Friday, December 6, 2013

What to Remember, Remember about November

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.
Well, unlike Alan Moore, I published nothing THAT memorable, though someone might want to place a keg of gunpowder beneath my work station and put a stop to all this -- and I'd understand. 

The challenge to myself while exiting October was to dedicate more to the artwork and story-telling of each strip, although I have to admit, most of this content was produced before November even started. The last few jokes towards the end of the month begin to mark the "newer" work where I changed my process a bit for a cleaner product.

That impact will be most obvious in the King St. Capers and Business Man @ Home this month. I think the artwork there shows the most improvement - - in the Spring Chickens, I tried something new to produce backgrounds, which I don't think worked out as well as I'd hoped. 

In any case, here's a bit of a recap / greatest hits from the month of November.

Spring Chickens
While the Internet seemed to prefer my  Black Friday gag, my personal favourite from the month was the Batman Triple Take:
This is, of course, just one of the three jokes - - and I think because this had three gags in it, it was one of my favourites. Plus the artwork turned out very close to exactly how I wanted it to, which helps make it appear more authentic.

Salty Advice
The star of the site is slowly becoming Mr. Minestrone and his Salty Advice - - even though I literally put the least amount of time into producing it.... 

The Internet preferred Fifth in Line and I'd agree, it was funny, but my personal favourite was being able to incorporate a news story I heard a few nights earlier into the strip: Psychological Marketing Strategies :

Business Man @ Home
While this strip is reamining very minimal in its design, I'm giving myself more space to add detail to the props and such, hoping it'll create cleaner lines and a more polished look. The Internet really loved Spilled Milk last month, but my personal favourite was  Mandarin Ambition mostly because I have a bit more of a personal connection to it than many of the other Business Man disasters:

That gag also was the worst performer of the month - - it deserves BETTER!

King St. Capers
During November the Capers wrapped up one story arc (the Migrating Ducks arc) and introduced the Christmas Parody of I"t's a Wonderful St." I have to admit, I've never seen "It's a Wonderful Life." Sorry if this stip doesn't make a lick of sense.

The Internet's favourite was the same as my favourite! Snip Quack:

Zombie Dinosaurs
The above comics require quite a bit of daily dedication to updating almost every day of the week, what we three blogs, and four webcomic platforms to update. And I take a bit of time each week to look back at some of the work from earlier and review what's to be gained and learned from the process.

In November, the highest rated page was Drinkin bathroom cleaner, Jedis and Panzers for the holidays  (probably because it had a neat headline). although the  Boogers, Sorcery, Bidets and Shitty Diapers got notably fewest hits, so a headline does not a website make.

I think the most enlightening post from my perspective was Short Cuts and Execution simply because I really learned something while writing it.

Tomb of the Undead 

Teaser image for You Will Never Understand (pages 186 - 188) . In November I released two new scenes for Tomb of the Undead, going from pages 186 to 190 - - the final page (when I run out of script) is 191. So we're very close to ending the journey I began years ago when I first started buildling this story.

Ultimately, the beginnings of this story is the same as the beginnings of the Zombie Dinosaurs blog, where I shared my thoughts and documented my progress through developing the script and drawing the pages. Had I started a Twitter account back then, who knows where things would be now?

In any case, there has been tremendous progress from Day 1 and this month - - and with the final page to be release, I imagine sometime next week (when I get it done) it'll be quite the accomplishment. I'm looking forward to it.

Read the penultimate pages here: What We Pay You to Do (pages 189 - 191)  

Social Media

My Twitter following continues to grow and I'm happy with that - - I hope that I'm having a chance to share some fun stuff with people out there. And I'm getting a few responses once and a while that shows this to be true - - just not very often. The followers count is up 275 from 252 this time last month!

To recap - - we had 5 Spring Chicken gags, though one was a rejig of another comic from a while ago,  4 more editions of Salty Advice from Mr. Minestrone, 4 more Business Man @ Home's,3 Zombie Dinosaur posts and like 5 pages from Tomb of the Undead - - another productive month!

Thanks for reading!

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