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Making the Leaves Blush > September in Review

“I want to say something so embarrassing about September that even the leaves start blushing and turning red.”
― Jarod Kintz, I Want Two apply for a job at our country's largest funeral home, and then wear a suit and noose to the job interview.

I don't know who Jarod Kintz is, but this quote is as good as any to represent the month of September this year. I've been thinking about comics lately and ... embarrassing could be a good word for it. Jokes aren't easy to come up with, artwork isn't easy to share, it puts you out there in a vulnerable sort of way, I guess. Embarrassing isn't quite the word, but blushing might be closer to the reality.

Spring Chickens
The big hit of all of September was Caveman Inventor - - it received more traffic than anything I'd ever posted in a single 24-hour period. Now, there are a few other posts that have had long-standing relevance to internet search engines, like my review of The Mist, the pathological searching for the Hours of Operation for a No Frills in Kincardine and a review of Frank D'Angelo's "Being Frank," on CHCH, but nothing drew in people like Caveman Inventor! Makes me want to build a spinoff with these characteres. Seriously.

I was also a big, big fan of Baseball Proctologist (which presumed that a proctologist could tell right away if you had an socially active anus) and Vivace: Bidet Spruzzo! (which coupled the classy and refined portrayal of Italian vinyards with the absurditiy of Americanizing the at-home Bidet). Also, a concept that I don't think was executed all that well: Giving Hooters a Run for their Money. The gag, a business modelled on the Hooters franchises, featuring on Badonkadonks instead of Hooters is funny (to me) but it probably deserved better packaging and presentation to be its most effective. A lesson learned.

The King St. Capers
The Crackhead story arc began, uniting a new character and element to the street that's always been there, but I'd neve written about. All the crack down there! SOOOO much crack. BUT, all the characters can't be crackheads -- though a theme has certainly been having a stimulant of choice, hasn't it?

Before Crackhead could hit the street, I wrapped up the Stilts story arc with Caution: Do Not Operate, - - this story was SO stupid, too....
Then it's onto Crackhead and his new home on King St. with Have to be on Crack, This Street Sucks, Spare Change and Go For Some Crack.

Business Man @ Home
I've now made a joke out of naked babies :S ... EMBARRASSING, right?

Casual Fridays I thought it was funny. I still like the concept of Business Man @ Home, but ... I feel like it's being misunderstood? In any case, there was also Better Offer, Stinky Financing and Case of the Mondays to round out the month.

Salty Advice

Cut to the Chase is CLASSIC Salty Advice -- this concept working at its best. Hard to live up to these standards, let me tell you! Salty Advice also featured other insteresting insights and thoughtful musing from Mr. Mienstrone in Cope with Smoke, A Real Barber Smells and I'd Rather Die than Quit.

Zombie Dinosaurs

Artists Confessions (Behind the Scenes of The Secret of Gobekli Tepe), What's Up With Salty Advice?, Business Man @ Home and Behind the Temptation of Howard Bolam, pt. 1.

I feel it's worthwhile for me to take a moment each week to reflect on the jokes, work, practice and execution of everything that falls within the Spring Chickens catalogue. This is where the real learning and development happens, for me anyhow.

If you're interested in learning more about what on earth I was possibly thinking when I drew up some of this stuff, I might shed some light on it in one of these posts. It's also a great place to ask a question and I can address it, if you've got one. 

Tomb of the Undead
My graphic novel, Tomb of the Undead, is continuing into the final throes of the Third Act, which is exciting for me. Two more scenes were completed in September, bringing all our characters closer and closer to meeting the conclusion. Check the scenes out here: The Temptation of Howard Bolam, pt. 2 and "To My Sister" .

Social Media

This September I introduced myself to Reddit - - a few of the people I follower on Twitter were talking about it, like it was a place they were sharing their work and getting good results. So I had to look into it. Sure enough, I got some MAJOR traffic and a big bump from circulating my work on there.

True to form, the best jokes and best artwork get a lot more hits than other stuff, and knowing that more eyes will hit your work if you aim to do better work, it's inspiring.

Not only has there been growth in traffic, but on Twitter, too, I had a huge month for gaining followers, jumping from a modest but hard-earned 174 to 219! That's the biggest jump I've ever had in a month and it makes me feel like I'm a bit more a part of the Twitter universe.

In total there were 21 new posts about comics and jokes and 5 pages in Tomb of the Undead, so another 26 pages of content, if you're counting. That's another busy month.

So stay tuned - - I'm going to Rock out October with a LOT more tasteless, funny, drug-addled material... if that's up your alley, follow along on Twitter, UpVote stuff on Reddit and Like it on Facebook. I'm doing it for fun.

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