Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Previously on Lost: John has to get his people back to the Island, and Richard tells him he'll have to die. So he heads to the Orchid station, turns the Frozen Donkey Wheel after chatting with Christian, and we're going to see him sacrifice himself this episode, no doubt.

Someone in a dark room, it's the hospitable man from the airplane lineup. He's sneaking around and going through some old magazines. Is this Jack's apartment full of maps that we saw in the Season 3 finale? Hey, a double-barrelled sawed off shotgun, not bad. His name is Cesar, and the woman is named Ilsa? He's hiding the gun from her, so he doesn't trust her. She's found someone, Roxanne, they find some weirdo who's just standing in the water - they're by some fallen aircraft.

And they're talking with John Locke, in a suit, where are they and what is going on?


Are Cesar and the woman waiting around near one of the electromagnetic portals waiting for people to pop out? OR are they at the fuselage of the Ajira 316 flight, and Locke has appeared to them like Christian does immediately after the crash, like, in modern time during the narrative? Hard to say given the information we've received so far.

But, we'll find out more right now:

Locke is standing on a beach, looking out over the ocean. He is chatting with Ilanna - and they are near some canoes - and "some woman" and the pilot (Lapidus) have escaped with the third canoe. Locke is alive and well on the Island, wondering if his death brought everyone back or not.

Flash to the Frozen Donkey Wheel - Locke turns the wheel, and Locke wakes up like Linus did in the middle of Tunisia, and he throws up. His lieg is still butchered pretty bad. There is a video camera stationed at this location, and apparently it's sole purpose is to record what appears in that exact location.

Locke can't move, and now he's suffering in the cold way out in the desert until night. A pickup truck with armed men in the back climb out to grab him. They through him into the bed, just long enough for the license plate to be shown to us, and then carried to a hospital.

And the mysterious Abaddon is overseeing the operation. I'd pass out from the pain, too. Abaddon just sits and watches, but he has to wake Locke up, he doesn't have patience. A specialist was flown in by Widmore to set his leg properly. Now it's been an awfully long time between their last visit, when Widmore was only 17 years old. all of these years later, and he we are, a Locke looks exactly the same.

Finally, we'll learn some more about him. Four days have elapsed since their last meeting. We realize that Ben fooled Widmore into leaving the Island. He was exiled by Ben. Widmore says he was the leader of the group that protected the Island for three decades. Widmore knows what's going on, and Locke is trying to protect everyone, by lying to Widmore.

all of your friends who left the iland, they've been back three years, and they've gone back to their normal lives, and none of them have spoken the truth about what happened to them. Widmore is going to help Locke with all of his resources.

"Because there's a war coming, John, and if you're not back on the Island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win."


Widmore provides him a secret identity, money, and the ability to contact everyone he needs. Widmore has been watching them, and Widmore says he's deeply invested in the future of the Island. Linus had to be removed so it could be Locke's time on the Island, it needs him, and he's so special because - he just is.

Widmore reintroduces Matthew Abaddon who will be Locke's guardian angel for Bentham's trip. What's the wheelchair for?

They're going to head to Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. Sayid has been helping out all kinds of people by building houses, and he gets a visit from Locke. Sayid wants nothing to do with the Island. Sayid and Ben have had a falling out with Ben - he reveals that Sayid and Nadia spent only nine months together. She was murdered, and that was how Ben recruited him.

Westerfield Hotel in L.A. is where Jeremy Bentham is staying, and then Locke heads out to New York City, to see Walt?

Locke would like to see Helen Norwood again, and Walt seems eager to visit with young Walt again. Walt's been having dreams about Locke, and there are people in suits surrounding Locke wanting to hurt him. Locke doesn't seem to have the heart to tell Walt that Michael is dead, nor to ask him to return to the Island. And Ben has witnessed the whole transfer between the two of them, which has to be setting up another interesting exchange between them later on.


So Locke goes to visit Hurley at Santa Rosa, rolling up bright-eyed. Hurley thinks that Locke has died. Hurley foresees bringing everyone back as being quite difficult. So perhaps Abaddon will explain why he was shadowing Hurley earlier.

Abaddon helps people get to where they need to, and that's what he does for Mr. Widmore.

Now to L.A. to visit Kate. She doesn't want to go to the Island either. Locke relates his relationship with Helen, explaining that he was obsessed with something (his father) and Kate reveals that he's still obsessed with something.

Back to Santa Monica, after ordering Abaddon to find Helen. And they visit a graveyard. She died of a brain anyurism. She died in 2006 (April 8 of any importance?). No matter what you did or what you do, Locke's path leads back to the Island. Then Abaddon gets shot pretty good - he's filled with holes, and Locke leaves him laying dead on the ground, and he apparently hasn't driven a car in years! John, red still means stop. So there's a horrific accident, and we're supposed to believe that this is how Bentham dies?

Of course not - because he still has to bump into Ben and Jack before he dies - plus his obituary said that Bentham died from hanging himself. BUT who shot Abaddon?


John awakens in a hospital bed, and his doctor was Jack! He looks unimpressed to see him. He thinks that someone is trying to stop him from getting back by killing him. Jack seems a little harsher than I recall him being. But Locke has the trump card, and it's Christian's best wishes to Jack.

Name dropping didn't seem to have the impact that Locke was hoping. So Locke writes his suicide note to Jack, and and puts it in his back pocket. He ditches the cellphone that Widmore gave him if Locke needing any help, and Locke ties an extension cord and a noose up so he can fulfill his destiny.

Someone always knocks at th wrong time, don't you think? Ben is watching everyone, keeping them safe, too. Ben says he's trying to protect everyone, to protect Bentham. He admits to killing Abaddon. Ben seems to know that Locke is supposed to lead the Island - and he's told he's very important once again. Locke has too much work to do, and he has to get back to the Island so he can do it. Ben seems to sincerely not believe that Locke should die.

Jin is alive, and this is how Ben found out. Ben has faith that he can get them all back, and he learns of the woman who can get them all back from Locke. Ben waited to see what Locke knew, how to get back to the Island, to get that information from John, and when he did, he kills him.

Seriously, we've seen some incredibly polarizing moments from Ben this season - where he's someone's best friend (as we saw between Ben and Jack, Hurley and Locke) and then flip to such an evil character right away. Whatever this war that everyone appears to be in the centre of is, he needs to get back to the Island to do it. Pretty crazy.

So we're basically up to speed on what happened with Locke, he doesn't remember anything after his death, as he mentioned earlier in this very episode. I hope the final couple of minutes is the big cliff hanger that we've been promised.


Ben sets Locke up to look like a suicide victim, wipes his fingerprints from the scene and puts his blazer back on to leave. Oh, Jin's wedding ring - that'll come in handy to manipulte others later, he surely thinks. Ben gives him some parting words - demonstrating that he doesn't realize that Locke will be coming back.

So back on the Island, in this odd station that they're in, Cesar is flipping through a book. Locke seems to have a very lucid clarity regarding being simply confused. So Cesar reveals that he noticed that Hurley and the Oceanic 6 disappeared from their seats in the plane. The pilot ran off with some woman and the passenger list.

The injured people have Ben among them, and Locke certainly isn't happy to see him. Demonstrably by Ben not being beamed away from the passengers in the fuselage, he wasn't as important as the Oceanic 6, else he too would have been taken away.

This is awesome: Puscifer

I just came across this band this morning - I don't know where they came from or for how long they've been around - BUT they sound like Leonard Cohen meets Days of the New - and it's definitely worth a listen.

