Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lamb or Lion

Well - we've reached the Ides of March and we'll have to wait and see whether they'll come in like a Lion or like a Lamb. The last few days have been sorted with a lot - sickness and even death (God bless my grandmother's sister), snow storms, blustering flurries, and unfortunate circumstances like being locked out of our house (however briefly), but they've included good times like the fair weather since the snow, a great bowl of chili, and the best Olympic hockey game you could ask for.

So - what's it going to be March? Lion or lamb? Or will it be like our past weekend - an incredible mix of ups and downs?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Lighthouse | Lost 6.05

Alright - I don't really know what "The Lighthouse" means, is there a lighthouse on the Island? I recall the "Lamp Post" Dharma station from season 5 which was interesting, and this seems similar, but ... not the same. What else? A lighthouse is a beacon by which you navigate through dark or dangerous terrain, which is what "The Looking Glass" station was for, as well. Let's find out!

Previously on Lost -
Jack lands and finds out his father's body was not brought along. Sayid was resurrected and Jack refused to poison him. Claire killed some Others and looks crazy.

Now, an old picture of Jack with his father - happy images. The shaved Jack washes up ... presumably he's on the way to a funeral that doesn't have his father at it. Jack finds a scar on his abdomen where his appendix was removed. The his mom calls and they still can't find the coffin. Jack has to go over to his mom's place to find the will.

Jack can't remember having his appendix taken out - but it happened when he was little. And it's almost four (he still drives his cool jeep). Shows up at St. Mary's (is he still with his wife?) He's picking up a young fella - he's got a son? Named David? Crazy!

Now Jack is staring at his reflection in the rian in a pond at the Temple. Dogen arrives fearing that Jack might have left. "Everything is an option," he says. Dogen doesn't expect Ford, Austen and Kwan to come back - and Hurley is playing some ancient looking Tic Tac Toes with Miles. So the twosome head back to the dead pool when he finds Jacob. Jacob needs Hurley - he has to write a few things down. Someone's coming to the Island, and Hurley has to help him find it.

[My early prediction - Hurley will write down the Numbers and broadcast it!!! That's my early guess.]


After the first break:
Sideways: David is a bit of a grouch who likes to listen to music a lot. Jack hooked him up with cable, and he gets right to his homework. Dave's reading Alice in Wonderland. But David seems unhappy with Jack. They only see each other like once a month.

At the Temple: the Others are leery of Sayid, and he approaches Jack. Jack reveals that the pill was poison and that the Others were interested in killing Sayid.

Segue to Claire - she finds Jin in a bear trap, he's in rough shape. Claire seems like she's still got herself together - helpful and all. The pain in Jin's leg stops him from

Hurley wrote a lot of stuff down on his arm for Jacob. He's looking for some hieroglyphs in particular - but Dogen doesn't like him snooping around. Jacob is there to help Hurley out. Dogen then speaks Japanese to him - said something Hurley doesn't want to know. But Jacob instructed Hurley to bring Jack along, too - but he'll need a hand to recruit Jack. "You have what it takes" is what Hurley was instructed to say - this is something Christian would say to him followed by "Kiddo!" if I recall correctly.

Theorizing before we get back from commercials - what if the "Lighthouse" is the Radio Tower from the Season 3 finale? That's where the Numbers were broadcast from back in the day. I'm running with this theory ... though I don't know why it would be a lighthouse instead of radio tower.

Commercials again!
Jin revives but is still in considerable pain. His leg is brutal. She's been living in a hut with explosives - and she has a very creepy crib with a messed up "doll." Really messed up. It feaks Jin out just enough to hide.

Claire returns with "Jeremy, was it?" She wants to know where her son is. "One thing that'll kill you around here, it's an infection." She says she's not by herself, and Jeremy is confident that Claire is going to kill them both. My money's on Claire at least killing him.

Hugo and Jack are searching around - and Jack spots Kate's backpack. She's filling up a canteen by the creek.

Sideways: Jack pulls up at his mum's place - and there is so much paperwork to go through. Jack doesn't seem to notice David's feelings. Is Jack a scary guy? His mom thinks that he intimidates his son - and then she finds Christian's last will and testament. Is there a big surprise in here? His will reveals a Claire Littleton - interesting.

Claire looks like she's heating up some stuff to stick into Jeremy, and sharpening her axe. Claire's been moving around to hide from the Others - she's had to stitch herself after the Others shot her. Her father speaks to her, and she has a "friend." I hope it's not her horrible doll. She's pretty scary - this is kind of like Misery with the psycho and the novelist.

Back from commercials:
Hugo and Jack hiking through the woods - Hugo apologizes for "wrecking his game" with Kate. Jack's pretty sure he'd make a terrible dad, and we might agree. An asthma inhaler - it's Shannon's inhaler - this is a joke mystery that they said they'd reveal. Brutal. Then Hugo and Jack find the dead Adam and Eve bodies. Hugo starts theorizing about time travel and the identities of the bodies - and Jack finds his father's casket. Christian led Jack to this location - an important place? Why did Jack smash the coffin? Because Christian wasn't in it.

Sideways: Jack comes home with pizza and cola (or soda as the Yanks like to call it). But David is gonzo - what happened to him, Jack's worried. He goes over to his mother's house, and lets himself in. Uh,oh - Dave's a Dodgers fan. Does David not check his messages? There's still one from Jack from before his flight.

Back on the Island - Hugo and Jack trekking through the jungle is considered "very old school." Hugo wonders why Jack came back to the Island. "I came back here because I was broken - and I was stupid enough to think this place could fix me." Jack's become impatient - and they've arrived at a big lighthouse.

It's a pretty cool looking old lighthouse. Why hadn't they ever seen it before? Was it because they weren't looking for it?

Claire's got the axe and she's ready to get answers. She was captured and tortured, just like they'd done it to Sayid. Jin explains where Aaron is. Claire seems upset - and Jeremy offers a good answer - but she decides to chop into his liver or heart anyhow.

After the commercials:
Back at the lighthouse - Huge shows up and thinks the place is pretty cool. They've got to go up and turn the thing on. The door's jammed, but Jack and kick'er in.

Sideways: he shows up at an audition, and finds that his son is a wicked-good pianist. A moody musician? Whodathunkit? This little asian fella is Dogen's kid. Looks like Dogen hasn't been brought to the Island in this realm. Jack knows he can't take credit for David's success.

Back on the Island - Hugo finds the lighthouse "cool." He figures it's so old it's before electricity was discovered. 108 degrees, eh ?One of the numbers of importance - wait there are names on there. Pointing this in a certain direction aims at particular people? Jack sees a location in the mirror - and connects the dots. By pointing the lighthouse at his number (23) we can see his house (his father's house). He's been watching us the whole time. (Who's at 108?)

Then Jack busts the lighthouse - well, no more answers now. Just great - though we have to think that this is why Jack was brought along with Hurley.

Bang - commercials again:
So here we go - the final ten minutes!

Sideways: David is gonna be surprised that his dad is there. David's been hiding his hobbies because his dad is too intense. I didn't want you to see me fail - kinda like how Christian was with Jack. This will link back to what Hugo told Jack earlier in the episode: "You've got what it takes."

Then back to the Island - Jack's staring out over the ocean from a cliff side. Hugo's sweating and wiping the instructions all over his head. 108 might be Desmond? We see that Jacob is a bit of a manipulator - Jack is here because he has to do something, he can't be told what it is, he has to figure it out for himself.

Hugo and Jack have to be far away from that Temple. Someone bad is going to the Temple - and it's too late to warn them.

