Monday, August 31, 2009

Random linksys connection

Hey readers - good news, I've got a very low connection on a wireless network from someone nearby, which is awesome. Just a brief update to let you know how things are coming along.

Not bright
It turns out, the blinds in our bedroom would have served better as neon signs, that's how bright it was in the morning and over night. That is now resolved with the purchase and installation of new blinds for our bedroom and our living room. Also, my buddy Adam came over to help put up some other blinds, install a bunch of towel racks etc, in our washroom, and put a few desks together. It's all coming together very nicely. Our kitchen is almost a kitchen now, too.

My fiance starts her first day of work tomorrow - and I'm going to start reaching out to Parks Canada to see if I can get myself a job, too. Also, our new couch and chair will be arriving - then on Friday our new dryer will be delivered, and we can then do some laundry, which we'll definitely need to do by then.

Alrighty! Everyone be safe and have fun.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


First of all - the big move yesterday went amazingly. We've got everything from our old place to our new place with generous help from friends and family. It was a great experience, a long day, and everything is going to come together very smoothly thanks to all of their help. We're happy to be so close to being settled in.

Next, I have to say this: I've become quite comfortable with living online for the last little while. I've got a blog I update regularly (moreso while I'm unemployed) and a video series that's availble on Youtube right now, and a magazine I write for that's availbe online and three webcomics I like to follow and legions of filming updates from Lost - and man, all that's going to go away now that we've moved to Peterborough. We won't have access to the Internet until the evening of September 8, which is a long while away. Nor access to a landline, a local phone number, or cable t.v.

My brother recommends boardgames and puzzles. 10 days later, I could go nuts. But at least I have my fiance to keep me sane - unless she's at work all that time.

This absence from traditional access to any information of any kind will present an opportunity to work on my side-projects free from distraction, meaning, after this hiatus, I hope to have some notable updates to Lefevere's Redemption, the Zombie Dinosaurs project, some foundational work with the Alpha Sigma Chi history and perhaps do some artwork for Zombie Dinosaurs, as well.

I might have some other updates after all that time, too. We've got a lot of thank yous to send out from our wedding showers over the last few weeks, rooms to set up at our new house, a whole new town to get accustomed to, and I might even have a job interview to get prepped for. In about 10 days' time, I might have allot of cool stuff to talk about - so we'll see when we get there.

BE SURE TO WATCH THE EXTENT on September 2. It's going to be great and I'm really excited to see what kind of response we can get from all of the work that went into this particular episode. It was a great thrill to write it, and I think it segue's from our introductory episodes into the scheme of things to come. Again, I hope you all like it. I might not get to see it until much later - although I want to watch it right now!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned. I'll be back on September 8 with the promise of good things. Take care.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Blob ('58), Brontosaurs (2010) and Booth (Sept. 2)

Remakes from 1958
We all know that Rob Zombie has remade Michael Meyers in the Halloween series, esp. now with the sequel, Halloween II just around the corner. Well, here's some very interesting news:
After reviving the "Halloween" franchise, Rob Zombie will next reinvent "The Blob." Zombie will write, direct and produce a remake of the 1958 horror classic that launched the career of Steve McQueen. Production will begin next spring. Zombie's deal to make "The Blob" his next film comes as Dimension opens "Halloween II," the Zombie-directed sequel to his 2007 hit "Halloween."
I thought the blob movie was kinda dumb, even when I was a kid, but if you get someone like Rob Zombie to work on it - who knows what kind of shit he might pull. It could be pretty cool.

Pixarenigma Rex
3-D kids film behemoth Pixar might, might be developing a new movie about a boy and his pet brontosaurus. How come this is only speculation? Because apparently there is only this one brief photo to work with that's fueling the speculation.

A promotional image that was released with "Up" had some artwork in the background, featuring a boy and a brontosaurus. Could this be like Jacob, Two Two and the Dinosaur? Maybe! Mordecai Richler's story about a boy who has to hide his pet dinosaur was a pleasant adventure. Although, I remember the dinosaur being a triceratops. The other book option could be Dinosaur Bob, but ... who knows, really, right?

The Extent
Lastly, I'd like to mention that The Extent's next episode will be broadcast at 7 p.m. on Tuesday evening (Sept. 2!) with much of it being directed by Windsor's own Gavin Booth, famous of the How Many Days? project. He's making a video per day until he meets Steven Spielberg, or something like that. If you're looking for an interesting read, go through the comments on his subscription page. He had an odd saying, "50 % of people seem to like me, and the other 50 % seem to despise me, and the funny thing is that I treat them all the same."

That being said, he will direct quite a bit of the upcoming episode titled "Collateral Damage" that I wrote. It was the first thing I wrote for the the show, believe it or not, and it was the first experience we had with the development of our Jenkins character. There are definitely some interesting stories on our final version of Jenkins and what was created in the writing of this script, and how they differ.