Momma Sed

As far as I understand it, Puscifer is a project from Maynard, the keystone behind Tool. But this doesn't sound much like Tool - a much more rich and deep vocal work than what Tool brought forward. The music is much more rhythmic and ... acoustic than what Tool worked with, as well.

The music really creeps into your chest and sits around - it's pretty neat. I don't think this is an official video of any sorts, but it's kinda creepy, as well. I'm not really here to encourage you to care for the video, though. Just give the tune a listen. Then I'll recommend another.

Without doing a search for more information, because I think speculating is more fun than finding answers, I recall that Puscifer made a very brief appearance on Mr. Show back in their first season, where Maynard was interviewed regarding something, although I can't recall what for. I can probably find that link, too.

Ronnie Dobbs clip featuring Puscifer around the 3:37 mark (immediately after Conan O'Brien and Andy ... man, I can't think of Andy's last name anymore. I guess that retirement of his really paid off for h... wait! Ricther. Right?)

Here's a final clip of Queen B by Puscifer. Check it out - more of a Powerman 5000/Godsmack tone to it - yet with a distinct Leonard Cohen undertone. It's awfully neat. I like it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Leafs are awesome

The Toronto Maple Leafs have done something that is totally awesome, again!

All they did the other day was beat the New York Rangers, but in the greater scheme of things, they've done a whole lot more for two prominent hockey teams in the NHL.

The Leafs have not received a lot of respect throughout the league this year, and many teams have coasted right over Canada's Team BUT losing to the Leafs has apparently become a very dangerous thing.

About two weeks ago, I was bragging that the Leafs were the reason that Michel Therrien was fired, and believe it or not, it totally was! After having some struggles with his team, the 2007/08 Eastern Conference Champions, the final yardstick of his ability to coach that team was whether or not he could get them to beat the rebuilding Toronto Maple Leafs.

He couldn't and he was fired. And now the Leafs have another bullet-point on their resume of head coaches that were fired because they couldn't beat the Leafs.

The Rangers, who fell 3-2 in overtime to the Toronto Maple Leafs on Sunday, have won just two of their past 12 games, posting a record of 2-7-3. Sather said he made the decision to fire Renney during Sunday night's game. He said even if the Rangers had come back to win, he would have made the move.

Renney, who turns 54 on March 1, led the Rangers to a 164-121-42 record during his tenure behind the bench, which began in 2004. He is fourth all-time among Rangers' coaches with 164 wins and 327 games coached.

Assistant coach Perry Pearn was also fired on Monday, while assistants Mike Pelino and Benoit Allaire will remain with the team. Jim Schoenfeld, who had been an assistant general manager, will return behind the bench as an interim assistant coach.

Glenn Sather says that he would have fired Tom Renney whether the Leafs won or not, BUT that's horseshit. The Leafs have somehow become the yardstick by which struggling teams are measured by - and losing to them seems to be fatal! And don't think that Alain Vigneault in Vancouver wasn't on the bubble if the 'Nucks didn't beat the Leafs! (You know I'm right).

So who might be the next victim?
"You're next!"

The next few teams are: The Rangers (again), The Islanders, The Senators, The Devils, Capitals and Oilers. The Rangers and Senators have recently made coaching changes, so no one is likely to be fired for losing. The Islanders have been terrible all year and aren't in need of a shakeup, as opposed to rebuilding.

The Devils and Capitals are doing fine this year, so they won't be firing anyone because of a loss to the Leafs SO that leaves us with the struggling Edmonton Oilers - who haven't been living up to expectations for years and only have their one miraculous march to the Stanley Cup finals all those years ago. Could the next head coach to die at the hands of the Leafs be Craig MacTavish?

All the Leafs have to do is beat the Oilers and then see if they can't watch another one bite the dust.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

316: We've been set up!

So, 316 serves as a serious 'set up' episode, yet at the same time fulfills the necessary storyline of bringing the Oceanic 6 back to the Island. But it sure has come with a lot of questions, but also with some answers.

Time Loop Theory doesn't hold water
First thoughts: the introduction was fantastic. Fans have had this "time loop"theory going for ages suspecting that the final scene of the entire show will be Jack waking up in the palm trees of the Island, ready to start his adventures all over again. Well, the writers obviously noticed all of this, and just to show the "time loopers" that they had no intentions of doing this all along, they snuck it into this episode, over a season and a half earlier than the "timeloops" expected. Suckers. I hate the Time Loop Theory - if I find a link to it, I'll let you read it.

... and Pilot Part 1, Part 2 and Tabula Rasa
So we have the same opening sequence as Pilot Part 1 tonight: and another two items strike me as absolutely relevant to the very first couple of episodes of Lost back in Season 1, as well. First, the white sneakers that we see the mystery man wearing at the very end of Tabula Rasa are explained. I don't know why it's taken over five seasons to get that part of the story on Christian's footware, but it certainly ties the first season into the latest episode succinctly. He didn't give him a nice pair of shoes because his father didn't mean that much to him, Jack says.

The second cool item that hearkens back to the first episode is the pilot's relationship to the Island. We know that Lapidus was supposed to be the pilot of Oceanic 815, and that the Smoke Monster showed up to check in on him, BUT discovered some asshole named Seth Norris. That's not what Smokie wanted, so he cleaned Seth's clock, and told Grunberg to go star in some other series, 'cause Lost didn't want him. So seeing that Frank just happened to pick up and extra flight (Ajira 316) for fun, while it just happened to be on course to go back to the Island, that's a definite indicator that there's a relationship between Lapidus and the Smoke Monster (or the Island).

"That's really neat" / "Awesome
- that's me, I said that.

I've watched a lot of Lost episodes, but I've never talked out loud about what was happening on the screen as much as I did with this episode. The writers snuck in another snappy "duh" moment with a snarky response - just like they did when Locke asked what a campus does of Richard (It points North, John). Well, I laughed out loud when Jack asked Ben "How can you read?" That was cute, and importantly so, because the last thing Ben had said before that, indicated that he just didn't give two shits about anybody else.

Lapidus's name over the speakers made me say that, too.

And when Ben was revealed to be all beaten up and covered in blood - I was gasping out loud as well.

But why are they all on the plane?
Set up 1
There are some definite questions regarding what some of the Oceanic 6 are doing on the plane. Jack and Sun seem to be the only ones who we can understand are there. Sun is going to go find Jin, and Jack is gung-ho to do it. But Kate shows up at Jack's place and she's as weird as I've ever seen. Aaron's gone and she'll only go back to the Island with Jack if she promises to never ever ask what happened to him. Jack is fine with that, gets it on, and then it's tea-time in the morning with Kate.

Hurley is supposed to be in jail. How he went from jail to the airport, we just don't know yet. I must say, though, that it was absolutely heartwarming to see that he cared so much for the safety of others that he tried to purchase all of the tickets for this flight that he could, to keep people safe from the Island, the numbers, or simply just being in a plane crash. And, what does Hurley have in that guitar case? Did the ghosts that visit him tell him to take an instrument back with him? Well, besides all of that, I think Hurley is in cahoots with his amigo, Sayid...

...whom we should also be awfully suspicious of being on the plane. He seemed to want nothing to do with Ben, as noticeable when Ben shows up on the flight and everyone is upset about it. But Sayid is with an agent of some sort. Who this woman is, we'll find out sooner or later. Along with her, there's that odd fellow who offered Jack his condolences in the ticket line. This guy will surely have some important part of the future of the show.

I didn't notice at first, that Sayid was wearing handcuffs on the plane - simulating Kate's position as the fugitive on the flight. Another explanation for another episode.

So we've obviously been set up for answers in another episode. I'm going to guess that we won't get the answers in next week's episode (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham) but rather whatever episode comes after that, 5.08. Lost has a way of posing a question, and then not answering it for two episodes. I think, anyhow.