Jin and Claire are hanging out now, and she's explaining herself. It was survival. Now Jin hides his secrets - he said he was lying, why is he doing this? Is he trying to make himself useful? This could work out poorly - but Claire's buying it for now. Or at least she's

Then Smokey shows up - and Jin doesn't know about Smokey. This is Claire's friend. She knows it's not Locke. Weird, but dark and disturbing. Plus, Claire says she's going to kill Kate if Kate did what Kate did. Cooool.

So I'm concluding that 108 is Desmond.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Substitute | On Second Thought

So - here we go: looking more closely at things in the background, etc, etc, while watching the episode over after digesting all that happened last time.

We preface with James's state of mind, Smokey's last actions from the pilot, John Locke's story from the flashsideways.

Sideways land:
Locke's story
This is the first we've experienced him unloading his van while in a wheelchair. Truth be told, in all our time with Locke on the Island and off the Island in flashbacks, we never really got a very good taste of what his life was like while he was in his wheelchair. And this is important for us

The wedding is in October, which Helen says. Helen's recommendation that they take her parents and his father to Vegas for a quick wedding insinuates that Locke and his father are buddies for real in the world.

Jack Shephard's spinal surgery makes Helen excited - she's keen on having Locke getting his back fixed. As far as we know, Helen knows Locke from before his paralysis.

Locke is back in his cubicle at the box company (was that in Arizona?) and Randy Nations is still his asshole boss. Now, Randy has every right to be upset with Locke considering Locke did what he did. He's still a dick about it - but hey, we're all looking for a way to make our jobs more interesting. Flaunting our power over insubordinate subordinates is just a thing we like to do.

"Where I was ... it's personal and I don't really want to talk about it."

Was he really on a walkabout? How did he wind up in a wheelchair? We'll find out when Locke and Shephard get together.

As for now, Locke is stuck carrying his belongings from his office down to his dysfunctional van when he finds that he can't get in because Hurley parked his Hummer too close to him. Locke is so upset with being handicapped that he won't park in a handicapped spot. Awesome - that's really great. Hugo and Locke share a distaste for Randy. Hugo owns a Temp Agency - and he is the picture of good luck and a positive attitude, which is the opposite of our real Hugo.

Locke wakes up one morning and he wants to call Jack Shephard, and he doesn't talk to the receptionist (Jack has his own office, not just a gig at a hospital). Basically this scene shows us that Locke has lost faith - he is not a man of faith. He's what Smokey called him in the pilot ... to paraphrase, a loser. A irreconcilable loser.

Locke planned on a Walkabout, but he wasn't allowed to go on it, and Locke still yells, "You can't tell me what I can't do," but in this world, he's sick of imagining what his life would be like out of his chair. Locke's confident there are no such things as miracles. Helen is an instigator of hope and faith in him - I hope she doesn't die (though we know that she'll have a brain anurism (sp?) shortly and pass away from Season 5.)

So Rose gets Locke a job as a substitute teacher where he teaches about the human reproductive system and suicide drills (a call out to season 5 where Locke tries to kill himself?) when he goes to the staff room and he meets Ben Linus, a teacher of European history.

Island land:
Smokey's journey
Smokey-eye view of the Island is very cool. I liked that - a great directorial/editorial choice. Smokey checks on James before picking up a machete and getting Richard Alpert. Now, Smokey says: "Alright Richard, time to talk." Does Richard have information Smokey wants? Or does Smokey have something he needs to tell Richard?

Smokey offers Richard water, which he drinks desperately. He's been hanging up there for a while. Smokey has always wanted to have Richard follow him (Smokey's interested in Richard's help?). Why does he look like Locke? John was a candidate. So, what's a candidate and did Richard know that Smokey could change shape? Did Jacob know all of this? And did Smokey really know what was going on?

Perhaps in their past, Smokey and Jacob both attempted to recruit Richard? Alpert, as we can see, has existed on the Island for a very, very long time. In fact, I am of the persuasion that he's protected by the Island - considering he's not been killed in all the hostilities that have occurred (including an Hydrogen bomb). So when he's scared for his life, I can only imagine that Smokey (at some point in their shared past) almost killed him once - and scared him enough to fear for his life. What could that have been?

Plus, we've got to figure out what candidates are for?

Then there's the vision of the small blonde boy with blood all over his arms that Richard couldn't see. Has Richard ever seen visions? If MIB can have visions, perhaps he's not the one influencing visions all over the Island.

James is wasted and despondent. He wants to be alone - and doesn't seem responsive to Locke being alive any longer. We realize that James doesn't fall for Locke's tricks.

So instead of being intimidated, he pours Smokey a drink. Smokey appears to be unfamiliar with drinking. James is so upset he absolutely disregards Locke's "presence." Then Smokey puts the drink down - can he not drink? Does he have no interest in drinking? Is he some sort of puritan?

Smokey doesn't hide that he's not Locke, which is good to hear. They traipse out into the jungle and Smokey is surprised to find James all alone - nobody seems to call him Sawyer anymore. Then the blond kid shows up and James can see him, which also surprises Smokey. Is this important? Before a commercial break, we have a very interesting moment. The vision of a boy reminds Smokey that "You know the rules. You can't kill him." We should think that this means James - but ... instead of saying he's not going to kill anyone, Smokey becomes defiant: "Don't tell me what I can't do!" Exactly like Locke - but this line has been given by more than one character throughout the series. Jack says it, and I think Ben says it, but I don't recall.

So James is left alone calling for Locke, when Richard shows up and is scared shitless. Richard wants to take James back to the Temple (it must be a safe place indeed). Richard says that Smokey wants everyone dead. Everyone. Cool. The two agree not to talk as they "get on with it."

While they're walking, Smokey reveals that Steinbeck is "a little after my time." James makes Of Mice and Men into an allegory for his intentions. James wants to shoot Smokey, which worked out poorly for the guys at the Four-Toed Statue. Smokey relates to James, they have things in common, and he uses this to recruit.

Smokey insists that James is so close to answers, that it would be a change to turn back now.

The two reach a crazy wicked cliff and descend an awfully weathered ladder into a cliff-side cave.

They enter a cave and Smokey finds a black stone and a white stone on a scale (balance) and he throws the white one out into the water (as an inside joke). So Smokey brings James into a cavern beyond the cave and it's a cave wall covered in names and numbers.

Jacob wrote all the names - and Smokey's not upset that he died a few days ago. The names are all crossed out when someone dies, as we can presume when Smokey crosses out Locke's name. What is Jacob's thing for numbers? Is 42 Sun or Jin? What does it mean that4 is gone now that Locke is dead? 'Last but not least' is number 15 - James.

Jacob pushes you to the Island, because he's a candidate. Jacob thought he was the protector of the Island. So, there are three choices. James could do nothing, accept the job, or they just go and get the hell off the Island and never look back.

The recruitment finalizes with James saying: Hell yes.
The folks at the Four-Toed Statue
Ilana cries in the Four-Toed Statue when Ben interrupts. She goes from weeping to sultry in a moment as Ben explains what happened. Though Ben lies about killing Jacob - does he have interests in manipulating Ilana? Then Ilana takes some ash. Ben asks Ilana questions, she knows more about Smokey than Ben does?

Smokey is "recruiting." Which segues into Smokey searching out James.

Then Ilana, Ben, Sun and Frank are ready to get safe by going to the Temple. Ilana compels Sun to follow her because of Jin's presence on the Island. But apparently more important to immediately finding Jin is burying Locke. Is that in character with Sun? [My instinct says no, but someone's got to get it done.)

What kind of animal would we describe Locke as? Is he a people-person? Do we care? Rose Nadler is the office supervisor at the temp agency. Locke wants to be a construction site coordinator. Rose is the one person that relates to Locke. On the Island they were united by faith in season two as they agreed that the Island was a good thing for both of them considering they were both saved by the Island.

