what I normally get) so I was pleased with all that!

Business Man @ Home

Business Man @ Home continues to be a favourite among readers, which I'm glad to hear. Personally, I feel Social Media Campaign is the funniest of the bunch, but perhaps it was just a bit too personal a gag to really get a good laugh. I liked Finding Profits, too. Advice for the Ages and Corporate Footstool are also great chapters in the new enterprise.

Salty Advice

Mr. Minestrone's perspective on life and the art of a bad haircut continued, as well. I really liked Yee Haw!, and was a little freaked out over Self Respect, which hit a little too close to home, though I didn't realize it until after it was posted. Sheesh.

There was also One in the Hand, 2 Wrongs and the Afghanistan-rhetoric spoof Haircut and Run.
Zombie Dinosaurs
I like taking some time to reflect on the inspiration and production of some of this material, and I'm glad the Zombie Dinosaurs blog has grown into that type of forum. I think mostly, there was a great story behind the Studio Lesson gag (Don't Bother Painting that Beautiful Snowfall) that deserved a bit more unpacking, and I'm glad there was a place for it.

Also, it's fun to share the rough sketches I use in Tomb of the Undead (Outfitted - Behind the Scenes with Tomb of the Undead) as well. Plus, sometimes the inspiration has just a lot more material to it than could possibly be included in a one-panel gag, like with the Dr. Seuss bit (In 1904 Parents Washed Out Their Kids' Mouths with What?!). Taking time to review and reconsider the gags and characters also proves to me that sometimes these things take on lives of their own, like The Mystery of Mr. Minestrone. Also, check out Kate Middleton, Office Space and Complete Disasters!

Tomb of the Undead

The Tomb of the Undead had seven new pages published, which is pretty awesome, considering I was away in New Brunswick for more than a week during the month, too. Read them all at The Secret of Gobekli Tepe and The Temptation of Howard Bolam Pt. 1.

Social Media
The Facebook Page is coming along nicely, up to 16 Likes, and I'm finding an interesting balance among the "fans." 10 of them are "Friends" of mine from FB, while 6 are people I've never met except for networking on Twitter.

Most impressively (to me) after stagnating at around 145 Twitter followers, I had a surge in connectivity, mostly through the recommendation of Super Haters, and am now up at 174. One month, almost 30 new followers. Pretty cool!

I have to hope, though, that any growth is because there's been lots of content and that people are happy with it. (Though, I do it just for fun). If we tally it up, there's 25 new posts and 27 pages of new content, if you count the 7 pages posted in Tomb of the Undead. So a good month, especially considering there was, like I said, a big trip to the Maritimes when I didn't perform any production at all (though I wrote down a couple joke ideas).

Here's hoping for a terrific September (and here's an update: I'm job hunting again ... :S )

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