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February in Review

How'd February treat everone? Are you tired of the Polar Vortex (vortices?) yet? If you're new to the site, this is a great place to start, because this is a quick overview of what's happened in the past month, and hopefully a fun recap or revisiting of some of the fun we've had here lately.
Challenge: Write a good joke on this premise and I'll be happy to feature it and give you my complete adoration for a job well done. You've achieved what I simply couldn't!
I pulled this joke from the lineup in preference for a joke I thought was absolutely hilarious about two classic childhood memories. First off, I didn't think the execution on this gag was particularly well done, while I do think there's a good joke to be written about balloons in a package and balloon animals and free range livestock and ... well, the horrific stuff that pigs, chickens and cattle go through before we eat fast food.

If you'd like to take up the challenge and write one, you're definitely welcome to give'r a try -- this was my best effort :S

Site News
Spring Chickes are still in print! AND I've updated the Fan Art/Guest Strips section, where you can find the latest editions of The Lance and current links to the jokes.

The best part is I had a chance to be a part of the Super Haters universe, and the good man there Nick Marino published it!
Spring Chickens
February's big hit was an old animated .gif,  Attack! (.gif), I made years and years ago which I decided to share. While it's not a joke, it did get the most attention from readers, so ... I hope you like it! 

Otherwise, the big joke of the month was Puppies Forever. Check it out! While I felt that Herbicide: Life on the Streets is probably the best-executed joke I've ever published, my favourite joke this month was Let's See Who You Really Are:

Also published were Polar Vortexts and Awesome Catch.

Business Man @ Home
My new goal with Business Man is to hit the anniversary mark, and call it a day. I'm just not so sure how many more jokes I've got in me for this guy and his family.

While Professional Appearance was a big success (I mulled over how to make it funny for a few months, believe it or not), and I got a great response from Impending Disciplinary Hearing , I just don't think there's enough hilarity remaining in my mind to commit to going much longer. Business Man joined the world on July 1, 2013. By that time this year, I believe he'll be graduating to a better place.

You could also catch Rolling Over Vacation Days and Culture Eats Strategy .

King St. Capers
The Barbershop Down story arc continued through February and will wrap up tomorrow. It's been fun. This will be the final story arc for a little while before we jump into a new ... format for the Capers. It's exciting to be working on, and I'll be excited to make a more formal announcement when the time comes. However, until then, I hope you're enjoying the embarrassing tales of these complete degenerates. Here's World's Your Oyster for people revisiting their favourites from last month:

Also there was Untethered Hipocrisy, Take in Some Art, and Mind the Shop.

Tomb of the Undead Check it OUT!
Yes it's still posted, No I haven't done anything new with it, BUT ... if you've never heard of it, there's like almost 200 pages of a Graphic Novel I wrote and drew that you're welcome to check out. It was a real neat learning experience and a fairly big commitment (took more than three years just to draw it, let alone how long to write and research). If you enjoy even a little bit of it, then I'd be happy with that.

Here's the Table of Contents for Act I, if you're looking for somewhere to start: Act I.

Social Media

I finally broke into the "Analytic Age" on the Facebook Page, meaning, I hit the 30-like plateau. That was a neat goal to reach, though it took several months to build to there. People are awfully picky about their FB likes, as if there was some "cool" factor that had to be maintained like you're still in high school, and if you're caught liking something people might not think is .... well, never mind. I digress. I like whatever page someone throws my way -- they're just looking for support, and it literally takes NO more effort than a mindless click of a button.

Twitter went really well this month, and by "really well," I mean I almost gained a 100 new followers, which is freaking awesome, considering 25 % of my current list wasn't around this time last month. That's a weighty improvemenet in my books. I can't imagine I'll see that type of growth ever again. So I jumped from 369 to 467 and I'm hoping everyone enjoys the show.

Might appearing in print with The Lance be lending to my latest growth? Probably not, ha ha. For a few months now The Lance has been printing the name, web address and comics a few thousand times and circulating them around their campus and community in Windsor

This February, traffic from Windsor was down to a four-month low, and not only that, I'm pretty sure the only traffic I get out of there is a few clicks from my mother in law. I'm confident lots of people are reading the jokes, I'm just a little surprised people haven't typed in the address.

If I were to make a bet, I'd say my editor hasn't even checked out the site.

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