I'm hoping people really like the character and the episode. I worked hard on it, and it definitely has a "Lost" feel to it, by design. I hope it is well received, and I'm excited to see so much effort going into producing and filming it. Again, this will really be the first episode after we expanded the pilot episode into three parts, so this is where the story really begins to take off after the inciting incident of being captured and locked in a creepy room. I hope you all enjoy it next week.

As for how my writing has paid off so far on the show: Ep. 1.01 has 55.4 hits / day, Ep. 1.02 has 51.3 hits / day and 1.03 (which I wrote all of, except for the last few lines) is bringing in viewers at a rate of 76.2 hits / day, which is awesome. That being said, the episode is still quite new, and people are more likely to watch it while it's new, rather than when it's 20 days old like the other two episodes. I have a very good feeling that this next episode is going to really draw some great attention.

Great acting, great sets, a carefully written story that takes great advantage of its 7 minutes and fantastic coordination between Jay Nassr and Gavin Booth in directing the action. I hope you all really like it.

The Big Move

This is it! Our last day to pack, and then everything goes on the truck tomorrow morning, and we're outta here. Crazy that it's gone by so fast. Thanks to my buddy Rob for taking me out golfing yesterday to enjoy our last few hours as cohabitants of the same city. I've lived here in Windsor, now, for a full eight years, almost to the day, coming in as a first-year at the University of Windsor on Labour Day weekend. The city has really changed since then.

After that, I may be in communicato for a little while - we won't have the Internet, Cable TV, or a home phone line until Tuesday, September 8, believe it or not. But I have a phone number that's 97% expected to be our number once it's installed. I'll be sure to share it with you all once it's installed.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weird Al, melanosomes, Loch Monsters, Zombies and Lost

Man, Saturday morning is creeping up quickly - and there's still so much packing to do! I put away the PS2 last night, so that won't be a distraction, but at the same time, I haven't played it that much. If we really wanted to get down to work and pack, we'd unplug the cable and quit watching t.v.

We just have today and tomorrow to finish putting our lives in boxes, labeling them, and putting them in the spare room while we box more things.

Weird Al's new Ringtone from "Internet Leaks"
Again, you can't imbed the video onto your blog, but you can redirect to the link of the song. It's a catchy song that seems to capture my thoughts on ringtones pretty clearly. It's styled after the band Queen, loosely. Enjoy it if you will.

Evidence of iridescence found in 40 million-year-old feather fossil
This means, they've discovered fossilized evidence of colour in a feather that's real old. This may lead to scientists being able to decipher the colour of dinosaurs from their fossilizedd melanosomes. Here are some excerpts from the article that elucidates what this is all about:
... scans of a 40 million-year-old fossil with an electron microscope by a team from Yale yielded a different interpretation. The structures weren’t bacteria; they were melanosomes.

The discovery opens a new range of scientific inquiry. Knowing that the structure of pigments can survive fossilization will undoubtedly start a review of fossils long thought to have already given over all their secrets. It is not yet known if the technique can be applied to other cases, but the team is in a rush to find out. Dr. Derek Briggs said, "The discovery of ultra-structural detail in feather fossils opens up remarkable possibilities for the investigation of other features in soft-bodied fossils, like fur and even internal organs.”
Proof That the Loch Ness Monster Exists?
This is not proof that the Loch Ness Monster exists, but it's kind of neat. Looks like a boat to me. 65 feet long is pretty big, though. Like, that's the size of a boat!

ZombieLand is coming soon
Yeah, a movie that I'm going to be seeing some time soon is ZombieLand.

"The movie takes place in this post-apocalyptic world called Zombieland," explained "The Squid and the Whale" star Jesse Eisenberg, who plays Columbus. "And it tells the story of these four individuals who join together despite different circumstances to survive in this world. I'm obsessed with survival, and I have a list of 47 rules for how to survive in a world of zombies."

Forget about weapons — Eisenberg's list might actually be the most valuable asset in a zombie uprising. "Pre-Zombieland, [my character] has obsessive-compulsive disorder," the actor explained. "Post-Zombieland, he uses that to his advantage. ... The list is comically boring. Like, Ziploc bags, carry a suitcase with wheels on the bottom instead of a duffel bag so that you can run faster while being chased by a zombie. You want to limber up, to make sure you've stretched; do a lot of cardio. Always know your way out; don't be a hero."

"It's hilarious. I think it might be the funniest movie that has ever been made," director Ruben Fleischer deadpanned. "These are the survivors in a zombie-filled, barren landscape. And now they have to kill zombies, get Twinkies, meet some girls and travel across the country."
Perhaps Harvard isn't all it's cracked up to be ... OR
Harvard is awesome, way to go!