Ilana seems to know a lot about what's going on on the Island. For Ben, who spent most of his life there working for the forces that be, it's very odd that he would be out of the loop. Then again, he was off the Island for a bunch of years - perhaps that puts someone out of the loop. So, Ben questions why Ilana (and her now dead crew) would bring Locke's dead body all the way from the Hydra Island to the Four Toed Statue, and she knew it was so people would realize that they were up against a shape-shifting manipulator. She also reveals that Smokey is "stuck this way" meaning he can't change forms either again, or anymore.

Frank and Ben dig the hole while Ilana and Sun ... look pretty. Ilana didn't know Locke and asks if others wanted to say words at his funeral.

"John Locke was a believer. He was a man of faith. He was a much better man than I will ever be. And I'm very sorry I murdered him," says Ben. Frank makes a joke while they shovel dirt onto Locke, but ... basically, this marks a turning point for Ben, I think. We should expect some good things from him in the very near future, I hope.

Mish mash of things...

First off - The Extent is likely not ever going to be released in YouTube form again. Executive Producer Jason Nassr says he just doesn't have the money to keep it going - and we never made a business plan, so it's remarkably difficult to get investors involved in something like this. Therefore, do not expect any new episodes on YouTube. That doesn't mean that's the end of the show - because it may not be - but you'll never see those actors portraying those characters in new episodes again.

Second - there's a bunch of neat stuff online these days. If I had more time (well, if I made more time for blogging) then I could link it all up far more often. Today, before I head back to my hometown to start another week at my new job, I found a few things while cleaning up my email inbox and thought they were worth sharing.

So, here are the interesting news briefs I thought I'd share:

- expect Frankenstein to reemerge on the big screen like Vampires have in recent years.
"X-Men" franchise producer Ralph Winter and Terry Botwick ("Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie"), who are adapting Dean Koontz's ongoing series of "Frankenstein" novels, according to Variety. In the series, which continues this May with the release of a fourth book, Koontz updates and re-imagines Shelley's classic novel for present-day, New Orleans-set stories focused on two detectives working cases involving synthetic biological super-humans.

The intent is to turn the books into a film franchise beginning with an adaptation of the first book, "Prodigal Son." And in a way, this should also be considered a reboot, since a made-for-TV adaptation of the series, produced by Martin Scorsese and starring Parker Posey and Michael Madsen, aired on the USA Network back in 2004.

- but the big surprise from this article is not the continued existence of Mary Shelley's Modern Day Promeseus, but rather: "Greg the Bunny" creator and "Robot Chicken" writer Dan Milano has been brought in to pen the remake's script for Dimension Films, according to a report in Variety. They are talking about remaking Short Circuit, believe it or not.

Also cool: in China they've found these awesome fossils that have been preserved so well that they're basically photocopies of animals from the mesozoic era. They've uncovered feather imprints so well-preserved they could tell what colour they were. That's really incredible. Another awesome example is this spider they found not long ago.

Cool, yeah?

Steven Spielberg is interested in producing a show about a future family who travels back in time to the prehistoric era and does things with dinosaurs. It'll be like 30-40 minutes of Jurassic Park every week on Fox TV. I think that's really cool.

And of course ... here's way more Lost stuff than you're probably interested in hearing about:

ABC offers audio commentary on each episode of Lost this season

Episodic commentaries are for DVD releases, right?

Wrong. has launched exclusive episode commentaries for the final season of "Lost" and several more are in the pipeline. Each video, which can be viewed in the same way as any other live streaming episode, will allow fans to delve deeper into the production process and provide a myriad of tidbits on the behind-the-scenes experience. And, each voiceover will be carried out by a special guest every time.

Starting off the final run of episodes is Daniel Roebuck, who plays the recently revived Leslie Arzt. Roebuck has narrated the first two episodes of the sixth season, "LA X," and offers viewers notations on his thoughts of the whole "Lost" experience as well as his critical view of the episode.

You can view the first part of the "LA X" commentary at by clicking here, with part two found here.

And, an interview with Jimmy Kimmel and Michael Emerson - in two parts. Enjoy:

And, Jimmy did a spoof of the Season 6 premiere:

Well played.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Substitute

Locke arrives at his house in his wheelchair, gets stuck on the ramp on his van, and then gets sprayed by the sprinklers while laying on the ground. Embarrassing and pathetic, but he's with Helen Norwood - sounds like they've gotten engaged. This other Locke didn't go through the troubles with his relationship with Helen due to his father - and he'll even have Helen's blessing to invite Locke's father.

He lies about to a conference, when he went on his walkabout. Helen thinks Locke should take Jack up on his free consultation offer - she even considers it destiny.

Then back on the Island we have the Smoke Monster's persective as he flies around the Island - looks like he's going after Sawyer - then he moves on. He finds a machete on the ground, and picks it up. He's back to being Locke again. So, where did he put Richard after knocking him out? Was he up in the trees? Man, this guy is almost pure evil.

Bam - Lost!

We're back, and Locke is in his cubicle and is already being teased by Randy Nations. Sounds like Locke lied about going to a conference to work as well, costing him his job.

MIB apologizes to Richard, MIB needed access to Jacob, because John was a candidate, and richard doesn't understand. Richard reveals that he didn't really know anything about Jacob - but Richard is confident that doing MIB's work is the wrong thing to do.

Then MIB notices an image of a young boy standing in the jungle, who owuld be influencing this vision? Possibly Jacob, I would guess.

Back at the Temple, Ilana is crying - and Ben "interrupts." Ben lies about killing Jacob, he doesn't take responsibility for that - somethign that might come back to bite him later. Ilana takes some of the ash from the fireplace.

MIB is recruiting, says Ilana - that's why he dragged Richard out into the jungle. Now he's come for James - will he come clean to Sawyer, or will he appear as Locke?

Maybe all of the 815ers are candidates? Whatever that means. And here's James being miserable. Sawyer hasn't seen Locke in ages - he figured he was dead.

So - James gives Locke a drink, and he's so upset, he doesn't even care that Locke is the living dead. Then he tries to kick him out. MIB wants to tell him something about being home - but Sawyer can read right through this guy. He knows it's not Locke. It's because he's not scared.

I was a person who could answer the most important question in the world. What question is that? Why are you on this Island. MIB is set on recruiting James to prove why he's on the Island.

Now he's got to try and pack up his stuff after losing his job, and someone is parked in his spot preventing him from getting into his car. It's Hurley's hummer - and he's the one who owns a box company. Hurley doesn't like Randy Nations either - which is cool. Hugo wants to get Locke a job. What sort of destiny will this new job bring Locke?

Back on the Island, the dead Locke is crawling with crabs and is starting to rot, so Lapidus covers him up. Ilana says they've all got to get back to the Temple, it's the safest place. Again, the Kwan unity parade continues - so Sun will follow Ilana. But Sun wants to bury Locke first.

MIB wants to know why James isn't with his friends - Sawyer can see the kid - and MIB is surprised. Hmm - Richard couldn't see these visions. MIB chases after the vision, but ... he can't keep up. Who is this kid?

You know the rules - you can't kill him. Don't tell me what I can't do. Weird!

Sawyer is left behind in the jungle, and Richard bumps into him. Richard is freaked - he knows that this guy is demented - says he wants them all dead. The MIB returns, denies he was chasing a little boy (whom I'm guessing is Jacob - he's very Jacob-like).

The work temp girl is the gypsy who Hurley was going to have his curse removed by. Good to see some of the Season 3 extras coming into play. And don't you know it, Rose is working there, too. Rose still has her terminal cancer - she breaks through Locke's tough persona and gets him on her side.

James and MIB march through the jungle, Steinbeck was after his time. So we get a feeling he is old.

What I am is trapped. and I've been trapped for so long i don't even remember what it's like to be free. But before I was trapped, I was a man just like you. That's the truth. I know what it's like to lose someone you love. Sawyer doesn't end up shooting MIB, and likely this saves his life for now.