"You mean to say that you're a daughter of Eve?"
That's a great line from Mr. Tumnus, the fawn who meets Lucy after she's crawled through the wardrobe in The Chronicles of Narnia. More importantly, they meet by a lamp post, which now has more meaning to us. Just as The Looking Glass really doesn't mean anything more than a cute reference to a literary work from our childhood (or perhaps serves as an indicator of the youthful nature of the Dharma Initiative when they were naming their stations?).

Certainly there are lots of connections between five seasons' worth of characters in Lost and the thousands of pages from the Chronicles of Narnia, so I'll leave that for someone else to spin their wheels in. It's certainly a great reference, no doubt, as it serves as a doorway to another world - and that's pretty neat.

I think that neatest part of this episode was having Jin actually act as Mr. Tumnus after Kate, Hurley and Jack crossed through the electromagnet window. The fawn who arrives to introduce them to the new world that they've entered into - one that still has tidy, clean and freshly painted Dharma vans and Dharma jumpsuits. Awesome.

Deus Ex Machina
So a character finally steps up and serves us some exposition, finally. Ms. Hawkings played this same role back in Flashes Before Your Eyes, and she does a fine job tonight, too.

Another old theory (better than the Time Loop Theory) is that there are portals which are linked to the Island all over the world. One of these portals, we're led to believe, is in a Tunisian desert - and there's pretty good reason to believe that. Where else might those electromagnetic pockets be? Perhaps in Australia where Isaac of Uluru was intending to heal Rose of her cancer? A third one is beneath that church, and the Dharma Initiative built the Lamp Post on top of it, using that pendulum to track where the Island is and when.

It's interesting to note that Hawkings reveals that the Island is so damned hard to find because it is always moving. The idea was that they could calculate where the Island will be at a certain point, rather than where it is right now. The way Hawkings tells the story, she seems distant from the Dharma Initiative. So here's another Dharma Station that's been inhabited by someone from ... the Island? The executive producers have called "The Others" hermit crabs who move into whatever they can find, after they wipe whoever was in it, out. This fits the bill, and certainly adds to the theory that Ms. Hawkings is Ellie from Jughead.


Why do they all have to come back? Well, we don't know why they all have to go back, but we do know why they all have to get on the plane - because they have to recreate the circumstances that delivered them there in the first place.

This episode also seems to explain that the electromagnetic portals that open up and pull people to the Island is what delivered all of the Losties to their locations about the Island, rather than in the plane wreckage. A major question that's existed since the first season, too!

Set up 2
Desmond doesn't join the Oceanic 6 as they're planning to get on the plane and head voluntarily back to the Island. So, if he was just there to deliver Faraday's message to Hawkings, then that seems like way too much time spent on his character than to leave it like that. There are a bunch of clues that indicate that his story is just beginning - and I want to start with the book that Ben was reading on the plane, but I just am not confident I recall what it was, so I'm not going to elaborate until I am more certain of it.

But it all boils down to Ben's line that he's going to go fulfill a promise he made to a friend. The only promise that we know of is his promise to kill Charles Widmore's daughter - which seems much more entirely possible now knowing that Desmond is in LA just before Ben is planning on leaving back to the Island.

All he'd have to do would be track Desmond down, find Penny in the process, and then ... well, all we know is that Ben was soaking wet, covered in blood and in desperate need for Jack to pick up the slack. Whatever happened, we won't find out for a little while - that's why it's called a set up.

This is scary stuff, to be sure. But Desmond has been dragged back into this storyline for some reason - and I suspect that he's going to be seeking revenge for something done to him, Penny and Charlie, by Ben. Of course, Desmond knows the exact woman who can help him get back to the Island to catch Ben, if he needed to. As Hawkings said, his work isn't finished yet.

Set up 3
What do they mean by a proxy and why does it involve something from Christian that has to be on Locke? I was certain that Jack was going to give Locke the watch that Christian gave him from the Lost mobisodes, but ... I was totally wrong. Leading us to -

Set up 4
Why, after all of these episodes, are we introduced to Jack's grandfather now? What importance will Ray have on the rest of the story? He surely has more to do with this show than just appear in a scene with Jack to provide the shoes for Locke, right?

Set up 5: Promise me you'll never ask
This is probably the most impactful scene I've ever seen Evangeline Lily perform in. Of all the scenes I've seen, this one creeped me out something fierce. I was astonished with it all. And it was unnerving entirely. What happened to Aaron? Why can't Jack ever ask her? We all know that Kate is programmed to run at a moment's notice - and whatever happened to Aaron triggered that. She's born to run, remember.

Set up 6: My condolences
Who the hell was that guy who offered Jack his condolences while he was checking Locke? And for that matter, the woman who was with Sayid, who had a badge on her, who was she? Clearly, these are two new characters who, like Ben, must have something to do with returning to the Island. I'm sure that they've got their own motives.

Set up 7: "Where is Ben?"
Lastly, we know that Kate, Hurley and Jack make it back to the Island, and they seem fine, but there's a load of questions asked just before Jin makes his appearance. Where is Ben? Where is Sun or Sayid? Where did the rest of the plane go? Did it crash? It also makes me wonder, where is Locke's casket? And ... who else knew that Locke was even on the plane with them?

Set up 8: [A man steps out of the van, raises his rifle at the new arrivals, and the camera pans across his body to reveal that ... it is JIN]
Plus, we've got to find out what the hell has been going on on the Island since Locke left, and where the Leftbehinders were left, how Jin got a job with the DI, and how long they've been there doing these jobs?

We've been set up!
There was something so suspicious about Hurley and Sayid being at the airport that I was waiting for someone to break character and reveal that there was a trap that everyone was walking into. But, perhaps with all of the set ups in this episode, I was just expecting someone to actually say: We've been set up!

In any case, and it seems people have been saying this after each episode this season, but this was better than "This Place is Death" which was better than "Jughead" which was better than "The Lie," which was better than "Because You Left." Every episode seems better than the last - and they've all been pretty awesome. So - bring on The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham - it's going to rule!

Lost: 316

So, we've got a new episode of Lost coming on in just a moment - and I don't know anything about it other than that it is named 316, which I've speculated over, but can't really say anything about it with any certainty.

Previously on Lost:
Ben says they all have to go back, Sayid wants nothing to do with it all, Sun believes that Jin alive now that Ben told her, and Eloise Hawking has been revealed

Jack, awakened, staring up at palm trees, exactly like the first episode Pilot Part 1 - he's also wearing a suit, and he's happy to be back. He's got a note, reading "I wish ..." but it's torn.

He can hear Hurley calling for help, and he darts through the brush to find him. He rushes through a stream, and finds Hurley hanging on to a guitar case, and Jack dives in to help Hugo out. Hurley wasn't really going to drown, the water isn't that deep.

But Kate looks unconscious on some rocks, which is tough. She comes to. "We're back," he tells her. She looks terrified, or confused.

46 hours earlier - Hawking is lighting some candles at a church, like you might usually do, and she's disappointed that everyone isn't there - and this will have to do for now.

She leads them to the back of the church, then down a circular staircase, through some old caverns, and there's a vault door with a Dharma logo on it. They go in through there, and here's the fancy room she was in

There are numbers flashing around, a pendulum possibly using gravitational pull - Dharma called it the "Lamppost" - right out The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, or the Chronicles of Narnia, whichever it was. That's my immediate impression, anyhow.

