Saturday, October 29, 2011

King St. Capers - ep. 3

Here's the next one ...
ugh, LOL

I don't know why it took me so long- but I've definitely got some new characters to add to this. I can't imagine whey I didn't think of this before! Not sure if there deserves to be an infusion of "Parkhill Parables" to the King St. Capers, though. Maybe a spin-off in the works ;)

Friday, October 28, 2011

New page for Tomb of the Undead

Here's the latest update for Tomb of the Undead to check out.

I posted it a few days ago - but I didn't get to setting up a link till tonight - sorry.

Dr. Miller, Dr. Bolam and Evelyn return to Escutcheon's office in search of a new direction in Call the office. Click to read more at:No Signal.

Hope you like it - this marks the half-way mark of the story, which is cool to get to.

Als0 - I'm making a roast tonight, with cocoa and brown sugar - I'll let you know how it is (granted, it wasn't made with the freshest meat in the store. We'll see how it goes ... )

Stay tuned for more King Street Capers - I'm going to work on one while the World Series wraps up tonight.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leafs keeping pace

First off - I looked at the standings from last season, and the Rangers took the final playoff spot in the eastern conference with 93 points. Which means instead of 92 points, the you need at least 93 points to make it to the playoffs, OR you have to be better than the 8th place team, meaning you need at least 94 points to make it in.

In any case - you definitely need more than 92 points.

Tonight the Leafs secured another win, bringing their record to 6-2-1, and up to 13 points, which is awesome. The threshold was to have more than 11 points by Oct. 30 , which they've done. So far so good - they're ahead of schedule for now. Good to see!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

King St. Capers - ep. 2

by popular demand - King St. Capers Ep. 2

... jeez these things are terrible, LOL

New Tomb of the Undead Post

Here's an update for the latest scene of Tomb of the Undead, Call the Office (an homage to an old club in London, Ont. I think. Not sure if it's provincially renowned or not, but I like the name of it).

Dr. Miller, Dr. Bolam and Evelyn return to Escutcheon's office in search of a new direction in Call the office.
Hope you like it. I'm part-way through the next page, just some inking and shading to wrap up, but it's ultimately drafted up. Then on to the second half of the second act, where things ramp up once again. I read over some of the upcoming scenes, and the pace picks up and the story really mythology / story really picks up.

You can look forward to that.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vid for Legs

As the title suggests, this video is made possible by my pal Legs, who retained and returned about 50 19 year old cartoons I drew back in Grade 6.

And thanks to my wife for putting these to music. Where else can you read 50 comics in two and a half minutes, while listening to music?

Nowhere but here!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Leafs, funny tweets and dinosaurs caught in a tree

What the Maple Leafs need to make the playoffs (technically)
Looking forward to tonight's hockey game! Another season - I honestly don't know what to expect and don't even have a "feeling" of how they're going to do. After they've had so much consistency (in a bad way) it's difficult to think they don't look the same again... one thing I hope doesn't happen all season is Ron Wilson talking about the winning streak that they went on at the end of last season.

Resting on their laurels hasn't served anyone in pro sports - athletes always tell you to leave the last game behind you, whether it's a loss or a win, because you don't play the next game in the past. Or something like that. In any case, I think we have to watch the Leafs with the hope that they'll require 90 (maybe 92) points to make the 8th seed.

They'll need about 11.5 points per for every 10 games played, and be consistent about it. For this to work out ... this is their requirements.

11.5 points by Oct. 30

23 points by Nov. 20

34.5 points by Dec. 14

46 points by Jan. 8

57.5 points by Ground Hog Day

69 points by Feb. 24 (I'll have a son by then! He will cry louder than AM 640's broadcast of the games, I'm sure).

80.5 points by Mar. 16

... and of course, 92 points by Apr. 8

So we can track their progress along the way - should be interesting.

Tweets that made me laugh yesterday

@twolinepass (ryan lambert)
red wings announce "two-fer tuesday" at joe louis arena this season! niklas kronwall guaranteed to leave his feet twice as much on hits!
@twolinepass (ryan lambert)
the red wings' new "bobblehead thursday" will be particularly exciting because todd bertuzzi will demonstrate how best to make heads bobble

I also fell for a fake account (briefly - it sounded fishy as all could be) when @ESPN-PierreMcGuire said the Leafs had just traded, get this, Tyler Bozak, Naz Kadri and Carl Gunnarson for Jason Spezza.

It didn't sound too crazy - but Spezza's not really a "Burke" player, and it had my head reeling. Luckily, Leafs didn't do it. (There are a lot of big stars on junk teams that might get moved this season, like Spezza, Alfredsson, Iginla to name a few).

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Missing dinosaur models found hanging from tree

Two fibreglass dinosaurs were found in a park in Nicolet Monday, after they disappeared from a popular restaurant on Highway 20 between Montreal and Quebec City.

Restaurant Madrid in Saint-LĂ©onard-d'Aston, Que. is a landmark known for the 75 large dinosaur replicas that adorn the front of the restaurant, facing the highway.

Click to read more.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hatching clones, bad ideas and new species

With Terra Nova on t.v. tonight, there's no better time to check out cool dinosaur stuff - even though we're 26 minutes into the episode and dinosaurs have not yet appeared.

So here's a rehash of an old cloning idea, a new game with a stupid twist and a new species of dinosaur discovered in a mudstone where it was least expected. Seeing as how they thought it was a Ceolophysis, it's probably a Triassic dinosaur, though not sure what continent you'd find that sort of thing in (and I'm not going to check).

Scientist Wants To Hatch A Dinosaur
Jonathan Moormann

There was a cool special about cloning a dinosaur that I linked to years ago. This post seems to be a rehash of that. Still worth a peek.
I don't throw this term around lightly, but Jack Horner may be a mad scientist. The Montana State scientist has done a lot of important things for regular science, like finding the first evidence that dinosaurs may have cared for their young, but his most recent project seems like the type of thing dreamed up in a mountain lair rather than a lab. Jack Horner is no longer satisfied studying dead dinosaurs and has instead decided to hatch a real one. If my memory serves me correctly, this will result in a failed theme park and two extremely disappointing sequels.
Click to read more.

Jesus v. Dinosaurs interview

If you built cars out of dinosaur parts and cars out of Jesus parts, you could have them battle each other - in a game.

Fossil find at Pennsylvania museum leads to dinosaur discovery
By Scott Detrow

Daemonosaurus chauliodus was found among other fossils in 2004 by researchers at the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg.
A brand-new dinosaur can trace its roots back to the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg.

Scientists at the center were working their way through a block of mudstone in 2004 when they found a skull that seemed a bit different. The researchers thought they were looking at fossils of a Coelophysis--a small carnivore.

Senior curator Robert Sullivan and fossil preparer Kevin Dermody quickly realized this was a different dinosaur.

"The skull is different, because it's shorter," he explained. "The teeth are procumbent in that they stick out towards the front of the skull. The teeth seem to be longer. And there's some other subtleties of the skull that differentiate it from Coelophysis."
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