Back on the beach- he can't change his face anymore - he's stuck this way. That interesting - wonder why. Oh, they're going to bury Locke at the Lostie's cemetery, very cool. You really get the feeling that a lot of people died over the years here. Ben will give Locke's eulogy? Locke was a believer, man of faith, and Ben reveals that he looked up to him, and talking about Locke makes him more honest, even for this little moment. And Lapidus is hilarious.

So what job does Locke get from Rose? Before we find out he decides to give Jack a call - but he doesn't act on it. Helen now finds out that Locke is fired. Perhaps destiny is coming to him? Uh, oh. His knives show up- which means she's going to find out what he was doing in Australia instead of his work conference. Let's hope there are knives in the case ... good. Helen's shirt says "Peace and Kharma" I think. Very Dharma-esque.

He's losing faith - basically, here, he's lost his faith. He doesn't believe in miracles. She tears up Jack's card to prove she doesn't need him fixed -

Now James and MIB reach the ocean. There's already an old ladder waiting for them. Wonder what's down there that MIB would like to get at. A rope ladder awaits part way down to help their descent. Here's a moment that proves that Locke wants James alive - no need to kill him yet. So MIB needs James alive for a while longer.

Ah - now we're in a quiet little cave that must be awfully difficult to reach. A white stone and a black stone - he picks up the white and throws it out into the water. An "inside joke." But deeper into the cave (as usual - all rooms have secret rooms, and even some secret rooms have more secrets rooms inside, too). What's in here? His name is carved up on the ceiling of this cave.

So, where does Rose put Locke? He's coaching suicides for a highschool volleyblal team. Chapter 4 - one of the numbers. And he's slated to teach ... the human reproductive system. So he's going to the teacher's lounge. And that's the unmistakable voice of Ben - and he's a nerdy ass. Linus teaches European history. He's snappy and formal - almost Arzt-like.

Back in the cave - MIB reveals that Jacob wrote all the names on the ceiling. The names are crossed out (but not all of them) beside the number 23. Reyes is beside 8. Jacob had a thing for numbers. 16, Jarrah. 42 Kwon (Sun or Jin? We don't know). Locke is 4. Last but not least - 15 is Ford. When you were miserable and vulnerable, he came to you and influenced you. He was pushing you to the Island. This is because he is a Candidate. James should protect the Island?

One, James could do nothing and see how it all turns out. Possibly, your name gets crossed out. Second option, you can accept a job, become the new Jacob and protect the Island - protect it from "nothing." The third choice is that we just go. We get the hell off this Island and we never look back. We do that "together." James is ready to go home - Bam! Lost is over again.

[On a side note, I'm super pumped Kate doesn't have a number or name on the wall. I like that a lot.]

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Kate Does | On second thought

Hi once again - before going on - I just wanted to say that these are some further observations that I took into consideration after rewatching the episode for a second time. Plus, after some time to consider what happened and tie it back to the beginning of the episode, I'm better equipped to watch more carefully. I've been on the road this weekend, making a post a bit delayed - but I won't be home until Monday evening, and the show is back on Tuesday night, so .. it's now or never if I'm going to post it.

Opening sequence
The opening sequence has Lennon watching his back while he goes to find Dogen - and Dogen, after hearing that Sayid is alive, fingers a charm on his necklace. Hmmm.

Cool quote:
Of course he's fine. He's an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids. He definitely deserves another go around. Awesome line, awesome delivery. This is especially important because James is dealing with the loss of Juliet - who was a great person, while Sayid (beloved as he is) was a bad man.

[I want this to be stated very clearly - I've been a part of scene after scene of having actors deliver their lines waiting for that perfect take to put in the can - and man, Josh Holloway nails all of his lines. I mean, most of these actors are spot-on, but the directors get believable and honest takes out of Holloway for each scene he's in. They've got heart, anguish, fear, hate, lust, deception and sass - whatever's needed. Holloway delivers.]

First segue is a good segue - Thinking about running, Kate, right into Kate escaping the feds while taking Claire and a cabbie hostage: awesome.

Now - Sayid observes that his wound is "almost completely closed" and thanks Jack. I've got a minor grievance about this point- basically, Sayid has been shot in every conceivable place over the course of this show. Sayid was shot by Roger Linus while carrying a hydrogen bomb during the Season 5 finale. He shot himself in the leg to stage a prisoner escape in season 1, he was shot in the shoulder while approaching the Flame station in season 3, and Sayid was shot in the shoulder again in season 4 by a woman in Germany while he was "head hunting." Plus, he was shot by a couple darts in season 5. So - for him to be surprised by surviving a gunshot is a little bit far-fetched, but I guess he's got to thank someone.

Anyhow - we know the Dogen hates speaking English, so it's doubly interesting when he decides to speak in English. Knowing that he insists that James should stay at the Temple indicates a great interest in protecting James.

I wonder if .... when James says, "Don't come after me" it has a very distinct similarity to how disappointed Jack was when Kate returned for him in season 3. Jack said something like: "I asked you to never come back for me, and I wish you hadn't." Sawyer has that same sound to him.

We have another moment just after Sawyer escapes where Lennon implies that it's very important that he is brought back safely. This now indicates that Sawyer and Sayid are very important for some reason. I'm sure it's not because they are good luck charms (esp. considering how Sayid's life has gone). I still believe that the letter in the Ankh was only a list of names, but ... that the list itself implies something very important - thus, everyone on the list are required to do something, or else! We'll have to wait and see what that is.

While Kate is going through Claire's belongings we get a small peek of Winnie the Pooh, obviously hearkening to the fact that Disney owns ABC - no other network would ever be able to use the incredibly carefully guarded intellectual property of the Disney Corporation.

As for Dogen's test for Sayid - if we look closely, what else does it tell us? Dogen blows a powder over Sayid's abdomen, then studies the dust carefully. Absolutely nothing indicative of anything unusual happens to the dust. Next, Dogen sets up wires to run an electric current through Sayid's abdomen - nothing usual there, it was simply electrically uncomfortable. Then he gets a red-hot poker placed on his abdomen, which causes all the pain you'd expect it to.

Now, as we've learned, these tests indicated that Sayid was infected by darkness. How could he have responded that would have indicated that he wasn't infected? I think if you blew powder over me, and it did nothing, then shocked me for a bit, and then poked me with a red-hot poker, I'd do incredibly similar things to what Sayid did. Would I too then be infected? Something's funny about this. If Sayid weren't infected, how else would he have responded to these tests?

Okay - so, when Dogen is compelling Jack to "redeem" himself for all the people that have died under his watch, he says that giving Sayid this pill with make that redemption possible. Is the darkness in Sayid that dark? Did Rousseau's crew seem that dark? Does Claire seem that dark? That a dozen dead people can be redeemed by poisoning Sayid to death? Or was it trickery on Dogen's behalf?

More interesting after the commercial break is that Miles (the guy who can hear the final thoughts of people who have died) is asking Sayid about the other side. What's it like to be dead? Miles' interest in Sayid's death lends further weight to the reality of Sayid's death. He's definitely been resurrected.

After a few scenes, we get back to Kate and Jin in the jungle, and Jin challenges Kate, revealing that she had no intentions of bringing Sawyer back to the Temple, and that she didn't want to return to the Temple (No, I'm not interested in being a prisoner, are you?). So - we've got Kate, Sawyer and Jin running around on the Island, which is way better than everyone being safe in the Temple.

When Kate arrives at the barracks, it is a completely wild place. There is no sign of humanity and there are birds/bugs chirping everywhere she goes. There are no people left here, which is for certain.