How would a zombie's brain work? Harvard psychiatry professor Dr. Steven C. Schlozman, a certified genius and horror movie buff, uses the undead to lecture his students about the functions of the human brain.
He notes that zombies don't have a fully functioning frontal lobe, which controls impulsivity and behavior, and are thus driven mostly by their amygdala, which controls base emotions, like a crocodile. Their aggression is just the way their brain works. "You can't really be mad at zombies, because that's like being mad at a crocodile," Schlozman says. He also goes on to describe how the brain affects their hunger and the slow, unsteady walk of the undead.
This guy must be rich and have tenure to be putting his balls out there like this. He didn't even put out a smokescreen about pedagogy and how to relate details in his curriculum to students through the analogy of something familiar. Big brass ones on this guy.

New Lost casting news
Some new character is being cast for Season 6.
Paul is an overworked, married male, age 30-60 who finds himself in a highly adrenalized situation that forces him to remain calm and tests his ability to keep his wits about him, a test he fails miserably. Must be available for episodes 602 and 603.
I could act like this! I should be a Lost character. I'll have to get my agent working on it.

I've learned of something very hilarious that warrants its own blog post unto itself. I will get it up sometime shortly. Stay tuned. I promise, this will be something that you'll tell your friends about. It's gold!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Neat day filming for The Extent

Hey folks, this was a neat day! We had a chance to work with Windsor filmmaker Gavin Booth for a while as he directed Episode 1.04 of The Extent, titled "Collateral Damage." It's neat because I wrote the episode and was very happy with the way that some of the filming went. The scene we shot today was to be in an Iraqi school house - and it was great. So stay tuned, the episode will be out on September 2, so stay tuned.

Two more days
... until the big move. That's right, Peterborough is getting two more residents and Windsor's only got two more days until we're packing up a big truck, loading up our cars, and getting out of town. It's going to be great and I'm really looking forward to it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hockey accolades and achievements

Tonight was our final hockey night here in Windsor for a long while. Our 'championship game' of bragging rites between Team 2 and Team ... I don't know. In fact, I'm not even sure that we were Team 2 BUT we played our final "championship" game as the worst team all season, vs. the third worst team of the season. We WON!

I feel that I had a good game with one strong defensive play, about three shots on net, one shot that went inches from getting tucked inside the far post, and two open nets that I totally missed scoring on. It was likely our best hockey game as a team all season. What a lot of fun.

Also, our goalie last week rebounded from having a regrettable, forgettable game, to an outstanding game allowing only one goal and making plenty of great saves.

Then, we received certificates of achievement from the league ( I haven't read it yet, but I'm sure it says something nice) and individual awards. I won the "most sportsmanlike" award. The coach said, "It's because you're a nice guy." Why didn't he say, " It's because you're the most sportsmanlike?" I don't know. I've won the "Most sportsmanlike" award a couple of times in my 28 years of not dying, and everytime I win it, it's because I'm a nice guy. I'd feel more like I've earned it if I was awarded this and then told, it's because I was most sportsmanlike.

Also, seeing as how this league was set up exclusively for fun, and not to be competitive, I accept this award understanding that in the spirit of the league, that it is the highest honour that can be bestowed upon any player on an individual team. Thank you.

My fiance won the "Most Dedicated" award, even though she didn't attend the game, prioritizing a Creed concert in Detroit with her Maid of Honour instead of playing hockey. ... But she's usually pretty dedicated to the team. She even emailed the coach to let him know she wouldn't be there - that's dedication! (in fact, evidently, the MOST dedication on the team).

So congratulations to us!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back when I was Sports Editor

I have been packing for my move out to Peterborough lately, and we're going to be leaving town on Saturday, not even a week away now. Crazy, right? And while I've been packing I've come across some interesting papers and such, some of which ...

By the way, South Park is running the episode where the Hardly Boys try to solve the mystery of the urinal turd.

... anyhow, some of which had doodles on them, especially some from a pad of paper that I kept notes on from editorial meetings at The Lance while I was the Sports Editor back in 2007-08. Anyhow, here are some of the doodles from back in the day. Please enjoy responsibly.

Here's a doodle that is pretty common. A couple of dinosaurs on a page - that's normally what I do. What you wouldn't expect to see is a small image of Adam Leggett's creation, Star Pig. It's just his head, but ... well he was a significant role model in our youth, so that's pretty neat that he's in there. Also, you can see an odd inscription of the letter "J", which was influenced by the ASL expression of the same letter. You can also see some interest I had in a website of a photographer that we were interested in using - the photographer never worked out.

In a brief moment of campus spirit for the Lancers football team, I created a doodle for The Lancers vs. their arch rivals, the Western Mustangs. It seems that a knight might be able to easily stab a common horse, defeating it without any trouble. Sadly, the Lancers were no match for any team - and were whooped left and rigth by any team that stepped onto the field. Too bad. At the top of the page, you can see that I was interested in referencing the accomplishments of a football players named Kyle Boutette. That articile was actually published and Kyle was a fantastic interview - I feel it was one of my great accomplishments as Sports Editor, believe it or not. I also included a reference to 'Boots' in a spoof article.

