Friday, April 4, 2014

March of the Chickens

March is out like a lion, or a lamb, depending on where the hell you experienced March. It sure was cold here, too cold to put the renewal stickers on my vehicle, which I waited till a warm day in April to finally do. Nonetheless, March is behind us and we're happy to have Spring with us!

I'm not going to Ellesmere Island, but it will be the feature setting for the next chapter of Tomb of the Undead. Here's the "title page" and I'm eager to get the new pages up for people to check out. I think it'll go live on Aug. 1. But ... we'll see. I'm planning to have this updating to replace the Business Man @ Home updates as that chapter closes on Spring Chickens.

Site News
I won a competition, which is kinda cool. It was a caption contest hosted by The Hat and Fat webcomic.
Pretty cool. There were a bunch of fun submissions, and it was fun to be a part of it.

Spring Chickens is still in print, if just for a little while longer, as the current Editor in Chief will be moving along at the end of the current volume (86) and who knows if the new one will be interested in running these jokes, too.

You can find links to all Spring Chickens' appearances in the Lance here in the Fan Art / Guest Strip section.

I also posted up some fun dinosaur artwork, too, which you can check out.

Spring Chickens
March featured some jokes that I'd had in my notebook for a long time and I figured, man, just get in there and get 'em done. Sometimes my favourite jokes are the ones where I've got a fresh spark of an idea and I'm eager to write them right away. The closest I had to that was the Aprha Bane gag, which wasn't much of a good joke because I doubt people know who Aprha Behn ever was. However, thanks to the attractiveness of writing about Batman, that was the most popular joke this month.
The Parking Spots joke was one I'd been sitting on for years and years since I lived in residence at college, believe it or not. It was about time there was a venue to publish it (though I offered it to the Lance and they never used it! Well, not yet, anyhow). I also felt the pun in Do you love Mardis Gras?  was pretty good, too, but .... I don't think people got it.

I really liked the Fred Durst Working in Italy   joke, but I think it's greatest fault is I have trouble caricaturing famous people. Or, once-famous people as in this case.

Business Man @ Home
The big reveal from Business Man @ Home this month was Private Recruiter  's admission that:
Yup - my wife is gonna have another kid - - in July. So, it'snot for a while, but it's going to be a whole new world by Aug. 1, that's for sure. 

Also featured this month was Storage Space , Accreditation  and Organizational Structure . Some good stuff coming up next month, I can tell you! Also, I'd be remiss of my responsibilities if I didn't repeat, Business Man is officially going to be a one-year project, ending on its anniversary, the first week of August. Just a heads up!

King St. Capers
March was a segue between a few stand-alone gags that'll run before reaching a brand new chapter in the world of the King St. Capers. I don't want to reveal too much, but it's an important and revitalizing breath of fresh air into the strip. I'm excited to show it to you.... However, forget all that because this post is about REVIEWING the past, not talking about the future (like an idiot).

So, that being said, this month's most popular joke was That DIDN'T just happen , which represents that conclusion to the long story arc of Barbershop Down. About time, right! Bet you didn't see THAT ending coming? You probably guessed, didn't you. :S

Well, my favourite of the month was Beggars Can't Be .... :

Also published was Dibs! , seguing from the icy winter into the slippery spring. Of course St. Patrick's Day was published on the day of its namesake, conveniently falling on a Monday and One Good Turn Deserves Another  seems like a saying that Beardo was misuse to his advantage. And he does.

Tomb of the Undead Check it OUT!
I've updated the main page to be more accessible to new visitors, which you can see for yourself by visiting here. It's much easier now to find the beginning of the story, or any story arc to jump right in.

Like I said earlier, there are new pages coming up in the near future -- it's a new look and new layout, but it is in the same universe and will reveal how the story progresses. I'm excited to share it soon.

Social Media

Growing slowly is the Facebook Community, which is only up to 39 folks, although, that's not bad considering it too me months and months to reach 30 people. There are a few new Likers and I'm happy to have them!

Twitter Followers continue to grown -- thanks for joining if you're reading this! The Followers list grew from 467 to 539, which is another hefty bump! Seventy-two new followers is a big month!

Thanks for everything so far, everybody. It's been a lot of fun. Drop me a line with a comment here, on twitter or on FB if you'd like.

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