It's a pretty big revelation that Dr. Goodspeed is Ethan Rom. It would indicate that the impact of that Hydrogen Bomb was a lot bigger than just to Oceanic Flight - as Jack would believe. It changed the lives of all the people on the Island as well.

Dogen's leadership style is awesome - he remains separate so that others don't have to like him to follow him. Plus, they can fear him. Plus, he indicates that he was "brought" to the Island, which I really like. Now, Dogen wants Sayid to take the pill, and as far as we can tell, the pill is poison, and they were basically trying to kill Sayid.

Is there any suspicious about Claire having the ability to choose to have her baby right with Ethan and Kate right there? Ethan predicts that Aaron is going to be a handful - so ... we'll have to wait for that at some point.

Sawyer and Kate have a great scene at the dock and she reveals that she wants to recruit James to help her find Claire. Sawyer basically tells her to leave, though. "You can make it back to the Temple by nightfall" indicates he's not interested in journeying through the jungle together.

The baseball spinning at the hands of Dogen seems like it meant something. I didn't know what to think of the scene where Jack eats the pill to test Dogen - but I think it will ultimately mean that Jack won't follow the Others on faith alone, because he doesn't trust his faith in things (that burned him pretty good in fifth season). So it looks like the Others at the Temple are going to have to explain themselves a bit more if they want cooperation from Jack, and that's good news for all of us viewers.

Claire covers for Kate when the cops come, and Kate wonders if Claire would believe her if she said she was innocent. Claire says yes - and Kate takes that as her cue to leave. What does this show us? That Kate realizes that she's manipulated Claire, or that she did a good deed, even though she's a murderer (maybe she could pass as someone un-suspicious in the future?). It must mean something - maybe it says more about Claire's good trusting nature to be contrasted with the new Claire we're about to be introduced to. I mean, Claire even gives her a credit card.

Dogen and Jack sit down to have tea now - and the explanations are finally coming from Dogen, as translated at some points by Lennon. Basically, he explains that darkness claims people and they are not who they 0nce were once it reaches their heart. And Dogen reveals that Claire is infected. Then we are reintroduced into Claire and what she's become. It's been three years since the Losties have seen her, though the Others from the Temple seem to know her well.

Very interesting stuff - I'm eager to learn more.


Apparently some people don't know what Wuzzles are - and thus if you were to reference a character (aka jack-ass) named Rhinokey, you'd confuse them.

To clarify -

These are Wuzzles - I don't really know what "Wuzzle" means, but the names of the characters are basically the hybrid name of the animals of which they are comprised. Eleroo, Mooseal, BumbleLion, Rhinokey, ButterBear and ... I don't remember what the Hippo that flies is called.

This was a cartoon that was on when I was younger - and, appropriately, I had a book about Mooseal whose house flooded, but it was cool, because he was half a seal. I don't remember what else happened - basically it didn't have dinosaurs in in, hence I didn't memorize the story.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What Kate Does | 6.03

Before we get started with any kind of recap/transcription, there is some important Lost news to forward for everyone - basically, the series finale will actually be aired on a different day than regular programming.
Well, one "Lost" mystery has been solved. ABC has set the date for the series finale.

The two-hour "Lost" finale will air at 9 p.m. Sunday, May 23, on WEWS Channel 5. It will be preceded at 8 p.m. by a one-hour recap special.
So, that's odd, but affective. Looks like ABC is interested in making this a television event instead of just another episode.

Here we go - what happens after Sayid wakes up?
The Lennon looking fellah goes to find the Japanese guy to let him know Sayid is alive. Jack and Hurley are astonished - Miles looks freaked out. He's light-headed and still knows all their names, but doesn't remember what happened to him. Jack tells him he died. Kate can't believe it.

Sawyer's bitter that an unworthy Sayid gets to come back from the dead while Juliet doesn't. Sawyer's thinking about getting outta there - segueing to Kate's predicament in LA. I didn't notice the first time, but the cab driver is the puppet-master from Heroes. So, Kate and Claire aren't going to run over Arzt, and Claire is Kate's hostage now. They drive over Arzt's luggage. Kate steals Claire's suitcase and drives off.

Back on the Island, Sayid is still getting his bearings. Miles is sarcastic about Hurley's leadership position, but more importantly, we learn that Sayid's bullet-wound is almost completely closed - and Sayid believes Jack saved him.

Sawyer takes off - and the Japanese guy finally speaks English, despite his distaste for it. Sawyer probably should have stayed.

Back from the break
Hey - I remember this Other with the gun from Season 3. Kate and Jin are going to go after Sawyer - it's very important that he comes back to the Temple.

On the mainland - Kate finds a guy to cut her cuffs off. So, she stole Claire's suitcase so she could steal her clothes. Should be interesting to see her dressed like Claire. And we've got some pics of Claire with the preggers and baby toys. Kate starts to think twice?

Jack can't go on this adventure because Sawyer would kill him, so he's got to stay back and handle Sayid - but me thinks Hurley is more likely to be of use than Jack. And Jack shows that he's still got a thing for Kate.

Japanese guy and Sayid are doing someting crazy now - he blows a dust over Sayid, then puts wires in his pubes? He ran some juice through Sayid and is ready to brand him? Then he burns his poor stomach? They had to put him through a test - but don't worry, Sayid passed. Wait - Sayid didn't pass the test - uh, oh.

After the break
So Claire is stuck on the side of the road, and Kate goes back to pick 'er up. So Claire gets a lift from Kate.

Back on the Island, the Others out right say they're protecting the Losties from the black smoke monster. Aldo seems like a prick, but "Justin" seems like he's helping out. Ah - three years ago. I guess that tells us what year we're in. So ... if Rousseau didn't build those traps - who did? [I think I know who it is.]

Back at the Temple, Sayid reveals that he was tortured and they don't know why. Jack think's he's going to get some answers, though. I think one of those guys was f-ing Pickett from the third season!

Finally Lennon and Jack get to have their chat. Sayid is "infected!" which is a great word to finally hear. Are they going to tell us what the infection is? Give your friend this pill. This is the same infection the French team had, I'm sure. And of course we don't want the infection to spread.

Japanese guy speaks English when it's most important - when he needs to be heard. He compels Jack to heal Sayid. If he doesn't take the medicine, the infection will spread ...

After the commercials
Miles asks a bunch of weird questions about dying - wonder why Miles is so curious about death? Jack convinces Sayid to take the pill by saying he trusts the Others.

Kate and Jin are wandering around ... and Jin says he needs to get back to Sun. She doesn't have a plan.

Back in LA, Claire and Kate are doing some bonding. Claire seems uncertain, she wants Kate to come in with her. The adopting parents had split up, and she can't take the baby now. And the commotion works Claire up into labour.

Back on the Island, Kate is at the Barracks. The place is abandoned pretty good. She can hear someone clunking around. Is she going to meet Christian Shepperd? Nope - Sawyer is digging through the floorboards in one of the houses. He's got an old shoe box. Is it something he hid in the floorboards thirty years ago when he and Juliet were living with the DI?

He's unimpressed with seeing Kate - good.

After the commercials
Kate and Claire pull the taxi up to ... the hospital. Hope Claire has traveller's insurance. Ethan Rom is Dr. Goodspeed? I guess little Ethan got off the Island back in the day?! Wow! Weird - I like this twist. The nurse looks VERY familiar as well ... not sure why.

Claire just named the baby Aaron. Pretty weird - but I like it.i

Back on the Island t the end of the Apalla Ferry (where I've totally been in real life!) and Sawyer and Kate are having a moment together. She tries to recruit Sawyer to help reunite Claire with Aaron. Sawyer has a helluva moment taking responsibility for Juliet's death. He pulled out an engagement ring? (Did the DI have a jeweller on the Island?) then he tosses the ring away. And then Kate cried.