Now is the time for me to say that I had Natasha Marar serving as News Editor to replace me as News Editor from the year before. I had quit my job, replaced myself, and decided to leave Windsor in hopes of inaugurating a new publication in Burlington; that publication turned out to be an abysmal joke, and I had to turn it down - frankly, it was devastating to me. I was embarrassed to have quit my job to work for a man who had no idea how to run a paper, and I was equally embarrassed to see how inexperienced the people were who were also hired. It was an interesting moment where I seriously realized where I fit into the scheme of things - there were people who had literally no experience in writing for the media whatsoever, and I was lumped in with them. It was honestly one of the greatest disappointments of my life. I couldn't honestly leave Windsor and the woman I loved (and still love) to go work 13 hours a day, 6 days a week for $26,000 a year. I'll admit, I cried on my drive back to Windsor from Burlington that night - I was seriously bummed about that job. I had such high hopes for it.

But, besides all of that - Natasha Marar said something like "foot herpes" during one of the meetings after she took my job and I assumed the sports position, and I drew a picture with the caption below it. Sorry to go on such a tangent about it.

This doodle must be from some time around Hallowe'en - because you can see a mock-up of my costume at the bottom. I tried to make my costume like that from the guy from EmuTv. There's a picture of my costume somewhere on Facebook, but I'll be damned if I ever find it again. In any case, in this image there's a sauropod hangin' out on the left-hand side, which is cool. Also, I appear for some reason, to draw an image of the success of a ballerina - and if you look in the background, you can see that either the Hindenburg is crashing in the background, or the trophy has a picture of the crash. I don't remember anymore. Also, you can see that I was inspired to nominate someone for being a great volunteer; I can't remember why, but I'm sure it's because I wanted to spread some success to someone who was making an effort to make a difference. That's me, always trying to help and up-and-coming writer to achieve more.

Hey look! Star Pig is back! Is this what you remember him looking like, Adam? You can also see that I was interested in zombie-basketball. It was inspired by head coach Chris Oliver who said his team was like zombies out on the floor - they were "sleep walking" he would call it. How cool would it be to see zombies playing basketball? .... Yeah, pretty funny, right?

I haven't any idea what inspired this picture - but there's a ship that's shaped like a shoe, being boarded by a leaping velociraptor (again, pretty common in my doodling). Why Lassie and a man hanging himself are also in the picture - I have absolutely no idea.

I hope you've enjoyed this little stroll down memory-lane. If I ever find my comic strip of Tie Domi at the Legion eating pancakes when Brett Hull comes along, I'll post it up.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Zombies, Lost and The Extent

There was an actual study that used mathematical modelling to analyze the impact of an infectious outbreak, which just so happens to be a zombie pandemic, in this case. In conclusion of the study:
In summary, a zombie outbreak is likely to lead to the collapse of civilisation, unless it is dealt with quickly. While aggressive quarantine may contain the epidemic, or a cure may lead to coexistence of humans and zombies, the most effective way to contain the rise of the undead is to hit hard and hit often. As seen in the movies, it is imperative that zombies are dealt with quickly, or else we are all in a great deal of trouble.
Frankly, the study was a bit math-heavy, and out of my league, but it was fun to see it. College News has released their own comments on the subject, including five tips on how to survive in a zombie outbreak. Tips: use a crowbar and a reliable handgun, a bicycle, and stay at an apartment building. If zombie movies have taught us anything, don't be a hero, let the stupid puppy run around the zombies while you remain safe inside. No matter what that puppy does, stay inside.

New Lost characters
Well, we've got our first major spoiler for the upcoming season of Lost. This is right around when they're about to start filming, which means that they've got to begin casting the new characters that are supposed to be in those characters.

There was an audition notice for a character that's being called Lennon. The casting call said the character is like this: Scruffy, edgy, charismatic, and slightly stir-crazy, Lennon can be deferential when it’s called for. He’s the spokesperson/translator for the president of a foreign corporation. He’s a wily negotiator, and far more powerful than his lowly position would seem to indicate.

And that role will be filled by some guy named John Hawkes, who I know nothing about. It doesn't really matter where he's coming from, I'm sure Lost will have some neat stuff planned for him. There have been a bunch of creepy characters that emerged long ago - but nothing really came of them (cough, Matthew Abbadon) so I hope that this will be cool and revealing, but ... well it could just be a mystery that never pans out to much. Who knows.

