Sketch gallery

Recent artwork 
This is the inked outlines for an upcoming Tomb of the Undead page - I'm hoping to use it to try some new techniques. I'll post the before-and-after stuff when I'm complete.

How's it stand up to the original from the opening sequence? I had a blast catching up with a quiet little webcomic called Silent Pirate, and was inspired in the last panel to create some fan art.

Tomb of the Undead artwork

Dr. Miller with battle damage
Dr. Casey Miller
Miller and Bolam (2)
Miller & Bolam
Dr. Howard Bolam
Zombie Dinosaurs

Zombie Tyrannosaurus
Zombie Brachiosaurus

Z-trex first draft
Zombie Triceratops
Zombie Stegosaurus
Zombie Parasaurolophus
Z-steg draft


Questions overheard in the NICU at the Detroit Hospital
Mugabe Comic Strip

 Mugabe comic, pg. 1
Mugabe comic, pg. 2
Mugabe comic, pg. 3
Mugabe comic, pg. 4
Mugabe comic, pg. 5
Mugabe comic, pg. 6
Mugabe comic, pg. 7
Mugabe comic, pg. 8
Mugabe comic, pg. 9
Random sketches

Brian E. Brown, pres of the WUFA
from an editorial board meeting
For a Scotties' competition
from an editorial board meeting
Len Wallace, WUFA member

Stephen Pender, student favourite
Alan Wildeman at school
Hadrosaur with sharp teeth?
from an editorial board meeting
from an editorial board meeting
from an editorial board meeting
from an editorial board meeting
The Unbelievable Story of the Amazing Wildeman

The Amazing Wildeman