Back to the Temple, Japanese guy is spinning a baseball - just in time for Jack to enter. Perhaps we'll hear more about the Red Sox? He must remain separate from the people in charge of. It's a leadership strategy. His name is Dogen. He was brought here to the Island. Jack demands to know what's in the pill, but Dogen won't tell. So Jack goes to take the pill? Dogen stops Jack, and admits, yeah, that pill is poison.

Commercials again ...
Claire is looking at the ultrasound and the police showed up looking for "Joan Hart." Seems they've come this far for Kate. Claire covers for her. Then she gives Kate her credit card.

Back on the Island Sawyer looks pretty defeated - he goes back into his home. Kate is filling up a canteen.

Back in the Temple, Dogen and Lennon are astonished the Jack swallowed the pill. Why do they want to kill Sayid? They believe he has been "claimed." There is a darkness growing in him, and once it reaches his heart, everything your friend once was will be gone.

Because it happened to your sister! Meaning, as I suspected, Claire, I would imagine! Who's setting up all those Rousseau-style traps? Aldo and Justin get taken down ... Claire looks like total hell - nice!

Yet - we must be concerned, because the Others believe that she has been infected. Awesome.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What the Hell is Wrong with Windsor? 8

I think when I started positing on what the hell is wrong with Windsor, I still cared about the place - but I've come to realize that I just wasn't ready to let it go. Not so much that I wasn't ready to leave it behind, because I was, but because I knew so much about it. I'd been reading the news every day for four years, meeting movers and shakers, interviewing everyone all over the city for articles and essays. I'm not going to pretend I know a whole lot about what's going on down there, but I sure felt that I did.

But now it just seems like I'm picking on the city - and I'm not really all that interested in maintaining any knowledge that I used to hold for the place. Like, I remember how much of an issue student parking was every single year - and we've all known for four years now that the new UofW Engineering Facility was going to trim parking down to an even fewer spaces. But I'm just not interested in that anymore.

Students fume at loss of parking lot [Jan. 18]

WINDSOR, Ont. -- The closing of a prime parking lot in the middle of campus has students at the University of Windsor seeing red.

“There’s nowhere to park,” said Michael Szarka, a fourth-year history and political science student. He said students like himself have to arrive for class an hour early to begin the daily hunt for a parking spot. “Today I was driving around for 30, 35 minutes.”

The university has closed a 400-car parking lot at Wyandotte Street and California Avenue to bring in construction materials for the new engineering building. With plenty of vacant spaces in lots at the farthest reaches of campus, the university compensated for the loss of spots at the central lot by adding another 78 spots in a lot between Sunset and Patricia avenues off Union Street.

“Students are used to only having to walk a block and a half,” said university spokeswoman Lori Lewis. “We certainly recognize that students are inconvenienced, but … it’s hard for us to provide everyone with parking right near their classes.”

And I used to care when I heard about people in different parks all around the area were being attacked. I could characterize different neighbourhoods by the newspapers - but now I just don't care if someone's shot with a pellet gun in Brunet Park out in LaSalle anymore.

Woman shot with a pellet gun in LaSalle's Brunet Park area [Jan. 18]

LASALLE -- LaSalle Police are looking for information after a woman was shot Saturday night with a pellet gun.

The incident occurred between 8:15 and 9 p.m. in the Brunet Park and Seventh Street area. Police believe the woman was struck by a pellet.

The victim had to seek medical attention. Police wouldn't release information on the victim Sunday.

And of course there are the politics in the area - I made a big statement about politics through the voice of one of my characters in Lefevre's Redemption - to paraphrase, the character felt that the city always pitted itself politically against the rest of the country, and that made things terrifically difficult to gain provincial and national support.

Think about it - they've voted NDP in overwhelming numbers, no matter what. They'd been Liberal for a near half-century when Herb Grey was around, and then they switched over to Brian Masse. Now, traditionally, when voting, you're supposed to look at the community around you and compare how you are now to how you were during the last electoral period. But Windsor voters don't do that - they just follow the union-mantra and vote in unison for the NDP (the friend of labour, the NDP). And the dumb part is, union jobs have never been more fragile. They've never been so unemployed. These strategies aren't helping, but the politics of it all is only doing one thing, keeping the politicians in power. As usual, it's not helping anyone but the guy in charge, who does whatever it takes to stay in power.

I suppose this segues into the huge windfarm/green energy announcement from not long ago with Samsung. Windsor's been looking for major foreign investment in the green-energy sector for years - and they've finally got it. BUT they went foreign, not domestic. Big political issue... why not Canadian companies? Why not a Canadian manufacturer? All news, especially big news, becomes heavily politicized so the man in power can keep his power, while the rest of the politicians look to use the issue to take the power for themselves. I suppose it's like this all over the world, but ... maybe you'd rather live where there aren't so many issues, is what I'm getting at, I guess?

$7B Ontario-Samsung green energy investment largest of its kind

Ontario has entered a $7-billion green energy deal with Samsung in what is likely the largest renewable energy project of its kind in the world.

The agreement will see Samsung C&T and KEPCO establish and operate a series of wind and solar power clusters across Ontario over the next 20 years.

The clusters will include giant wind turbines capable of generating up to 2,000 megawatts, as well as solar power facilities that will generate up to 500 megawatts.

The entire project is expected to have a combined energy-production capacity of 2.5 gigawatts by the year 2016 — the equivalent of four per cent of Ontario’s total energy consumption.

In the meantime, the province plans on closing all of its coal-fired power plants by 2014.

Premier Dalton McGuinty announced the initiative today in Toronto joined by provincial energy minister Brad Duguid, Samsung C&T Corporation president and CEO Sung-ha Chi, and Korea Electric Power Corporation vice president Chan-Ki Jung.

And when people are all hot and bothered with how the politics of Windsor work, why not start pissing off people when they're really young?

Junk food ban annoys teens: 'They can't control us'

WINDSOR, Ont. -- It’s the end of the line for the gravy train.

As of September 2011, fatty, salty and sugary foods will be slim pickings in the cafeterias of Ontario schools as they beef up on healthy food choices.

Under a new provincial policy released Wednesday, foods with few or no essential nutrients or those that contain high volumes of fat, sugar or sodium will be banned from sale in all Ontario schools. Pop, chocolate bars, candy and fries will be among the casualties in cafeterias and vending machines.

While students aren’t planning mutiny quite yet, they’re unimpressed with the announcement.

“I’m not very happy about it,” said Holy Names high school student Brent Rankin, who was downing poutine with Coke at lunch Thursday. The 15-year-old said he doesn’t eat the healthy food already offered at the school’s cafeteria and he’s unlikely to start when the new rules are implemented. “I guess I’ll just pack a lunch if I have to,” he said.

Sixteen-year-old Chelsie Seip wasn’t excited by the prospect of rice and vegetables for lunch, either. “Who likes vegetables? Kids don’t like vegetables.” Seip said she often brings her own lunch from home and buys an extra treat at school — with her mother’s permission. “My mom would give me a toonie to go get some Skittles or something. She doesn’t say, ‘Go get yourself some rice.’”

While I'm not sociologist, nor psychologist, but won't something like this have the same result as telling a young kid they can't do anything? I would imagine this most likely to have them rebel than comply.

Honestly, I was going to post a load of discouraging links from the news but ... I just don't have Windsor in me anymore. And I think that's a good thing. Perhaps, once we get ourselves adjusted into a new home that we both enjoy, in a new town (which I think will be happening some day soon) I'll be able to share some pride for where I live.

Maybe this is what I've been looking for all this time.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost | LA X Part 2

Next ...
[My dad's snoring, but not too loud yet]

They've got Sayid and the guitar case. They're taking him to the Temple. What is in the case? [traditionally, it's a body in the case ... let's see]. Sawyer hangs on to Miles to hang on to his skills to get what Juliet's final message was. Sawyer's not following anybody. He's badass once again, and Jack knows that he's in danger as soon as Sawyer's done burying bodies.

