Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Maybe they should play with shame?

Leafs should be ashamed of themselves
Maybe that'll work?

With the Leafs losing 3-0 and being eliminated from playoff contention, it officially lets everyone unload with both barrels on the Blue & White. But I think I may have a different approach than others.

Solutions? Fire Burke. Hire Gretzky. Play with more pride and passion.

However, what do you get?
“We didn’t have a lot going for us,” Carlyle said, “I used the term “(flatter than) pee on a plate, but in more vulgar terms. We allowed the opposition to dictate the transition game and it sucked a lot of life out of us.”
Piss on a plate. Great.

Apparently, I have also discovered that there's an affliction in horses called Red Maple Leafs Poisoning which is "is a potent killer of horses and ponies" where they'll die within 24 hours of ingestion. They produce a dark red or brown urine.

As far as Carlyle's concerned, that lethal diagnosis may as well be a on a plate. And the diagnosis last night was lethal - post season hopes dying. It didn't go unnoticed either. The Leafs were booed off the ice from those fans who were still around at the end of the night.

So how about they try this? Play like you're ashamed of yourselves. Play like you're embarrassed. You CAN'T play with pride. WHAT do you possibly have to be PROUD of?!

Play like you KNOW that you're piss on a plate.

Use the shame to compel some sort of action!
Shame is not just an emotion, but an instinct compelling action, and we might actually try to envision it as rage turned inward. .... It's easy to understand why we would turn outer rage to inner shame: rage is immensely powerful, and if vented in an unchecked, uncontrollable, indiscriminant way is usually met with immediate and harsh societal consequences.
That might be a bit too much philosophy into the subject - channelling it in a checked and discriminant way might be cool to watch. Might be better than what we've had to watch lately (admittedly, I've only caught a couple HNIC broadcasts anyhow).

It's one thing that the Leafs didn't manage to win much this half of the season, but it would have been nice if they were better than piss on a plate.

Next year's motto. Better than piss on a plate.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tomb of the Undead anniversary post

Another anniversary post - it was a busy March last year.

All in - Pages 42 to 44

It takes some cajoling, but Dr. Miller is brings himself to go "all in."
And you can read about some of my thoughts on writing these pages while we're at it, and see if there are any behind-the-scenes aspects that interest you. I know I encourage you to read my thoughts on writing the comic, but at the same time, there's interesting (albeit year-old) news on graphic novels that may be of interest while you're there, too.
  • page 42Milking chickens, man of bronze and writing tips
  • page 43 Behind the scenes with Nick Bertozzi, graphic novel projects and and working with Dean Koontz

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tomb of the Undead anniversary post

My name is scam - pages 40 to 41

Here's the teaser for My Name is Scam where Casey is compelled to stay put and not go to Marseilles, as well as escape to France with Evelyn. I hated drawing the arrivals board.
And you can read about some of my thoughts on writing these pages while we're at it, and see if there are any behind-the-scenes aspects that interest you.
  • page 40Yeti enforcement, Sin City PD and the ease of writing over drawing
  • page 41 ABCs, Xerxes, and a concentration-camp survivor in graphic novels

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tomb of the Undead anniversary post

It certainly would appear that there were a lot of posts last March - which is true. I think it's more because the scenes were shorter than they are now. Probably because I was trying to keep the introductory scenes short and sweet, while the latest scenes are putting more of the plot and character interactions into play.

Barney's recon - pages 38 to 39

Here's the teaser for Barney's Recon where Casey gets moved along toward entering into the second act. There's only a few more things to instigate him forward, and then we're into the exciting world of Act II.
And you can read about some of my thoughts on writing these pages while we're at it, and see if there are any behind-the-scenes aspects that interest you.
  • Page 38True stories of Vegas, undergrads and 'sequeling' Red
  • Page 39 Great motivational quotes from graphic novelists

Tomb of the Undead anniversary post

Another anniversary post celebrating where Tomb of the Undead was only a year ago. Here's a past scene to check out and revisit where the story has come from.

