Thursday, August 29, 2013

Salty Advice | Haircut and Run

Republicans hate this prank. Because Al Qaeda.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Does this look enough like Deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos?
Greece should hold Feta Cheese ransom unless the Western World agrees to give them $100 Billion, Wuah, Ha Ha Ha.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Studio Lesson

Nothing curtails creativity and chattels the artistic spirit like waning sales.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Seuss Swearing

Someone must have washed out Dr. Seuss's mouth with a whole lot more than soap for him to have to resort to this bastardization of the English language.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Neil Armstrong's Greatest Failure (that I know of) | July in Review

In July, 1968, Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the Moon. In July 2013, Business Man @ Home was launched -- and if Armstrong were still on the Moon with WiFi and a subscription to my new Facebook fan page, he could have been there for that, too.

But, unfortunately for Armstrong, he was NOT a fan of the page, and totally missed it. What a failure this guy is.

King St. Capers
July began with the most requested production for the King St. Capers yet, an homage to the Beatles' Abbey Road album cover, featuring some classic King St. characters (in fact the first three ever to appear in the awful Capery comics).
Then the next Caper delved into psychology of Mr. Minestrone, just a little bit, exploring his poor skills' unusual consistency. Might there be a method to his madness? It was considered in To Do List.

Next up was a bit of an autobiographical experience in Epic Fail. My personal favourite of the bunch is You Could Use a Hat - - which is exactly how I felt any time I left the barber, and Why Didn't I Think of That, revealing Beard-o's jealousy of those who manage to get more out of life than he does.

Spring Chickens
Another motley assortment of dumb jokes began in July with Failed Bumper Stickers. This gag got a mild response, mostly from people in the law enforcement community, I would suspect.

Cat Contempt, exploring the distaste cats have for their dependency on their masters, followed, along with personal favourite Ship Christenings are a Waste. Finishing off the month was Minotaur Regrets and Don't Forget Your Hardhat.

Business Man @ Home
I was very excited to announce the new series, Business Man @ Home, which has jumped out the gates with good reviews, which I'm excited to hear.We started off with Quarterly Review.

It was followed up with an immediate homage to Office Space with About That Report You Filed, and then succeeded by Filing System, Employee Ownership and (personal favourite) Safety Citation.

 Special thanks to readers who shared the comics around the office, I'm glad it spread some humour throughout the workplace.

Salty Advice
Salty Advice also continued as a follow-up comic to the King St. Capers, giving a voice to the characteristically mute Mr. Minestrone. His stoicism suggests wisdom, so what might he have to say for himself? Specifically, he would suggest being early to get your hair cut.

This was followed by his thoughts on Bald Guys and not Forgetting Your Bathing Suit.  

Tomb of the Undead
Act III of Tomb of the Undead continued along, as well, updating pages 168 and 169. You can jump over to that blog and catch up on the latest happenings as the script winds down into its final conflict. (There's already some new material for the month of August ready for you there, too.)

Zombie Dinosaurs
Some more behind-the-scenes thoughts on the conception and production of all this garbage I've been talking about earlier in this post.

I was able to honour my cat, Indian Jones, for her role in writing one of the jokes in I Plagiarized a Joke From My Cat, as well as more insights on producing the Tomb of the Undead with Kodikas Galanos and Whatever Happened To?, as well  the Concept Art of Business Man @ Home.

One of the most exciting comic things that happened to me in the whole year has been writing a guest strip for The Comic Community, and I was able to share my tale on how it all happened and came together here. He wrote a great gag and I was really excited to be a part of the artwork.

Facebook Page
To coincide with writing a guest strip, I felt it would be important to have some more social media options at my disposal, SHOULD anybody read his coming AND want to follow more from me. So I created the Spring Chicken Capers page as well as some "social media buttons" (which you can find at the end of the post) to help visitors to my blog to follow along on either Facebook or Twitter.

I've been updating the Facebook banner image as the comics are published, hopefully making it appear like a busy, whacky world that absolutely nonsense happens every day. I think as the banner gets busier and busier, it could get too complicated to continue with, but that might be a fun challenge to play with.

For all my efforts, I gained one new Twitter follower and lost about five -- so, let that be a lesson to anyone interested in doing a guest strip!

New followers like @CartoonKev and @TheComicCom are welcome readers I'm looking forward to getting to know a bit more closely. And I got a little bit of recirculation from other followers, like @RyanOSullivan who favourited some of my work, and @lethaaltroEj56 (who has their account suspended shortly thereafter - thanks for nothing!).

@AdamLeggett1 and @amuletts retweeted a bunch of material, also, which was fantastic! Thanks!

I also "made" the "Business Section" (for Business Man @ Home) in the @WebcomicsCon daily report on Jul. 27.

But, to validate how terrible all of this content has been, I offer this evidence: @imAliciaC, @timacheson both began following me in July, then quit. Another, like @AmickyCarol (self-described inspirational leader) followed me, until she lost the inspiration to do so, and quit (I guess the Salty Advice didn't turn her on?).

I'm still in the hunt to get 150 followers, which would be fine by my count. Sitting pretty at 145, after being at 149 in mid-July. That's 145 more followers than Neil Armstrong has - - what a joke!

In conclusion, that was a big month, with 25 pages of new original content that you'd never seen before.

Now - - back to making more garbage for you in August.

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