References: Instant Kharma and

Also, new character Jeff: [JEFF] Male, late 20s to 50s, any ethnicity. A polished, sympathetic, and very efficient public relations rep for high-profile company. Has to deliver a piece of bad news to a corporate executive and hides his nervousness behind a professional, reassuring smile...CO-STAR

And, more revealingly, without a casting call, the producers signed someone of note:

Super-famous Japanese actor Hiroyuki Shimosawa — best known stateside for his roles in The Last Samurai and Rush Hour 3 — is joining the sixth and final season of Lost, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Who’s Shimosawa playing? Beats the hell out of me. I squeezed every last one of my moles for deets and the only thing I came up with is that it’s a “significant recurring” role. Sounds like a case for Doc Jensen…

“My prediction,” says D.J., “is that he will play a mystical mystery man who serves as John Locke’s Obi-Wan-meets-Mr. Miyagi in the post-Jughead rebooted Lost timeline. Attuned to The Island’s magic — perhaps an embodiment of The Island itself — Hiroyuki’s character will help the amnesiac Locke rediscover his destiny to become The Island knight/protector and guide him back, even as dark forces conspire to stop Locke and the rest of the castaways from going back.”

That sounds really cool, though I don't recall Locke having amnesia. That Hiroyuki guys looks bad-ass!

Extent Filming
We've got some filming for episode 5 coming up on Monday, and a bit more for episode 4 later on in the week - we've got a lot of work to go still before the season can end. Most of what we've left to film is for flashbacks, so they key elements to the story are all filmed - which is good. Episode three has 325 hits already, and Ep. 1 has 1,186 while Ep. 2 has 1,098. These are good numbers, but I'm hoping it'll do more to take off - these things should get huge amounts of hits - but maybe it'll come along after some more of the story gets revealed.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dinosaur odds and ends

There are a whole bunch of things that came up recently that I've meant to blog about, but haven't bothered to do - that being said, I have about 10 tabs open right now with stuff that I want to close. So, here is a whole bunch of stuff (and then Jeopardy is on again!)

First, I may be able to get a job with Parks Canada once I've moved out to Peterborough, and that would be awesome. I'll have to see what comes of it, but I'd be really excited to get a job like that.

Awful dinosaur jokes
How can you tell a male dinosaur from a female dinosaur? Ask it a question. If he answers, it's a male; if she answers, it's female. There are another dozen bad jokes available at the Tehran Times website. I would have imagined that Tehran had much more important things going on to have space in their paper for this sort of thing?

Europe's largest dinosaur tracks found in the Swiss Alps

The three-toed animal, which probably measured between 15 and 20 feet long, walked through what is now the Swiss Alps more than 210 million years ago, experts said.

The 15-inch-long prints belonged to a carnivore from the Triassic period that would have been the biggest predator on the planet at the time.

A team of palaeontologists from the Natural History Museum in Basel found the prints at 3,300 metres on a mountain in Ela Nature Reserve, Switzerland's largest park.

The footprints were originally made when the region was a huge tropical coast before millions of years of geological pressure folded the land into mountains.

More telling pterosaur tracks
Someone's found the tracks of a pterosaur, and they figure that they're the tracks of it actually landing, which is pretty neat. You can read more about it here, if you care to.

Packing is a silly sorta thing

This move will be my fourth in four years - it seems it's been a while since I've had any future expectations for a home in a long while. Every stop has been a temporary one - every apartment hasn't been a home. No point in painting the walls, no point in gathering nice things or furniture. Our next place in Peterborough is nice, but it'll be temporary again, as we continue to search for a place that will work out for us both.

While packing up the things we unpacked only a few months ago, you can still find the boxes of stuff that didn't even get unpacked the last time you touched them. CD cases and movies are the biggest perps - and books, too. Boxes and boxes of books. These boxes are sort of like time capsules that dart you back to the last time you moved, the last time you had the items from the box out, the last time you used them, the first time you bought them.

And having your thoughts skip through time is kind of like the book I'm reading right now, Slaughterhouse-Five, by Kurt Vonnegut. It's about a man whose mind skips around his life, literally darting from his time during WWII, his childhood, his career, his time in a mental hospital, his time at school, meeting his wife, etc, etc. Skips all over the place. I was surprised to find that this was also a movie back in the 70s. I'll have to try and rent it some time - but I have a feeling that it's not available in DVD - better pack up the VCR while I'm at it, I guess.

I've got a good lead on a cool job out in Peterborough - not sure what will come of it, but I'd be remarkably excited to have it pan out. I could be working with Parks Canada with the Trent-Severn Waterway National Historical Site of Canada, or something like that. It's a mouthfull, but it's also a cool job. We'll see what happens -

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The house is on fire! Extent

So, with the latest episode of The Extent, I'm excited to say that the first episode now has 1,131 hits, the second episode has 1,059 hits and the latest episode already has 255 hits. That's not bad. Now that there's a bigger body of work, viewers might be able to catch on and start really picking up.

But ... all in good time.

As for the house being on fire - two houses over the garage caught on fire. The neighbours had some old couches out in the alley waiting for a good day to take them to the dump, and as far as anyone seems to know, some kids came by and lit it on fire. You've heard how those old couches go up in flames? Well this was a pretty dramatic fire - luckily the garage was facing the alley and it's detached from the house. There was some formidable damage to the garage but everyone was safe. Damn kids.

