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King Street Capers!

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For some cartoon ever!
These are great..ducks...this could be one platform.

Get more platforms for me. You have a few interesting people down there! They all need their own strip!

These amuse me. 
No way...its all funny. We can see the humour in the situation no matter how basic it may be! 
Surefire classics....  
Good work....Nice to incoporate local businesses with these!
Got a little to close to the LCBO while heading to get that hair cut.

          Pure genius! The Capers keep getting better!!

And remember: A free haircut from Mr Minestrone ... is worth two in the bush.

         you've never let me down! This one was stellar!

Ryan, these are getting HILARIOUS! I am literally laughing as I type this!!! And Mr Minestrone in colour is brilliant!!!

What is it about? This strip was inspired by a small, quaint barbershop that I passed by on my way to work each day. Wanting to "buy local" and support small businesses, I was happy (perhaps even smug) about giving it my business. My hubris was punished, and now we have the King St. Capers, inspired by the community's daily comings and goings.

Hear about my brief and unimpressed first impressions here. And about the last straw.

It feels important to note, this is a work of fiction. All incidents and dialogue, and all characters are products of the author's imagination and are not to be construed as real. All situations, incidents and dialogues are not intended to change the entirely fictional nature of the work.

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You Need a Haircut, Fact!
Haircut, FACT! (29/5/12)
Haircut Coupon (25/6/12)
PEEEK! (26/6/12)
Shave and a Haircut ... (29/6/12)
Distracted Barber (11/7/12)
Distracted Barber 2 (20/8/12)
You Need a Haircut (1/9/12)

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The Lost SmartPhone
The Lost SmartPhone (11/3/13)
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Facebook "Likes" (25/3/13)
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Commemorative t-shirt (7/10/13)

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