Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

Black Friday is some terminal combination of the Darwin Awards and Capitalism.
Will it be another sad day today as the invisible hand of capitalism tramples someone because there was a special price on microwaves?

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Business Man @ Home | Mandarin Ambition

I had a boss that, with exemplary passive-aggression, believed I should become fluent in Portuguese.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Business Man @ Home | Ahead of Schedule

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October is a Peculiarly Dangerous Month, says Twain

“October: This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks. The others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February.”
― Mark Twain

Rather than recapping the entire month, how about just the greatest hits? There were some really embarrassing, terrible jokes last month.

Spring Chickens
This got a giggle out of a legit doctor, so THERE!
There were some jokes I liked this month, especially Huge Gynecologist and I was happy with some of the artwork with Yoda Was Really Strict (which gained me a new Twitter follower) and If We Celebrated Everything Like It Were St. Patrick's Day which was unanimously disliked on Reddit.

And let's be clear,  Snot Rockets Make Grandma Cry and  Communication is Most Important in a Relationship don't deserve your clicking, and I'm sorry for making them. I should have tried harder.

NOVEMBER will be a better!

The King St. Capers

While Spring Chickens wasn't great, The Capers were diametrically opposed! I was really happy with how they were coming and eager to start the "South for the Winter" story arc! However, the artwork wasn't as crisp as it should have been. Earlier, the idea was to rush through them and make sure it didn't look like I was spending much time on them, because ... honestly, I figured people would look at these and say "You've got too much time on your hands."

I love the punchline, but you deserve better artwork.
But, I'm coming around the persuasion that if you're going to do something, do it well. November will be an upgrade as well - - I've learned a lot and it's time to start showing it.

Also this month was King St. Capers | Commemorative t-shirt , King St. Capers | Migration  andKing St. Capers | Such a Thoughtful Gift.

Business Man @ Home

Business Man @ Home | Seniority

A lot more colour is coming up in Business Man - - which is indicating that I'm having to expand the original concept to continue making jokes. Some of the stuff coming up this November and December is going to really build on the foundations you're seeing here, allowing the imagery to tell a lot more of the story than I originally intended.

I like how it's developing.  You can also read Business Man @ Home | Late for Work, Business Man @ Home | Birthday Coming Up, Business Man @ Home | OT Application andBusiness Man @ Home | Squawky Meetings.

Salty Advice
The always mute Mr. Minestrone is a huge staple of the King St. Capers, but he has so much more to offer. His mentally destitue efforts at anything beyond getting another cigarette into his mouth are very interesting. If you put your ear up close to him, you can hear his stupid thoughts.

They sound like this:

While the conceit of the strip might be beyond the casual reader (who isn't familiar with the Capers or why on earth this moron is giving anybody advice) these little ditties are being received fairly well, which goes to show ... something. Don't ask me what!

It was a good Salty Advice month with Salty Advice | Cool Trick, Salty Advice | Smokey Hair , Salty Advice | Taste the Rainbow andSalty Advice | What's in a Name?

Zombie Dinosaurs
If you like to see Dinosaurs Running Amok, then I had a post just for you!

People flocked from Reddit to see this - -they didn't like it, but they still came in droves!

I also shared some thoughts on the production of Tomb of the Undead at Narrative and Character Development behind the Tomb of the Undead andIt's all Fiction, but it Comes From Somewhere Real .

Tomb of the Undead

And speaking of Tomb of the Undead, the story continues to crawl towards the end of Act III. Not much further to go - - it's a big goal to complete the story before 2014 ... not too much longer to work on it if that's going to become a reality!

Check out some of the latest pages at This Is It - Pages 183 - 185

Social Media

Reddit, again, has helped bolster traffic to the blog, which is great. I still don't get a tremendous presence, relative to the big content providers at the /r/webcomics domain, but I'm happy to have the attention I'm receiving.

Twitter continues to be a great network for opportunities and hearing about others who are working on webcomics, too. My followers trended up from 219 to 252 in the past month, which is great for me!

October had a LOT of weekdays this year, and it's generally one of those longer months anyhow, meaining there was a LOT of content to post:

5 Spring Chicken gags, 3 Zombie Dinosaur posts, 5 Salty Advice posts, 5 Business Man @ Homes and at least 3 Tomb of the Undead pages, totalling to 31 pages of new content for y'all. Too bad it all couldn't have been better content. Again, look for November to be a big step up. And December, too!

How's the Facebook following grown? Not especially quickly, but it's up to about 19 followers, which is better than nothing...

So stay tuned - - I'm going to Rock out November with a LOT more tasteless, funny, drug-addled material... if that's up your alley, follow along on Twitter, UpVote stuff on Reddit and Like it on Facebook. I'm doing it for fun.

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