That's probably the second time I've had to call 911 this year (though my fiance thinks I've called more often). I should have taken a picture, it was pretty neat.

The Extent | Solus 1.03

Well, here it is, the next episode of The Extent. I hope you like it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Touring for a new home

Yesterday we drove from Windsor out to Uxbridge and Port Perry to check out some places for rent. Uxbridge was a nice little town, had that small charm that most towns did before the Big Box stores showed up. Many little street-side shops all along the main roads, with people walking to and froe. No giant parking lots or anything like that.

We saw some nice apartments and even a suitable bungalow that looked promising, while booking a few more appointments for Monday, when we'll head back out to continue to find somewhere suitable to stay after we've made the move.

Port Perry has a beautiful waterfront (though we didn't see any harbour). I could definitely see myself working on the water for a short period of time out there. The apartment we saw there was unsuitable for more than one person, so it won't work out, but ... we have hope and a better feeling about the area. It should be nice.

On the way back, for those with mischievious minds, we drove through Goodwood, Manchester and Prince Albert, which sound like names from a dirty men's club. It could be a fun region to settle in to.

Lefevre's Redemption
In the mean time, I'm going to continue to perform an audit on Lefevre's Redemption, hoping to make a bit more sense of the novel, and take into consideration the tips I've received from reading a couple of books on the subject. Not surprisingly, there are major rewrites necessary (which could have been avoided had I read these books before I wrote 100+ pages). No matter, I like reading the book, and I'll especially like including the ideas that have come to me since I wrote it. No doubt, one of the recommendations from the books I've read are to take some time away from your manuscript and then revisit it with fresh eyes. So at least I'm doing something right.
Zombie Dinosaurs
I think I'm going to use the tips that were in the books, too, to set out a story outline for the Zombie Dinosaurs project, and then once November hits, go to hell on writing that novel for Nanowrimo '09. This would be the first novel ever written where I've got characters I know, and ending I know, and plot points I know (all things that are very handy when writing anything).

There have been some interesting thoughts on the season premiere next year, and I think I've come up with a theory that can take all of the promotional videos that were released and the casting rumours and make sense of them all by making use of an episode from Season 3. I suspect that this sort of thing won't make sense to anyone unless they've followed along with the show closely - so ... apologies to everyone who reads this blog, I suspect only two of you actually watch the show. It's going to be a good one.

The Extent
Having been out of town so much lately (meaning, out of Windsor, and in other towns) I've missed out on quite a bit of additional filming for The Extent, which is unfortunate. As I've said, I love being on set, and I definitely wanted to be around for the filming of one of the scenes I wrote for an upcoming episdoe, and to meet the actor who will be portraying Harris Dollarhyde (is he more than meets the eye?) But ... I will not be in town, despite being very clear that I wouldn't be in town until Tuesday to shoot anything. Unfortunate. I'll have to make sure to send notes on what I envisioned the scene to be when I wrote it to the director.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Man, this article I'm working is literally killing me. I feel less alive every second that I go through the material. ... and now I'm a sobbing loser with a blog, mourning over how lousy things are - which isn't the case! I'm just tired of working on this thing. Its only redeeming quality is that I got to interview my buddy McCutcheon for the article - what're the odds that he'd be an expert on something I'm researching down here in Windsor? Probably higher than you'd think - but it was awesome to work with him on an assignment.

Break is just in time for final Jeopardy to take a break - will I get it right?

Damn, not in time for it - Plato was the answer, only one person got it right, while the other two guessed Socrates. Hmm, makes me wonder if I would have got that right or not.

What else?

I have a blog post for you to view over at Excel Consultants, where I've been requested to provide weekly updates on their site. You may notice that it's been over a week since my last post, and that is because the boss hasn't got back to me on what he wants me to do. Years ago, he taught me the value of returning a call, and using the phone instead of eMail. Now look who's teaching who! Bwaha ha ha ha, etc.

Has the August edition of In Business Magazine updated their website so I can link my Dinosaur article to you? Nope, not yet. No worries, the month is only half through, right?

As for The Extent - a scene was filmed earlier last week, and we've got another booked for next week and the 26th. So there's going to be some progress made on that shortly. Good stuff. As for now, there are two newsworthy items to consider about the show:

1) one video is up to 837 post (the other at 678)
2) You could win a trip to Vegas for three days if you sign up. So do that and WIN.

now ... [Ryan shrugs his shoulders, slumps in his seat, turns away from whatever the hell network shows Jeopardy on it, and heads] back to work.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How would I do on Jeopardy tonight?

I'm going to gauge how much money I would have won on Jeopardy if I were playing, and for the record, I always bet it all on the daily double. We'll just have to see if I'd ring in for it or not ( I know that's not quite how Jeopardy works, but hey, I don't have a buzzer.)

Anyhow, on to the show!

So, I'm up $9,400 after the second round. That puts me in fourth place. Not good.

