Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tomb of the Undead

I've got two new scenes to link to that I posted up this month - and they'll be the final pages I'll be able to post before October.

I hope you like them.

First is You Son of a Bitch, Bolam, which you can find at that link.

The next is Damnit Mugabe!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I had heard of Twitter, and didn't really get it, for a long time. As far as I could tell, it was basically the news feed you already get on Facebook, but with a limit to how many characters you can post.

Anyhow - a few weeks ago a tornado blasted through my mom's family's hometown Goderich, which was pretty freaky. Of course I was concerned and started looking it up on the Internet, and discovered some newspaper that set up a Twitterfeed that basically just kept pumping out links to videos, pictures, updates and news stories featuring the latest news as it happened in Goderich.

It was eerie, but so amazing. People were linking to images of the damage, updates from the police, videos of the storm clouds coming in, and all the latest updates letting everyone know that basically everyone in town was safe, but basically downtown got busted up.

After seeing the power of how much information can be blasted into one spot so fast, I was impressed. So I set up an account intent on learning more about it. I figured it might be an opportunity to spread word about Tomb of the Undead, while I was at it.

In any case, every news organization has an invested interest in Tweeting as well, which means as soon as TSN or something has a new article, they tweet it right away - basically, it's an immediate update. So instead of you having to go to various different sites to see waht's going on and if there's been an update, you can just load up one site and they'll tell you what they've done as soon as they've done it.

This is pretty impressive. You pick who you want to hear from, and then they bust out a bunch of links to show you as soon as they're ready - and that's awesome. Bloggers like Eklund from HockeyBuzz who does incredible trade rumours and stuff for the NHL, the hosts of the Fan 590's morning show tells you who's going to be on the air, etc, etc.

You can get whatever you want, and when something big and incredible happens, it "Trends" and you get the news as soon as possible as well. It's incredible.

You don't have to sign up and like it, but you should totally check it out. I think you can just look at it without making any kind of commitment.

Anyhow, you can technically follow me if you're on Twitter at @RogersRyan22 if you'd like. My Twitter account is on Team 22 as well - which is awesome.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I didn't know about Roald Dahl..

Check out this post about "Who will save Roald Dahl's writing shed?"

His family has asked for help in raising more than $790,000 to move the shed from its current location to the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre in town in Buckinghamshire. The funds would also help preserve and restore the shed and its contents, which haven't been kept in pristine archival condition -- instead, they've been in a shed, which is sometimes referred to in its less-than-glamorous condition as a "hut."
Why do they think it's so worthwhile? Read more to find out! I knew Dahl wrote some pretty seminal books for children, but had no idea he did so much else with his career as well. Impressive.

Dinosaur Sighting: Fermented Stegosaurus

I might have to put my red wine of choice, Fat Bastard, aside for a while, now that I know that this exists!
Sent in by reader Tim Goodwin, these (noticeably empty) bottles of dino wine were spotted at a Manhattan party. I had never heard of the brand before, but according to their website, Terra Fossil wines carry dinosaurs as a tribute to the rumor that fossil bones were once found on the Argentine vineyard where the wine’s grapes are grown. This could be true—many, many dinosaurs have been found in Argentina, including the sauropod Mendozasaurus from the same province as the vineyard.

Crimminy (as Gary Larson would say) I've got to get ready for work now!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Unsolicited job offers don't gain more credibility by assuring you they're "perfectly legal."

I have a Workopolis account, but I haven't really applied for many jobs advertised there in all the years I've been on it. Sometimes I get a newsletter from the site with posts about funny things that happen at jobs, and that's about it.

However, the other day someone "saw my resume" and "offered me a job" at E.L.F. Finance Group L.T.D.

A team of "seasoned top executives in Finance and Investment Operations" with "unparalleled track records of success in brokerage operations" liked my old resume that I haven't updated with anything beyond construction and kitchen jobs ....

"We Have A Part Time Job For You!" the e-mail says.

From my resume they decided to offer me the opportunity to provide investment assistance resources to all business owners "willing" to invest their capital in order to expand their companies

The company has "registered requests for investment contracts in Canada." Does that mean they're not registered in Canada?

"We're currently trying to expand our services over in USA and Canada," the e-mail reads.
-Why do we prefer hiring people instead of opening an office over in Canada?
-Because it is far cheaper paying a 10% commission rather than going through all the paper hassle of registering a business in Canada and opening offices all over the country. Besides, there is no certainty that our company will succeed selling the products in Canada, that's why it is called a Market Test. Upon, a successful result, we will being opening offices in Canada.
It sounds like there isn't even an office to work out of? You just transfer payments from Canadian companies to the UK? .... uuuhhhhh


The job we are offering is perfectly legal , legit and all our transactions will be verified by our Financial Department before they are forwarded to our employees for cashout.
Any job offer that testifies that it's "perfectly legal" sounds a bit dubious. Probably not the best way to get people to buy in.

In an unrelated note, I heard of this scam that goes something like this:

it's a scam, newest one in the line.

by Watcha on
June 9, 2011

You "receive" payments from overseas companies, deposit into your own bank account, then make "payments" to other companies on behalf of the company.

the scam part works like this.
you receive $1000 check from company A and deposit it into your bank.
company then tells you to pay X, Y, Z companies for $300 ec.
that's $900 and you keep $100.

Looks good?
not really...
The issuing bank of the "check" from Company "A" bounces and the money is taken out of your account to cover it $-1000. So you are now out $900 and have just given your wealth to 3 "companies" owned by the scam.

It is a variation on the "I buy your item for X amount including shipping and you send shipping money to Y person"

Monday, September 5, 2011

Holiday's over

It's been a quiet weekend at the cottage - and I've taken a few neat picture I think people will like, too - but the Internet connectivity is too sparse to load anything like a picture, let alone a website.

Spent the weekend working on my graphic novel and watching the first season of The Sopranos - which isn't quite what I expected. It's funnier and more interesting than I thought it would be, and doesn't seem to be as formulaic with its rising and falling action as a show usually would, and it never ends on a cliffhanger (which is odd). But interesting.

It's 11 degrees here today - a sure sign that the summer is fading.

Time to tidy up and hit the road and get back home in time to do the dishes we left behind and get my laundry done from last week, and I should probably cut the lawn, too - we'll have to see. :S

Holiday's over...