Sent from Marseilles - pages 35 to 37

And you can read about some of my thoughts on writing these pages while we're at it, and see if there are any behind-the-scenes aspects that interest you.
  • pg 35Creating graphic novels, killing Shakespeare and rebirthing Batman
  • pg 36Comic book writing x 2 and the Little Prince
  • pg 37Mad Hatters, Graphic Novel appreciation day and American Vampires with Stephen King

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tomb of the Undead anniversary post

Around this time a year ago I posted page 32 for Tomb of the Undead. Go back and check it out and revisit some older parts of the story!

Who says you're going alone? pages 32 - 34

And you can read about some of my thoughts on writing these pages while we're at it, and see if there are any behind-the-scenes aspects that interest you.
  • pg 32 Connecting with artists over Tomb of the Undead
  • pg 33 Writing graphic novels and superman movies
  • pg 34 Graphic novels, re-writes and Lewis and Clark and Cynthia Leitich Smith

Sunday, March 4, 2012

John 11 - new Tomb of the Undead scene

The latest scene for Tomb of the Undead is posted! Check out John 11 named right after the good book. Enjoy!

Straight from the new testament, the Sadducee's motives become more clear in John 11. Hope you like it!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What the doctor ordered | Leafs hire Carlyle

The Leafs bringing in a new coach is exactly the type of thing (barring making a trade of any immediate substance) that could spark a renewed interest in the team for me.

When GM Brian Burke argues that Toronto has one of the most sophisticated and intelligent hockey audiences, he's right, and that means you don't have to slap together a high-scoring run-and-gun franchise that only the most elite teams can succeed at.

This is exactly the type of market that will absolutely respect a strong discipline and dedication in a team game that builds on structure and grit, rather than trying to outscore other teams. When you see low-scoring teams like St. Louis or Nashville, you'd believe that the defense and goaltending in Toronto wouldn't be strong enough to succeed at a defensive game, but that's not the truth - restructuring the entire team to dedicate itself in a strategic way to find success from the net out is essential.

In any case, it sounds like a bastardly coach in Randy Carlyle is just what the doctor ordered, to nip any bad habits in the bud and restructure the team's play in a way that relies less on high-end skill (of which they're desperately short of) and turns to the banging, grinding, defensive, well-positioned "x and o"s type of structure. Throw in a system where the entire team contains the opposition, rather than always seeing the captain left on his own while the forwards take a running start across the blueline to blow past him to the net.

Let's see what Carlyle does - this is exactly the type of move I was hoping for, and I'm glad we're not breaking a rookie head coach in on this one. Looking forward to it!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Getting' lucky in a job interview

Monster just released an article on the Top 10 Interview techniques you NEED to know, most of which are no-brainers.

Researching the company, crafting your interview to meet their needs, back-ups of your resume, cover letters and letters of reference, punctuality and enthusiasm are hardly "need to know techniques" to a job interview. Why not add important advice like: figure out how to get there and remember your name?

A friend of mine was recently part of a lengthy hiring process, and he tells me too many interviewees weren't dressed to impress for the interview. Gotta look good when making a first impression. It doesn't matter how long after the interview you loosen your tie, so long as it was done up tight and trim when you walk in.

BUT - are there other things you can do to swing an interview in your favour, and finally separate yourself:

All things being equal, what can you do to swing the odds in your favour? Here are a few ideas I had in mind, though they're just theories.

I always thought providing a cover letter in verse would get you notice, as well as dropping the F-bomb instead of your middle name on your resume. That's GOT to get you noticed. Possibly even get an interview on that merit alone.

BUT that's not what I figure. Once you're in the interview, how can you stick in their minds?I imagine if you interview 10 people, it's like looking at houses - they all look the same in your head when you look back at them.

So the idea is to stick out - and here are a few things I thought up -

One) go in humming "For He's a Jolly-Good Fellow." Maybe they remember you, and recall how jolly-good you are?

Two) I've heard spilling a bottle of water curries favour. It's like they empathize with you more greatly because they "feel your embarrassment" or something like that.

Three) rub the same cologne you wear that day, on your cover letter and resume. Same principle if you rub your resume and paperwork with a banana, in case the company you're applying to literally has monkeys picking their staff.

I've heard it at more than one place of employment that it's been supposed a bunch of monkeys do the hiring anyhow.

Now go get hired!