"It's how they found the Island." I get the impression that Ms. Hawkings isn't a member of the Dharma Initiative, just

Ben says he doesn't know about the Lamp Post, and Hawkings doesn't think he's telling the trough either. Constructed years ago, over a unique pocket of electromagnetic energy, connective to similar pockets all over the world, specifically the one on the Island. They knew it was out there somewhere, but they couldn't find it. Then someone built the pendulum, start looking for where it is going to be, rather than where it was.

It was presumed that the Island was always moving, which is apparently is. The movments seem random, but a series of equations tell where it will be at a certain point in time (with a high probability), windows which provide a route back, while they are open. They don't stay open for very long.

Desmond doesn't know why they're going back to the Island willingly. He's NOT happy to see her, and he doesn't want to listen to her - and he warns Jack, these people are just using us, and they're just the pieces. Whatever she tells you to do, ignore it.

So, will something odd happen to him? They want to take a plane that's going through the window, Ajira Airways, flight 316. It must be that plane, and they all need to be on it. If you want to return, you must recreate, as best as you can, the circumstances that brought you there in the first place, meaning as many people to go as possible.

The result would be unpredictable, otherwise. But that's not all (Mr. Popeil), at least not for Jack. [5:40]

So, will Jack and the crew be able to recruit anyone else to join them before their flight leaves? I hope they pick up Walt, seriously. I want Walt to come back - he and I have a lot of unfinished business, and I want to see what more there is to having him on the Island.

So Jack and Hawkings have a little sit down to go over everything. She hands him a letter, Locke's suicide note. Jack didn't know that Locke hanged himself (do you believe that?). John is a "proxy" or a substitute for Christian! Jack has to give something to John that belonged to Christian (I'll bet it's the watch that Christian gave to Jack before his wedding to Sarah, right?).

Ben appears to be praying now, or more like he's just contemplating everything. Sun has left and Ben has a friend looking after Locke's body.

Thomas the Apostle, Ben tells a story of Jesus and his return to Judea. "We're all convinced sooner or later, Jack."Then Ben saunters off, and he has to go fulfill a promise he made to a friend - is he off to kill Penny?

So he's having a seat at the bar, having a small drink, when he gets a call, and he has to go see an old man watching parlor tricks with bunnies. The man's name is Ray, and he's not happy being in a retirement home. There's every reason to believe that this is his grandfather.

Jack seems shocked to find a nice pair of dress shoes, which happened to belong to Christian - and Jack would like to take them so Locke can be Christian's proxy. I was sure it was going to be that nice watch that Christian's father passed down to him, which Christian passed down to Jack. But no time for the watch, Jack's getting ripped up with a big stiff drink. Yet, maybe there's someone in his house - he'd better figure out what's going on.

But using lights is overrated, best he just creep around in the dark. Kate is laying in his bed, and she looks quite unusual - and now she's interested in going back to the Island. Jack now has to promise to never ask about Aaron ever again, and now she's looking for someone to take away all her pain, or something. [10:40]

The next morning, it's business as usual, and Jack seems very happy, and he's playing house. Kate seems distracted. She notices that Jack is bringing the old shoes. When Christian dies, he had no nice shoes on, and Jack didn't take a nice pair for the funeral, just threw on some tennis shoes, because his dad wasn't worth it to him.

Ben is f-ed up! He's covered in blood, soaking wet, and he sounds awfully distressed. If he knew Desmond was around, then he knew that Penny might be nearby, and if that was the case, the he could fulfill his promise to Widmore, that he would kill Charles's daughter.

So Jack heads to Simon's Butcher Shoppe with the shoes. There is meat hanging on the walls, and the coffin is there. Time for Jack to get to work and put those shoes on Locke. The shoes seem to fit alright, which is nice. It'd be weird if they were way too small. "Wherever you are John, you must be laughing your ass off, because this is even crazier than you are." [5:03]

Q: Getting Locke's body onto a flight must be a bit difficult, right? So, that's how they start things off. Simple enough, which surprises me. And a suspicious Hispanic fella offers Jack his condolences. Sun and Kate are both in the airport - and we know that Kate will be making it to the Island, but there's something suspicious up with Sayid, as we notice that he's working with an agent of some kind.

Hugo is planning on getting on the plane, and he's goodhearted enough to have bought up a huge amount of tickets to prevent people from getting on board. He's trying to save some lives. Yet, Hurley is likely being motivated by Sayid in some way. he can't keep a secret, and it shows in his face.

Sayid has shaved up, and he's sitting with someone very suspicious. Kate is on the plane, hiding her identity, she's not really supposed to be leaving

Ben shows up and he's clearly been through some sort of hell. And as the flight takes off, it appears that Desmond is not with them. Somehow Jack had dropped Locke's suicide note? Well, good thing someone returned it to him.

Ben seems to be unsympathetic to the others on the flight, which seems quite dark. All of them being back together seems to be

Frank Lapidus is the captain of the flight, which is awesome! Everybody likes Lapidus. But the string quartette makes us think that there's something fishy going on - and the clean-shaven pilot doesn't seem to be in on the plan. And he's astounded to see that everyone is on his flight.

"Wait a second, we're not going to Guam, are we?" [8:33]

And of course, Lapidus was meant to be the pilot of Oceanic Flight 815, and we know that he was too drunk, for some reason or another, to work that day - AND of course, the pilot is the first character killed by the Smoke Monster. Perhaps he was pissed that Lapidus wasn't in the pilot's seat?

"How can you read?" My mother taught me, says the jokster. Ben reveals that he is out of the loop, doesn't know about Locke's suicide, doesn't know

The letter is following Jack, he believes. But Jack won't read it ... because Ben suspects ... that Locke might have blamed Jack for everything. Ben offers Jack some privacy so he can read the letter. I would imagine the letter will serve as a cliff hanger for this episode. It'll lead into the Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.

"I wish you had believed, JL"

Now that Jack does, the turbulance starts kicking in, and the plane

Hurley's come prepared, wearing some blinders to help him brave the crash. A flash of light streams into the fuselage and Jack is right where we met him earlier this episode, and in the first scene of this series.

So the question remains, what's happened to the rest of the people that were returning on the plane? Who was in the back of the plane? Is Walt there? I sure hope so.

Perhaps nobody else knows that Locke is on the

Someone's driving a Dharma van, rocking out. He's got a big gun, some nice digs, and he's ot happy to see these three. And it's Jin! Isn't that great! He seems happy about that. [5:58]

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vesa Tosaka, fuck you

I've watched the last two Leafs games and Vesa Toskala is pissing me off. And I usually won't say anything, except I just sat down and started watching the first f-ing minute of the Leafs game tonight, and he's already let in a goal, like an asshole, from behind the god damned net!

I'm losing love for Toskala, on Valentine's Day.

EDIT - Yet the Leafs won the game 6-2, however unlikely that was. Nothing personal against the goalie, I was just immediately frustrated with him. On a related Leafs note, it looks like Jason Blake might be great trade bait these days - I wonder if the new GM is capable of packaging someone like Blake for something positive for the Leafs in return.

Vesa Toskala, failing at life.

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi everyone, I hope you all have a great Saturday this week. My fiancee and I have plans to head to the Home Outfitters and The Bay to register for our wedding, which should be nice. So that will be another step to get us closer to the wedding in about nine months.

Then tomorrow we've got a game of Laser Tag that one of my fiancee's cousins set up, which should have a bunch of her family there. We'll be firing away at each other. It should be fun, as well.

Source: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This Place is Death

Edited to insert images

Previously on Lost: Ben is trying to take Aaron via his lawyers, Charlotte is bleeding, Locke is trying to get back to the Orchid Station, Rousseau recovers Jin in the Ocean:

Sun gets a call from her nanny. Ji Yeon (who is not black enough to be Michael's offspring like some fool would have you believe) speaks to her. Her daughter may meet Aaron soon, Sun hopes. These moments occur just before Kate learns about Ben's involvement with Aaron's lawsuit.