Jeopardy Double Jeopardy Final Jeopardy (Question: Washington, D.C.)
Right _____ Right _____ Right
$200 _____ $400 _______ Only going to bet ... like $200
$600 _____ $2,000
$600 _____ $2,000

Wrong _____ Wrong _____ Wrong
none! ______ $800 _______ Right! but only wagered $200

Contestant 1 had only $1 dollar. Contestant 2 had $15,000 and the winner had $23,200. So I finished with $9,600 and finished in third. The lesson to be learned, bet it all in final jeopardy and I still would have come in second.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Three "new" dinosaurs

So - not sure how to really get into this. There are three new dinosaurs that came up recently, all the work of the Field Museum in Chicago, and all from a desert in Niger unearthed back in 1997. So, 'new' doesn't really fit here.

For example, how 'new' could these discoveries be if there is artwork like this already available?

I guess this sort of thing is possible when an already discovered animal is unearthed three decades later. The nigersaurus was described back in 1976, but another specimen was found in 1997 - so it's news again. All three of these dinosaurs are awfully unusual, too, which is neat.

The nigersaurus they say was just too unusual to have eaten any other way than a cow - and perhaps that grazing behaviour was common amongst many sauropods. Perhaps they were more like the cows of the Mesozoic than the giraffes as previously postulated.

As for those bad-ass carnivores they uncovered, the eocarchirias had boney spurs on his head, big teeth and kicked ass, while the kryptops (again, people should ask me to name dinosaurs, Kryptops sounds so stupid) means covered face, because it had something unusual on his skull - even though all that's been discovered of the face is a small piece of the upper jaw?

Anyhow, neat stuff. Finding dinosaurs is always cool - imagine how cool I'd feel if I'd found one. Pretty neat.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Guybrush Threepwood

I've got two things I've learned today that I'd like to share:

First, if you were every interested in Monkey Island 2, LeChuck's Revenge, I've got a surprise for you. You can, and I have no idea how, watch someone play the entire game (jokes and all) in a YouTube video that's almost two and a half hours long. I haven't watched it (yet) but ... that's remarkable.

Please, see for yourself.

The second thing I learned is - if you're exfoliating your skin, a pumice stone is likely only a good idea to use on your feet. Otherwise, you get a bit of a rash. Not sure how long it lasts yet, either. Probably best not to do that.

The oddest hockey news

First off, what on earth could this be about? Patrick Kane has been arrested for second-degree robbery, fourth-degree criminal mischief and theft of services after punching a cab driver for not having the correct change for a $13.80 cab ride at 5 a.m. on Sunday morning.

WTF? does that make a lick of sense? Ridiculous.

And on the same note of ridiculous hockey news, Theo Fleury is training to try and get back into the NHL. After demonstrating himself as an absolutely amazing hockey player in Calgary, setting pretty much every scoring record there is with the team at the time, he 'matured' into a basket case as he moved from team to team. He started doing unusual things on and off the ice - and I think that he's indefinitely suspended by the NHL still (which would be a cool legacy - being 80 years old and still being suspended from the NHL? - maybe cool isn't the right word.)

Anyhow - this has all the makings of a feel-good come back story that everyone loves. It's the dramatic story arc that keeps people interested in life, excellent person falls victim to personal demons, hits a low point in his life, then pulls himself up by his bootstraps and returns to glory.

It's a textbook story - but can he make it happen? Let's all stay tuned - and then watch as every sports program does a feature on him. You wait and see, it'll happen.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Extent | Arizona 1.02

Episode 2 - already available. We won't have the next episode up for a couple of weeks - but be sure to leave a comment or a rating after you've watched it. Hope you like it.

The Extent | Pilot 1.01

After its long await, it's my pleasure to present the first episode of The Extent.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

AM 800 CKLW at 5:15 today!

Word has come down the pipe the Executive Producer and Series Creator Jason Nassr will be on AM800 CKLW this afternoon at 5:15 p.m. to discuss the premiere of The Extent. This
will be featured on the Afternoon News program.

Tune in! Stay tuned!

today's the day

So, the Extent will be premiering today, which is absolutely awesome! It also means that we are definitely on deadline to get things filmed and prepped - now more than ever. It means, scenes we haven't finished have got to get done sometime soon.

Also - we're finally getting some press coverage for the show. The press release last week didn't generate too much interest, but now that it's in The Lance, we'll see if it gets picked up or not, especially after folks can watch the first episode as well.

If Orson Welles and J.J. Abrams made babies ...
By Lindsey Rivait, Lance Arts Editor
It’s Lost meets War of the Worlds in the locally produced original dramatic online series The Extent, focusing on eight main characters who all awake to find themselves mysteriously trapped together.

Filmed entirely in the Windsor area by local filmmakers, The Extent stars Dylan Dewdney as Tom Hunter and Leslie McCurdy as Mary. The series also features UWindsor Alumni Allie Boak, as well as Windsor locals Melissa Amlin, Maggie Yoell, Steve Markou, and Jamell VanDusen.