Back on 815 -

Shepherd is paged to a courtesy desk. What happened to Jack's coffin? It was never put on the plane ... ugh, shit. It's gone totally missing. Ah - fate colludes against Jack after all!

Back at the Temple -

they bring Sayid to the declivity. They carry him down there, though Jin doesn't look as freaked out as I would be if I were back at the declivity, considering what happened last time. Hurley's skeptical about ab ook in a cave, but he carried in a guitar case!

They carry Sayid deep into the Temple wall, much deeper than Jin would have known to do. Then Kate hears some whispers! Nice! The Kate goes missing. Where'd she go? Jack's on the case. But while Jack's gone, everyone goes missing. Shitty for Jack! Worse, there seem to be people scampering around, the Others!

The Others drag them all out of the Temple wall and into the Temple itself! There it is after all these years. We've finally found it! Looks like a Mayan pyramid.

"I guess we found the Temple."

We're back -
Kate and the Marshall have to go to the washroom. Edward Mars was his name. Kate has smuggled a pen to unlock her cuffs. She's got 2 minutes to get free. No "tinkling" but Mars doesn't mind. Knocks him out, takes his gun, takes his coat (with keys?). She winds up in an elevator with con-man Sawyer. A "314" and Sawyer knows exactly what it is, so he helps Kate escape. Nice of him.

Back on the Island -

Sawyers needs Miles to say what Juliet was going to say. Sawyer is furious. Miles agrees and tunes into his ability to talk to the dead. He has faked these readings in the past, but I think he's telling the truth this time. "It worked" is what she wanted to tell him.

At the Temple -

The Others have machine guns and a wicked Japanese looking bastard. Cindy is there, she recognizes them. We've got Cindy back?! Japanese guy uses John Lenon to translate. Hurley diffuses the situation by pulling a J-Bomb! Hurley can prove Jacob send them with the guitar case?

It's a big fat Ankh, the same kind the four-toed statue carried. Japanese guy busts it open, and reveals a letter. Their names are on the list. It's on the paper. They're going to put Sayid into the spring. "If your friend here dies, we're all in a lot of trouble."

We're back -
Jin can't explain himself to customs. We know that sun can explain - and they're going to find tons of cash. Undeclared cash. Now Jin is in trouble. Might she try to run away again?

At the Temple -

The Others carry Sayid in to the spring. The water is usually clear, I guess. Japanese guy cuts himself and bares his wound to the spring, realizing that it will not heal right now. Jack takes responsibility for Sayid's condition. There are risks to saving Sayid. Jack believes no matter what, this is what he's supposed to do.

Sayid's gonna get naked! Well, sorta. Sayid was all knocked out in the first two episodes of Season 5, too. Then the "baptize" him, sorta. They put him under, looks like they're drowning him. He has to be under water for a while - until the hour glass runs out. Japanese guy has wicked skills.

After the hourglass runs out, they bring him back up the stairs. They lay him down, and Japanese guy waves his hand over Sayid's face. "Your friend is dead," says John Lenon. Jack doesn't give up on people, though. He'll give him CPR until he comes back, just like he's always done. This worked on Charlie before - why not now?

If he drowned, Jack should blow some air into Sayid's lungs at some point - but didn't bother this time.

We're back -
After flight 815, Sayid is still looking for Nadia. Kate is looking to hide from the cops.

Weird, do we care about these old iterations of these characters? Kate gets out to the road, she's behind Frogurt and Hurley in line for a taxi. Edward Mars is out looking for her. Kate hijack's Claire's taxi! Awesome.

At the Temple -
Zach, Emma and Cindy feed everyone, then the Others bring Miles and Sawyer into the Temple area. Hurley gets interrogated. Hurley reveals that Jacob is dead.

This means something important. The Others are preparing "the ash." They're getting all kinds of stuff ready. Flares shoot out into the sky. They've barricaded the walls - they need to keep "Him" out.

Back with Locke -

"What are you?" I'm a who. But let's not resort to name-calling. Ben realizes that he's been used. You should know he was very confused when you killed him. I'm talking about John Locke. You want to know what he was thinking while you choked the lief out of him?

I don't understand.

Isn't that just the saddest thing you ever heard. It's fitting in a way.

There was something admirable about him?

I want to go home.

We're back -

Dead Sayid? Hurley's buddy, you'd think there'd be more tears. Miles should be sharing some thoughts here.

Kate wakes up Sawyer, who isn't impressed with being caught by the Others. This time they're protecting us.

Sawyer intends to have Jack suffer - Flash to Jack to LAX. Looks like Locke and Jack were meant to meet. Meant to have philosophical debates. Locke reaches out to Jack and it makes a difference.

Nothing's irreversible. Jack offers Locke a consult. It's on the house.

Back on the Island -

Nice, everyone DOES appear to be on the same Island at the same time after all. Very cool. Richard wants no one to shoot Locke - he knows something. "Good to see you out of those chains." Man, some Richard back-story. Then Locke lays a beat-down on Richard [I heard about this as a spoiler, regrettably].

Then Locke picks up Richard and tells everyone he's very disappointed in all of them, while striding past the dead body of the genuine Locke.

Back in the Temple -

They need to speak to Jack privately. They're about to drag Jack out, when Sayid rises from the floor. He's confused and lost. Then it ENDS! Damnit!

Lost | LA X

What is the relevance of the space between LA and X? What impact will the bomb have on the Island back in 1977? What will happen when everyone realizes that Locke isn't really Locke? What is he going to say or do in response to everyone on the beach? We'll find out in a matter of only one hour! Who is "coming"?

I recall during the fourth and fifth season I was very interested in spoilers because I was desperate to know what might happen in the new season - but this year I adopted an exceptionally strict "spoiler free" policy. I know remarkably little about what is coming up - and when something I actually did hear about comes up- I'll be sure to make a note of it. But more seriously - I have no idea what to expect. Are we going to see Claire? Are we going to see Desmond?

Now we're sitting at only 8 minutes - Man, it won't go by soon enough!

Previously on Lost:
They fight, destroy, they corrupt - it only ends once ...
I'm not going to kill Jacob, Ben, You are.
You have a choice.
They're coming.
Faraday's plan ..
Juliet gets royally screwed.
[White]Lost [/White]

Let's get started:
Clouds - Jack on an airplane. He's seardching for something. He looks confused. Here's Cindy - the same lines from the first season. She hands him a second little vodka, and they feel turbulence. All the same footage from the first season.

But Jack looks different, but they survive the turbulence - they don't crash. Bernard meets his wife - they were never separated. It would appear that the hydrogen bomb prevented the Swan station from existing?

Jack has an odd cut on his neck, what's that about? WTF? Desmond is on the same flight? What's up with that? He's upset his next-door passenger was snoring. Does Jack remember him?

Decending through the clouds and into the ocean, through a school of fish, at the bottom of the Ocean, we come across ... the four-toed statue!


We're back
Jack is tossing the hydrogen bomb into the hole at the Swan station. It sets off a strong electromagnetic reaction, causing Juliet to plummet into the bottom of the hole, detonating the bomb. Leading to ... Kate's eye? She's up in a tree? She's in a jungle, and she's scared?And she's deaf? She climbs down the tree. Miles finds her in the jungle. It's after the Swan incident. "We're back." Back where? The Swan site is a wreck. Right after Desmond blew it up - back in 2004.

Jack's out cold on the ground. It proves that the Swan was actually built after all. Sawyer is pissed off - he's ready to kick some ass. He's furious. Jack is sorry - I thought we were supposed to .. I thought it would work.