Just a little Asian girl, doesn't look anything like Tiger Woods.
This kid doesn't belong to Michael.

Sun draws the gun on Ben - but Ben knows that Jin isn't dead. He's dropping the bomb on Sun, and Ben thinks he can prove it. Should be interesting.

Island - Jin is trying to make sense of being in another time while the French team is trying to gather their bearings. Jin knows who Danielle is, but he doesn't know what the hell is going on. He figures that it's 1988. They are looking for the signal - a radio tower. They're going to the radio tower first, so Jin can catch his bearings. We know that it's 1988, which means that the numbers are being broadcast over the radio for the moment. [Later, Rousseau will return to the radio station to record her message, but that's in a few months from now.]

Jin is hoping to find his wife, hoping that the helicopter landed back on the Island. He knows that it's left the freighter, and that she may not be dead. So he wants to get back to the beach camp pretty desperately.

Marching through the jungle, Danielle is having some discomfort with her baby kicking. They knew that the baby would be named Alexandra, though Robert was hoping it would be a boy, and still wanted it named Alexander. Nadine, a member of their crew, goes missing, and the French crew doesn't know what to think.

Jin hears a familiar sound - sounds like the monster, and Jin lets them know it. [6:17]


Jin and the crew recognize the sound of the monster. There's a bossy guy who is likely going to get eaten for being stubborn. Then the monster drops Nadine from out of the sky and howls. Jin asks everyone to run. The monster grabs the asshole and pulls him through the earth, and the team catches up, trying to stop it from taking hm. It tries to take him down one of the vents, and it's crawling all over him, and Montand's are comes right off as the crew tugs against the Smoke Monster. That's crazy!

There were observations that this resembled a dog, or Anubis:
you can go through the
screencaps yourself, and be the judge,
but all I see is smoke.

That's how he lost his arm. and he's still alive down there. They're going to climb into the vent after him, but Jin insists that Danielle not go because she is pregnant. He is sympathetic because Sun was pregnant, too. So Danielle arms herself. Then the humming and light begins to annoy Jin, and he's about to make sense of his time traveling, which is awkward for him.

Now Jin's in another time, outside of some ancient ruins, it would appear. There are some definite Egyptian symbols on the wall, and the arm is laying there, heavily decomposed. Whatever happened to the team, they left the arm behind. Jin's thirsty, and resourceful as he takes a drink off of a broad fern leaf. [We shortly realize that the arm is about two-months removed from Montand's arm]

Not sure that, even translated, this makes much sense,
but some good work done by

Jin can see a signal fire, which was probably lit at the end of Season 1 when Rousseau kidnapped Aaron. Jin arrives on their beach (in 2004, I'm guessing) and finds no one around, just a music box - the one Sayid fixed (strike that, this was merely my initial reaaction). Wait - maybe this is the time when the signal fire indicated that the Others were coming, as Rousseau had mentioned in Season 1.

Two bodies, old and stinky, smelling like decomp. This is a while ago - and there's a woman's voice in the distance. Danielle is aiming her gun at Robert. He's sick, and they got sick for going down into that hole for the security system, I'm guessing. So Alex hasn't been born yet. Ah, the firing pin, just as she indicated to Sayid back in Solitary, Robert didn't notice - and so she could shoot him. Then she shoots at Jin, and there's another flash.

Sawyer apparently finds Jin now, in the past. They're ecstatic to find one another - but we don't know what time we're in now. Jin wants to find Sun. [9:10] Sawyer should be with the rest of the leftbehinds, on their way to the Orchid station.

The Freighters wonder where the hell Jin came from, and Sawyer tries to make sense of what's up to Jin. Now Charlotte's utility in Korean comes into play, finally.

Jin doesn't know if Locke should bring Sun back to the Island - and this will come into play later.

Flash / back to Sun holding Ben up. She's spent three years believing that Jin is dead. Ben says that there is someone in Los Angeles, who can show them how to get back to the Island, that Jin is alive. Now, Kate is pissed that Jack had this plan cooking all along. Sayid wants nothing to do with all of this, either. Ben and Sayid have had a serious falling out, which I hope we'll learn more about shortly - and now Ben and Jack have lost the team (which disperses), after it seemed that they were so close to being together.

Back on the Island - The leftbehinders are marching along, and Locke says that they are close to the Orchid. John isn't sure how to leave the Island, but is determined to do so. And Faraday wonders if Charlotte speaks anything else (other than Korean - and she says Klingon - though I actually doubt she speaks Klingon), and it makes empirical sense to stop the flashes with the Orchid station, but it doesn't make sense that bringing everyone back will stop the flashes.

Then another time flash - which is definitely having its impact on everyone. Or was that two flashes? And Charlotte is KOed by the last flash. Juliet is bleeding, Sawyer is bleeding, they're all in bad shape. She's speaking only Korean now - and Jin had better make sense of it all - "Don't let them bring her back." Then Charlotte tells us that this place is death. [5:36]

So, Charlotte's closing lines hearken back to that image of Claire holding Aaron in Kate's closet. Apparently, there are omens which indicate that you should not bring people back - now, it's my theory, that people are destined to do the opposite of what mysterious visions and omens tell them to. In Season 5, the vision of Anna Lucia told Hurley not to get arrested, and he intentionally gets arrested. In Season 1, Walt tells Locke not to open it, meaning the hatch, but Locke does anyhow. There are other examples, but I've only got a few moments to recall this nonsense before the commercial break is over. Simply put, you have to choose to do what the visions/omens tell you to do. For some reason, you're encouraged to not do something, which later becomes your destiny, ... I think. I'm not sure how it all works - but keep watching:

We're back: Sun wants her evidence of Jin's life, and doesn't have any patience to wait for Ben to stall. Ben, as we know, doesn't have a lot of time to get his act together, either. Jack apologizes to Sun for leaving Jin behind. He has regrets. Ben is pissed that everyone doesn't trust him - apparently, Ben knows that he can't be shot, the Island is protecting him, so he knows that he can ask for them to fire away if they want. Ben reveals taht he has been protecting the Oceanic 6 for all of these years, and that if they only knew what he'd done for them, they'd be forever grateful. (I believe him.)

Flash to the Island - Charlotte is mentally miles away, not making a lick of sense. This is probably what Theresa was like when she was "away" while Faraday was working with her. The flashes are happening fast, and ... Charlotte remembers Geronimo Jackson? And she loved them. I had trouble picking up exactly what it was that she said during this scene.

Look for the well - you'll find it at the well, she tells Locke. Somehow, Charlotte has some understanding of things or she's completely mentally lost flashing back and forth, all over the place. But she and Dan are left behind by the leftbehinders. So Locke's team marches deeper through the jungle, and arrives at a busted up Orchid station.

Then, just after being happy that they were on the Island during the existence of the station, they flash again, and the station is gone. But Locke isn't deterred, he's going to figure that the wheel is older than the station, and there must be another way, and low and behold, there's a well. Charlotte knows about the well.

How did she know? She must have been there as a child. Now she's remembering, and telling Faraday about it. She admits growing up on the Island, she moved away with her mum. She never saw her dad again, and when she got back to England, and asked about it, her mother told her that the Island wasn't real, denied that it ever existed. She became an anthropologist to find it again, searching her whole life for it.