While the series premieres online Aug. 5 at 7 p.m., work is still being completed with filming wrapping up on Aug. 30.

Series creator and Executive Producer Jason Nassr says they do have some final casting surprises coming up. “We do have a commitment from David Brandon George. He was just in a move with Kevin Spacey called Casino Jack.”
Production plans for The Extent currently include three seasons, each with 15 episodes eight to nine minutes in length. “Ultimately, the story we want to tell is three seasons,” said Nassr. “It’s us telling a beginning, middle, and end. My focus is on the storytelling,” he continued.

While this is the first online series for Nassr, he has worked on feature-length and short films previously. “It’s been flowing pretty much like a feature film schedule given our budget, given our resources, and having to use mostly local talent,” Nassr explained.

Nassr admits that the storytelling mechanisms used in The Extent are inspired by Lost, which explains why the series has been described as “Lost meets War of the Worlds.”

Nassr was itching to produce something and to incorporate YouTube into the mix.
“I wanted to take advantage of YouTube as this brand new medium for artists like myself who are posting their work online. There’s not a lot of stuff like this on YouTube, not a lot of serialized storytelling that has any kind of production value to it,” said Nassr.

The story for The Extent came to Nassr in his sleep. “I went to sleep one night and woke up in the middle of the night and I wrote down some ideas. That was the rough idea for the story,” said Nassr, who wrote the end of the story first and then worked his way to the beginning.

Also on board as Executive Producer for the project is former Lance Editor in Chief Ryan Rogers.

“As a producer, Ryan hopped on board right away and started to create the shell of what the series is. Creating our arcs and where we wanted our characters to end up,” explained Nassr. Beyond the show, Nassr and Rogers are developing extras for the fans on their website with plans to create a members section offering bonus material.
“Things like wallpaper for their desktop computers, or as far as going to show pre-produced videos that matches or somewhat shows clues for different parts of the story that we’re not telling at that moment, stuff that might be used later on to fill in the gaps, and little gems that can accent the show as a whole,” said Nassr.

While the duo is busy finishing the first season, Nassr is hopeful that the audience will like the series enough to warrant a second season. “Our biggest challenge as far as the show is concerned is when we are going to film our second season. That’s going to be the biggest thing. Once the viewer sees where the show is going, they’ll understand, perhaps at the end of the season, what that means. It’s going to be something where seasonal is important to embed into the storytelling,” Nassr said.
The first two episodes of The Extent premiere Aug. 5 at 7 p.m. on YouTube. The third episode will premiere two weeks later and from then on will follow a weekly schedule. Check out The Extent online at

Also - now that I've got to definitely start getting ready to move out to ... somewhere out near Lindsey, Ont., I've got a lot of things to wrap up around here, things to box, and I've got to find a realtor or something to help us find somewhere to live for a little while once we've moved out there.

So, busy busy. Sort of.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

We went golfing yesterday, and my dad had a few remarkable strokes. For not having golfed in over 15 years, he impressed himself, I think. It was a good time.

It was a good warm-up for the Sigma Chi alumni golf tourney coming up next weekend. I'm looking forward to that - it should be fun.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome to August

The commute to the cottage is long - and each year I think, nah, it's not too far - but then I realize - it totally is far. It must have taken seven hours on Thursday night and we didn't get in until about 2 a.m. That's rough.

On the commute up, though, I snagged a picture that will definitely serve as the cornerstone for a new post - and I think it will be funny (though, possibly, only funny to me).

In terms of any news - the only thing I appear to have missed so far this week is that Dany Heatly is very likely to remain an Ottawa Senator. I don't know how or why his trade value has been so garbage, but ... nobody will take him. I wonder what sort of impact on his confidence this will have? What impact on his season will it have? He doesn't want to play for his coach and said so publicly, he doesn't want to play for the team, and said so publicly. And nobody wanted to trade to pick him up. So how confident will he play?How good will he perform this season?

Has he been invited to the Team Canada training camp? I'd be surprised if he were invited to anything like that for a long while - barring a significant characteristic turnaround.

- -

So far the cottage has been very nice. Kayaking, swimming, walking through town and a marathon game of Rumoli rounded out yesterday. Today, we might go golfing and play best ball with a foursome, but we'll have to see about that. I'm not sure how much support my mom and fiance are giving that idea.

There's also a chicken dinner being sold down at the legion, which we're likely going to check out, which should be great. Last time I checked out a fish fry there, and it was fantatsic.

- -

Lastly, someone is always, and I mean always, searching for the operating hours of the Bulk Barn in Kincardine - but just the other day, someone was searching "are chickens allowed to be kept in a backyard in kincardine." I suppose, the more often I mention Kincardine in my blog, the more often I'm going to get hick-responses like this.

I think it's funny.