Thursday, January 9, 2014

December in the Rear-View Mirror

Happy new Year! It's 2014, and I know I'm ready for it because I've written "2014" on a cheque and a bursary application already, and it didn't "feel weird." How often do you make it into March and you're still accidently writing last year's date on things? Well not me (not yet!).

Some of the adjustments and changes in my production process that I've been mentioning are turning out very well, if you ask me. I'm beginning to really like the outcomes and the stuff that's coming out this month looks heads and shoulders above the earlier material.

I think it's mostly thanks to "allowing" myself more than a single panel to operate. It's allowed a narrative to be built rather than a quick gag, and it's entirely transformed the material.

You can definitely see the difference between earlier work, like The Neighbour's Cat, and this month's top performer, Most Exciting Animal at the Zoo

This was one of my favourites to produce, and I'm glad it was received by the public, too. Most of the work published in December were ideas that were burried in my notes that I couldn't manage to fit into my comic paradigm, until  I changed it to allow for more panels and timing.

Spring Chickens
Notably, I was surprised that Dogs Think They're Human was so well received, as well. I had apprehensions that ... the "funny" wouldn't translate to a public audience. I don't know if people liked it very much, but I now it got a few laughs, and that was the point!

My personal favourite joke was Jr.'s First Dumplings. My folks would alwyas take us out to a nice Chinese restaurant where the owner called my dad "The Boss." It's where I fell in love with Chicken Soo Guy!

Salty Advice
The Internet delivered the most people to my site to look at Greatest Aspirations and although I published three other Salty Advices, I don't think I really felt inspired to write a single one of them - - which is directly related to why I have discontinued the series going into January. Sorry Deron!

It's been a real struggle to write these jokes, and while some of the good ones have been very good, it's been too disappointing to just pump them out without liking how they're turning out. So, I'll produce more when and if some good new ideas come to me.

Business Man @ Home
I think the artwork for Business Man (although designed to be VERY simple) has greatly improved in the past few weeks, as well. The Internet really liked Wear Your Hat:

I think the highlight of the month was the first comic crossover moment, when the cast of the King St. Capers appeared in Business Man @ Home's Christmas edition: Judgemental Santa

Also, a neat bit I'm proud of is how the "sound effects" looked in OT Denied, as well. 

King St. Capers
My first extended parody and holiday-themed/scheduled story arc for the King St. Capers was published just in time for Christmas as well. While I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life, I"ve seen enough homages to it to get the jist of how the story works. 

Man is in dismay, wished he'd never been born, then an angel shows him how the people he loves would wind up without him. At first, they appear happy, but fundamentally they're much worse off, and so the protagonist comes to a new appreciation for his lot in life.

The pinnacle moment comes during Society Crumbles and wraps up with Just Savin' the World

Tomb of the Undead 

Check it OUT! I finished this Project for the Ages in December, and I'm real happy I did. I started this graphic novel (the artwork, anyhow) in September 2010 - - and the final panel was published in December 2013. Plesae, if you're new here, go check out this 191-page project of mine.

Page 1 is here, and I believe the navigation is pretty straightforward. I hope you get a chance to puruse through it.

The artwork has come a long way from the beginnings, and this was a primer (sort of) for upcoming stories I want to tell in the future. I wanted something to make that told a story that made the upcoming projects possible, and to do a bunch of artwork to get my skills back up to producing such a thing as well.

Social Media

My Twitter following has made another modest jump from around 275 in November to over 300 by the end of Decmeber, which I celebrated by honouring the film 300  and all its campy quotes. Hitting 300 followers has been a long, hard-fought battle.

It's been a great way to connect with others who are having fun pursuing their art, like me in some ways. It's also been unusual to "get to know" so many people who don't have faces or real names -- just Twitter handles and goof avatars. Weird, but comforting in some ways, too.

Thanks for following and thanks for reading, too!

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