She's telling Faraday, because she remembers something now: when she was little, there was this man, he was crazy and scared her, who said that they had to leave the Island and never ever come back, and if they ever came back, that she would die. "Daniel, I think that man was you." [6:42]

... So Daniel has a destiny - and in the next few episodes, he'll be back in the Dharma days, telling them all that Charlotte cannot return or else she'll die - meaning he genuinely believes that Charlotte has died - although we all know that even if you genuinely believe something, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's true - just consider Sun's belief that Jin was dead, right? What I'm suggesting is that, although it certainly appears that she has quit breathing, there's still some hope for her in the future of the show, I think. So, who knows how this will play out in the next episode or two. We can certainly look forward to it.

Looking down the well, Locke is ready to climb down. "Goodbye James, I'll talk to you when I get back." Jin doesn't want Locke to bring Sun back, and he's pissed. Locke gives his word that he will not bring Sun back - so perhaps he doesn't visit Sun when he makes it back to the real world? Sun, if she approaches him, Locke is to tell her that Jin is dead. [It was my guess that this statement foreshadowed that Locke was Ben's evidence that Jin is still alive - YET - Locke promised to tell Sun that Jin is dead, which could be fatal for Ben - although Ben's being protected by the Island - so, we'll just have to wait and see how this plays out. Of course, the evidence was not Locke, but Jin's wedding ring, instead. And the 'what if they approach me? scenario that Locke protected his actions against with Jin, was what Ben used to hide the truth from Jack back in the season premiere - as many have suspected.]

Now, if you flash while you're in the middle of a wall or something, what happens? [I started wondering as we were watching Faraday in the Season Premiere, where he's in the mine shaft as the Dharma Initiative is digging to the Frozen Donkey Wheel - what if there's a flash to a time before the miners had dug the whole? - would Dan wind up in the middle of the earth?

Well, after a flash while Locke was half-way down the well, now we know. You get stuck in the middle of the earth - So, here we are, and I guess that the rope disappeared on Locke's end, although Sawyer appears to have some of it still. Locke appears to have made it into a cavern - so we know that he's not trapped in a soil sample (even though Miles is good at collecting them, right?)

I must have missed this the first time I watched this episode -
but that's definitely Locke's tibia sticking out of his leg.
He seriously injured himself in this fall. I must have not been staring
at the screen just as this scene was being
shown. Nonetheless, the gravity is plain to be seen.

Faraday and Charlotte - Dan has a plan to save Charlotte, and he reveals that he's summoned Desmond to find Dan's mum to help. And Charlotte's mind seems to be flashing around, I'm totally uncertain of what her final words were there, but she definitely appears to have died. What sort of motivation will this serve Faraday as we move forward into this season? [5:18]

Locke's in the bottom of the well, perhaps an oubliette, right? Someone appears to be in the basement with him, though! And it is Christian Sheppard, now that's f-ed up! "I'm here to help you the rest of the way," Christian tells Locke. Locke had to move the Island, not Ben - Christian knows that nobody should listen to Ben. Now Locke is here to fulfill his destiny. Eloise Hawing will be their contact in LA, and Christian gives John a pep-talk, and Christian knows that Locke has to sacrifice himself - and Locke says he's ready to do it. Christian appears to be aware of Richard's earlier conversation with Locke.

Christian can't help Locke up from the ground, where Locke appears to be injured - perhaps because he's a vision, and not an entity? Or perhaps Locke has to do this on his own? I don't know. The flashing appears to be coming from down here, definitely. Are all of these flashes because the donkey wheel is rocking back and forth, like a steering wheel that's not being held on its course? As it rocks around, flashes are all over the place.

In Season 4, we saw half of a wheel frozen in ice,
and Ben turned it. Some speculate that this is the other side
of the wheel. I like that theory.

Next, an odd clue to all of these visions of different entities is brought up. If this vision of Christian was just the image of Christian being utilized by the Island to motivate the Losties, then why would he ask for Locke to "Say hello to my son"? ALSO - we viewers didn't hear Faraday tell Desmond what Faraday's mum's name was, but did Desmond hear it? And if he did, then even though we, the viewers, didn't hear Christian tell Locke what his son's name was, do you think Locke heard it? And could this be what Locke uses to make such a believer out of Jack? (I would certainly think so).

This is certainly the entity of Christian, not just a phantom acting on behalf of the Island using the guise of Christian, which is interesting to me, anyhow.

So, back on the Island - in the van that bears the anagram for "Reincarnation," Ben, Sun, and Jack show Sun her wedding ring, as evidence that Jin is alive. Locke gave it to Ben, Sun is told.

Ben takes Sun and Jack to Eloise, in LA. Sun wants to see her husband again, and she agrees to come along. Desmond shows up on the scene, and nobody seems to know what to think of it. Ben seems surprised to find Desmond. Ben seems surprised to realize that Hawkins is Faraday's mother, as well. ALTHOUGH, we shouldn't read too much into that - he very well could have been expecting Desmond all of this time.

Hawkins has got the secret to returning to the Island, and these are the only people Ben could get on short notice. It'll have to do for now - and she's ready to get started. [7:51]


5.05 Pre-hash

So there are some things we need to remember leading into "This Place is Death," tonight.

First - who is Sun working for (Widmore for sure?) and what is she going to do with that gun? (shoot Ben after all?)

Second- are they going to get Hurley out of jail without any difficulties? If so, cool.

Third - will Ms. Hawkings and Desmond show up in this episode together? I'd like to hope that they do.

Fourth - what will come of all of those nosebleeds that are striking our favourite leftbehinds, and do those nosebleeds actually indicate that Miles and Charlotte have spent more time on the Island than Juliet has?

Fifth - how is Jin doing, is he going to be able to make sense of everything that's happened, and what more can we learn from the French science team?

Sixth - Rousseau tells Sayid in the first season that her science team had been on the Island for about two months before they began to exhibit the sickness, and then Rousseau said she shot them all. I would suspect that we won't have the leftbehinds stuck in the same time period for two months, so ... either Rousseau wasn't beind entirely honest OR we're going to be revisiting this time period at another date (hopefully like 1954 when we'll revisit Charles Widmore on the Island while he's in his youth).

Anyhow, these are all speculations - let's hope that we have a great episode and understand more of what the writers mean when they tell us that "This place is death."

Round up of neat stuff 2

Here are a few neat things that came across my desk in the last week that are notable, although perhaps not as interesting as the next episode of Lost. But, I'll let you be the judge of that:

First - someone uncovered a big-ass snake. Apparently this renegade went extinct about six million years ago (not long ago, technically), and was a god-damned 45 feet long. The site I've linked to indicates that this is longer than the ridiculously large snake from the Monster Movie Anaconda.

That's f-ing big!

Second - this is an incredible exegesis on why creationists are full of lies.

Third - evidence of Sasquatch?

"Something attacked our cabin. I think I had an encounter with a monster," Hajicek said Thursday. "To me it was funny, it was ironic -- I was in a B-movie. At about 4 in the morning, I went to brush my teeth. ... The moment I turned on the light, I heard all this screaming outside. The cabin, sitting on wood blocks, started rocking and shaking, from both ends; stones started hitting the cabin. It was being lifted and shook. Of course, I have no cameras. ... I pitched the channel about doing an episode; we ended up doing two."

What'd they discover? "We collected DNA off an unknown animal, with one chimp gene," Hajicek said. "People who want to know more can watch the show. They are [repeating] it all year." The name of those episodes are "Sasquatch Attacks: 1 and 2." History describes the series as smash hit. It's even spawned a popular video game "MonsterQuest."

Forth - More Democrats acting like Kwame Kilpatrick. Just as the former mayor of Detroit is released from jail for being a dumb-ass sonofabitch, another major democrat is tossed into the slammer (and Blagoyavich was hilarious on Letterman). The artists who designed the significant Obama image (which drew allegations of plagarism - as he didn't have the rights to alter the photograph from) was arrested after police determined that he had tagged property in two locations with his street art campaign featuring Andre the Giant and the word "obey."

Dumbass - he says that vandolizing private/public property is an outlet for him. Well, as my neighbours would attest, having your garage door tagged so you can have an outlet is a shit answer. Don't wear a helmet while riding your bike, don't wear your seatbelt while driving your car, or dive into shallow waters - at least those outlets don't hurt anybody but yourself. But tagging other people's property is bullshit. See ya in jail, buddy.

In 15 minutes, Lost is coming back on, and you can count on a new post from me all about it.

See ya in 15 minutes!

Monday, February 9, 2009

In Business Magazine

That's Rico, checking under the hood.
Later on, he changed my tires, performed a rad flush,
and referred me elsewhere for an emissions test.

Last month my assignment with In Business was to profile F&J Collision - and that's exactly what I did. You can read the words that I used to express that profile at this link (again, it's a .pdf that you'll be downloading, so bear that in mind before you click).

If you look in the picture with on the link, I'm pretty sure that Frank dyed his beard before the picture was taken. I won't swear on a stack of bibles or anything, but ... I think it was a bit grayer the last time I saw him. ;)

I just submitted my assignment for March to In Business earlier this morning - on St. Clair College's HealthPlex fundraising campaign to install two new fitness facilities on the Windsor and Chatham campuses. You can look forward to a link to that much later.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wine and Cheese

Went an Alumni Wine & Cheese with the Sigma Chis last evening, and it was nice, but ... there was always a running joke when we were undergrads.

The alumni would come in and they'd tell you stories about how perfect things were when they were actives, how much better everything was, and ... well, we'd all say, "I can't wait till I'm an alumni, and I can be perfect, too."

BUT MAN! It's all true. When I was an active, ___ and ___ and ____ (not to get too preachy), and it's a bit of a shame. Perhaps it's more difficult to compare last evening with the many Wine & Cheese events I've been to, simply because I've been to so many, and unless it's the best one ever ... it's not that great.

I was just a bit disappointed - I mean, half of the guys there weren't even wearing ties. One guy had a baseball cap on. And there were dozens of free-loaders showing up late to get their hands on the complimentary wine. Just not nearly as classy as I remember these things being.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Who is George Belcourt?

That's the new question of the day - and I've got to figure it out. I don't suspect that he's going to be found Online, unfortunately. He's an oldster, from Lower Canada in the early 1800s, meaning he's likely not the most popular subject for people to be blogging about - or posting information about on the Internet.

That does mean that I'll get a neat chance to head back into the library, search through some Microfiche, and see what I can learn about the good ol' days, the Maritimes and Manitoba.

What's so special about this guy that I will be writing a period-piece on him? Chiefly, he was legally ejected from the Red River Valley (Louis Riel, anybody?) and sent to Rustico, PEI, where he founded Canada's first credit union (so I'm told) called the Farmers' Bank of Rustico (1864). He must have lent a few dollars to the fathers of confederation, you'd think. That's kind of neat.

I wonder what he was doing the day of Confederation? I wonder, back in those days, how long it took for the word to spread that Upper and Lower Canada, and a few colonies in the Maritimes, were now confederated under the jurisdiction of a new land?

The crux of this article, however, will be the unique quality of him driving the first steam-powered vehicle on PEI. I believe I heard that he had the device imported from Europe somewhere - although I can't be sure.

So this was the first man to drive a car in Canada. That's what makes his story so interesting, and may give me a chance to get published in Beaver Magazine. It will definitely be fun to watch this article unfold. I haven't done any archival research for an article in almost four years - it'll be nice to get back into the books, taking notes and wiping my eyes when I take my glasses off in the archives of the Leddy Library.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Little Prince

So we've got to recall that Charlotte was spasming and bloody because of the time flashing sickness; Desmond was on his way to LA to find Faraday's mother, and the Losties on the Island had just flashed to a new time.

Back two episodes ago, Ben was told by Ms. Hawking that 70 hours is all the time he's got to get everyone he needs back to the Island. Bentham's body is at a butcher shop (being taken care of), Hurley has been arrested for a triple homicide, Kate is being chased by lawyers who want a blood sample of her to prove she's not Aaron's biological parent, Sun was mysteriously strolling through LA after having words with Widmore, and Jack had just revived Sayid from tranquilizer darts (or something like that) after he'd been attacked in his safe house.

Perhaps with Charlotte's life in danger, we can figure out why it's important that she speaks Korean or has spent her life as an archaelogist or ... why she's still searching for her birthplace. Any of these items that make her interseting, but no more important to the show.

So we're set for The Little Prince:
Previously on Lost: Claire's relationship with Jack, the lawyers looking for Kate's blood, Syaid was attacked, Richard tells Locke how to get them all back to the Island and Charlotte is gravely ill.

The Searcher, 2004 - within the week just after the Oceanic 6 escape the Island. Jack's on board and Kate's carrying Aaron. What are they going to do with Aaron? Claire was going to give him up for adoption - so why shouldn't Kate take him?

Flash - Three years later. [Are all of our Oceanic 6-centric episodes going to start with flashbacks to their week on the Searcher?] Kate and Sun are dressing together. Kate's got an errand to run, and she's going to leave Aaron with Sun - and I've got a bad feeling that she shouldn't have done that. Then Sun receives a parcel - and it is a file showing Ben's involvement with Jack (pre beardshave) and some chocolates, isn't that nice? And it looks like she was provided a gun, too. Who's she going to shoot this time? [We're led to believe that it's going to be Ben.]

Flash to the Island - Miles is getting water to help Charlotte. Juliet is the doctor, and she's trying to help. Faraday explains that brains have an internal clock, a sense of time, but the flashes throw it off, resulting in really bad jet-lag. It's not happening to the rest of them, thank God, is all he can say.

Back to LA - Kate is with the lawyer regarding the blood sample. She'll give the blood samples if she gets the client's identity. The client wants this exchange of custody handled quietly. This means that they want to kidnap Aaron. "You did this to yourself. It's time you prepare yourself, Ms. Austen, you're going to lose the boy."


Back on the Island - Locke wants to go back to the Orchid, to make the flashing stop, to save Charlotte and the Island.

It becomes clear that John wants to use the Orchid to leave the Island. Locke then reveals to Sawyer that the Oceanic 6 are all still alive. Now Locke is using Sawyer's interest in Kate to get him to help return to the Orchid.

Is there issue to be taken with Locke remembering the zodiac? [They're planning on using the zodiac - which Locke miraculously recalls the Losties having ... somehow. I'll have to double-check if Sawyer mentioned it earlier in this season - because Locke hadn't been on the beach camp since mid-season 3, and he never saw the zodiac back then. In fact, he'd just popped in briefly to acquire Sawyer during "The Brig." That was the last time he was at the beach camp, way before the Freighters showed up.]

Now Charlotte awakens, and she doesn't recognize Dan at first. She's dizzy, but is going to shrug it off. NOW - if John uses the Orchid to get off the Island, that likely means he'll be moving the Island again, which could very well make things worse on the Island. This may not be the right thing for them to do. I would suspect that we'll get some sort of intervention to stop Locke from using this method to leave the Island. Richard, Ethan and Tom certainly didn't use the Orchid to leave the Island (nor am I certain that they used the submarine, either) - I think there's something else involved here.

In LA - Sayid doesn't believe Ben is interested in anyone but himself. Then Jack is grilled by his superior. She says Jack's been suspended and that the hospital is liable for Jack's work. Hurley then calls in, and checks on Sayid. He's in the LA County Lock-up, in a big orange jumper. "He's totally safe."

A new man walks in on Sayid, who shoots more darts at him, but Sayid is killer- smooth [a new adjective courtesy of me], and he darts away. He'll torture this guy to get answers. Then slow him down with some darts. The address is in his pocket: "That's Kate's address." [9:17]

LA - Jack is calling for Kate, and Sayid is going to join Ben to catch Hurley. They're running out of time, but they're all coming together.

Island - Marching through the jungle, the crew comes across a pillar of light coming out of the ground. Locke seems to recognize the situation - is this when he was banging on the hatch door during Season 1? Is he trying to avoid bumping into himself? Sure sounds like it.

Now Miles is starting to get a nosebleed - and a crazy scream comes from the jungle. James is going to sneak up on ... what sounds like Claire ... which is Claire and Kate giving birth to Aaron. From back in season 1, after all. Locke was right. James sees Kate, he's compelled to go see her, but we know that he won't. He likely would have gone to see her, but the flash interrupts him too soon. Aaron was born in Episode 20 of Season 1, about 40 days into the show.

They were at the evening of November 1, 2004.

And Sawyer's lost Kate all over again. We don't know when they are now. "Doesn't matter, it's gone now." [4:50].

LA - Kate is sitting in her car, waiting for Jack. Jack arrives and she's happy to see him. She's too caught up in the problems with Aaron to go with Jack - and she's hesitant to tell him about her troubles, but she does. She's going to chase the lawyer, who may be heading back to his client, so Jack hops in.

Flash to the Island - we don't know when we are yet, but Locke reveals that he and Sawyer both knew when they were before. It was the night that Boone died. Sawyer seems like he would interfere with the past if he was given the chance.

Miles reveals that he too is having nosebleeds. Dan is freaked. He's beginning to suggest that the duration of exposure, or how long you've been on the Island, affects your brain's ability to cope with the jet-lag. BUT Miles says he's been on the Island more briefly than anyone - why are the affects happening to him? Faraday suggests that this may not be true.

[I first misunderstood this - as if how long you've been on the Island provided you an immunity, so only those who've been on it briefly would be affect first - this is of course wrong. What this clue should suggest to us is that Charlotte has spent more time on the Island than anyone in this party, that Miles has spent the second most amount of time, and that Juliet, who gets a nose bleed at the end, has been on it the third longest. We know that Juliet has been on the Island for about 3 years and 3 months - so we can deduce that Miles and Charlotte have both been on the Island for longer than that, according to this clue.]

There's a twist! The camp is back, too. But there is no one around. Rose and Bernard aren't there - where have they wound up? But everything seems all used up. Like the camp has been used up, after the Losties left it. Everything has been consumed.

Vincent's leash, and the people are all missing - and the boat is missing as well. But there are also some hardy canoes. They'renot that old, and there's still some water - Ajira, flies out of India. Who came in these canoes? [My theory - this is in the future, after the Oceanic 6 left the Island - Now, are they the ones with weapons and canoes shooting at the survivors, I honestly can't say. But I'll bet that these scenes were definitely in the future of the show - likely late 2007 or early 2008.]

So the whole crew hops into the outrigger-like little boat, luckily big enough for all of them. They've got to head out around that point. And Juliet is worried about Sawyer, and he's more willing to open up to her. But she won't be able to ask much of him, because they're now being shot at by ... who knows? But there's a flash - take your oars. Now it's raining like a bitch, and nobody is happy.

LA - Kate and Jack are sitting outside a hotel, where the lawyer is entering a room. Is this a trap? Jack thinks so. He thinks confronting whoever's in there is a bad idea - and he's just trying to manipulate Kate to join him (along with Aaron) and get back to the Island. Then the hotel door opens and Jack says,

"It's Claire's mother." [8:34]

The lawyer returns to his car, and it's pouring rain. Claire's mum knows about Aaron, and that's all that matters. Jack wants to explain to her why they're doing what they've done. "I can fix this Kate." He's taking responsibility for his family. Ms. Littleton sure misses her daughter.

There's a weird twist going on - something is dastardly wrong. Littleton doesn't know anything, she still thinks Claire is dead, she sued Oceanic, and she's in town to pick up her settlement. It's not her trying to take Aaron - so who is it?

Flash - Ben and Sayid are in the van, and Sayid is still clearly working for Ben, despite his apparent objections earlier. Sayid even reveals that manipulating Hurley into turning himself in was to protect him. Then it's revealed that the lawyer is working for Linus, which is no big surprise. "He's my lawyer."

[I had a suspicion that this lawyer wasn't a lawyer at all, but rather a Dharma agent acting in cahoots with Ben, BUT that's not likely, seeing as how he was providing a settlement to Claire's mother suggests that he's simply a lawyer who is acting on Ben's behalf. I don't think he's a Dharma character - but I'd like to learn more about the outsiders who are Dharma members, like Jill, Gabriel and Jeffrey at the butcher's shoppe.]

Island - it's night time, and it's not raining anymore, but they're back on the beach. Juliet and Sawyer pick up their conversation. We know that he wanted to go after Kate, but he seems happy to be a tortured soul - he's spent so much of his life torturing himself - he convinces himself that "what's done is done." And then Juliet's nose starts to bleed, too. The whole crew looks like it could be in trouble. [See my note above regarding my thoughts on the nosebleeds.]

Fresh wreckage, anybody speak French? Then there's a bunch of French people on their raft floating back to the Island. They find someone in the water, would could it be? Is it Jin? He's still flashing with the Island like everybody else. They find him in the water, c'mon Jin! Ha, I called it. [8:03]

[Poor Jin, who finally caught the gist of speaking English, now is discovered in the water by a bunch of French people. So if that was Danielle's crew, that was back in 1988. Should be very interesting to see what's going on at this point in the Island's history - and it's a real neat setup for the next episode, where I hope we spend a lot more time in one period (like we did in Jughead) to see more of Rousseau's story. Neat. Will there be the music box? Man, a new post coming up about what we could see in the next episode.]

LA - at the harbour, Kate and Jack arrive. Kate's suspicious as to why Jack was worried, why today? Jack is reluctant to tell Kate his plan and cooperation with Linus. He knows she'll be resistant. Is Kate going to slap Ben? She hasn't seen him in a while.

[What was Kate's address again? 42 Panaroma Cres, or something? Another addition to another post about that some time soon.]

Sun is overlooking the situation from a near perch, and she has Aaron. So she's ready to get things together, too. And she pulls out the gun delivered to her earlier in the episode and leaves her car. Will she kill Linus?

Island - Jin wakes up, and the French researchers are struggling onto the shore - Jin speaks English, a little. He's lucky some of the French crew speak English as well. I recall that Rousseau could speak a little bit of quite a few languages, when she was interrogating Sayid during her first appearance on the show.

The mysterious woman is clearly Rousseau, and we are more certain because she's got the preggers - it's Rousseau alright. Is Jin going to be able to make sense of this? [It's nice having Jin back.]

"Hello Jin, I'm Danielle Rousseau." [5:00]


New Lost post coming up shortly.

Should be interesting to see what this next new episode is.

The Little Prince
The dramatic shifts through time place the lives of the remaining survivors in peril. (New)

Well, I'll have a complete recap of the episode being posted while it's running. I'll try and provide more feedback and commentary. The last post was rather bland, I'd think. It still managed to provide over 90 hits in one day to the blog - which is more than any day I've ever had (I think the previous record was 27, or something like that. I imagined that the Mats Sundin Hockey Hall of Fame post would have generated more interest - but what do I know?)

So stay tuned for some Lost shortly.