Then -

Jack on 815. There's the marshall, waiting for Kate. She doesn't get cutlery. James is on the flight too. Hurley is an entrepreneur, owner of Mr. Cluck's. Arzt is on the flight, too. Sawyer looks like he's interested in conning Sawyer, though Hurley admits he's the luckiest guy alive.

But -

back on the Island - he's unhappy. Jin thinks they moved through time. Jin knows about time travel. They can hear yelling, and Sayid is in brutal shape. And it seems like we can still hear Juliet!

Sayid is coughing up blood. He's not doing well. Sayid worries about going to hell if he dies for all the people he's tortured. Hurley gets spooked - who's out there? So, who is out there? Jacob?

Hello Hugo, got a minute?

What's next?
Sun and Jin on 815. They seem Rose and Bernard very happy - but Jin and Sun are just like they used to be in the first season. Locke and Boone look awesome, with Frogurt in the middle for good measure, b/c Shannon couldn't be there.

They were good friends on the Island, and looks like they would have been good friends on the plane, too. Locke actually went on the walkabout? He spent 10 days in the outback? He hunted his own food?

If this thing goes down, I'm stickig with you.

Flash to ...

Locke cutting some rug - Ben looking really upset. He wipes the knife clean. Jacob's gone. He's gone, he didn't fight back. But why?

Tell Richard that I need to talk to him. What about?

Outside -

There's an obvious commotion. Sun wants to know who they are. Lapidus doesn't understand. They're working closely with Alpert, but Lapidus (who's awesome), has good instincts.

Richard is pissed - he tosses Ben to the ground, showing him that Locke is still, in fact dead. Ben looks terrified.

We're back
The folks from the 70s are digging Juliet out of the implosion. They're working together to get her out. Segue to Jacob and Hurley, who apparently doesn't know what's going on. Jin won't be able to see Jacob - because he died an hour ago. But Hurley can see dead people - making him important.

Jacob needs Hurley to save Sayid, to take him to the Temple. Jin knows where it is - and he'll take Sayid there. They'll need the guitar case, what's in there?

I'm Jacob.

Enter Jin - they snag Sayid, then try to help Juliet. It's a good long chain, thank goodness.

If she dies, I'll kill him.

Back on the flight -

Cindy needs Jack, the doctor. A passenger needs help. Sayid kicks the oor open, and they find Charlie inside. He's not breathing ... commercial break?

We're back -
Jack and Sayid need to help Charlie. Well, sort of. What's in his mouth? The bag of heroine? Ah ... why didn't Boone give him a pen? That was his purpose in the pilot episode! Oh well. So, Charlie's alive and well.

flash to the Swan site -

they're wrapping the rubble to the van to free Juliet. They moved a huge beam. Beneath all of the rubble, Sawyer digs down and finds Juliet under scrap metal. She's alive.

Jack feels there's nothing he can do to save Sayid. They need to get to the Temple - who's Jacob? If Jack can't fix Sayid, "Then you're going to have to let me do it."

Locke's dead -

Richard is freaking out, Ben is likely freaking, too. Go inside and find out. Brahm's going in with a rifle, and he's taking Ben in with him. So who is this guy? What does he want? Jacob is dead. Don't worry about me. Jacob's body guards, came all this way to protect him. Nothing left for you to protect, you can go, you're free.

They shoot a him, but hit nothing. Then we hear the smoke monster. It comes pouring into the place, picks the guys up, and smashes them around. Brahm is a clever fellow, show uses a ring of ash to protect himself, but the smoke monster out smarts him, knocks him out of the circle, and them kicks his ass. [I'd heard that we might learn what the smoke monster was in this early episode]

Ben looks worried. Locke apologizes that Ben had to see him like that.

We're back -
Sawyer is working to get Juliet out from underneath all the rubble. It would seem after the implosion, that she's no longer so deep under ground. She has to say something important: then she dies. Not cool - a serious echo of Boone's famous last words for Shannon.

Kate knows that Sawyer has every intention of killing Jack now. So does Sawyer.

Meanwhile, on the flight -

Allow, nobody in Jack's seat anymore -where did Desmond go? Captain Norris - meaning, they've got Greg Grunburg! It even sounds like him! This is awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing Greg!

Sayid is close to returning to Nadia, Jin is about to return a watch, Boone is alive and well, Frogurt has no lines, that's cute. He's just an added aesthetic touch. Very interesting. The marshalls are ready to take Kate right after the flight. Charlie is alive and well, though not happy because he's not able to get the band back to gether - and should be dead. He's got his guitar case ... what's in the guitar case?

Can Locke walk? No indications that he can yet. Both he and Jack are staying put after the flight landed. Jack notices that Locke cannot move - we know the answer to that mystery, I guess.


Lost News 12

So, Lost is coming up in a matter of hours, which is awesome. Here is some Lost news, while I try and figure out how to write the code for an html "jump."

DeRavin hints at a different Lost return

Emilie De Ravin has given fans a hint of what to expect when she returns to Lost this season.

The actress has starred as Claire Littleton since the pilot episode of the ABC drama, but her character seemed to mysteriously vanish from the island during the fourth season.

It was recently confirmed that she will reprise the role for the sixth and final run of the show.

Speaking to MTV News, she said: "When I'm coming back to the island, I'm coming back in a pretty unexpected way and there's a whole other Claire for me to explore and play with, which has been so much fun, but also getting to play with who I was, with flashback stuff."

When asked to elaborate, she replied: "Without being murdered in my sleep due to exposing secrets of the series, it's a different Claire, a different side of her, one I never thought I'd be playing. That's all I can say."

De Ravin also revealed that she made a "conscious decision" not to watch the fifth season, explaining: "Claire wasn't there, so I thought it was interesting to not be too in touch with what was going on with the other characters. That gave another side to the mystery for me."

Lost inspired Nike shoes
Apparently there are a couple of Nike Show designers that base their shoe designs on pop culture and shows.

Well two of them have released LOST inspired designs and apparently they have already sold out.

The first design is based on the Oceanic Airlines colors and sports maps on the inside soles. The second design is based on the Dharma Initiative with the Dharma Jumpsuit tan colors and the word "SHOE" imprinted on the shoes.

Here are links to the sites and a couple of images:

Is Lost the most religious show on television?
"Lost" (9 p.m., ABC, r, TV-14) returns next week for its final season, and ABC helps viewers prepare with a repeat airing of last season's epic two-hour finale.

While watching this absorbing head-scratcher last May, I couldn't help but note how the show's sci-fi storylines and soap-opera plots were giving way to overt religious allegory. ABC has only confirmed my suspicions with their recent promotions for the final season. TV commercials feature a Willy Nelson version of "Amazing Grace." And just last week, ABC's publicity department released a photo of the cast sitting at a table resembling the figures in Da Vinci's The Last Supper. Or was it The "Lost" Supper?

Some may argue that I'm reaching here. But hints of religious symbolism on "Lost" are as hard to ignore as they are difficult to fathom.

Locke returns as both a resurrected figure and as a leader/rebel of sorts who plans to kill and overthrow the God-like Jacob. To complicate matters further, Locke is both a risen "savior" and a man who died by hanging, like Judas. So who is he?

A complete enigma, the Jacob figure not only sports an Old Testament name but is surrounded by hieroglyphs and other signs of ancient beliefs.

All of this takes place against the backdrop of a scheme to use a nuclear device to "reset" time itself. And what about Juliet, last seen sitting on top of the Big One? Does she return, too? In "Romeo & Juliet," Juliet fakes her death only to wake and die again. OK, that's Shakespeare, not religion, but you see how even the characters' names reverberate with meaning.

Speaking of names, how about Jack's last name, Shepherd? Or the name of his dead (?) father -- Christian Shepherd?

To make matters muddier, Ben, the liar ("That's what I do") has been given some of the show's more overtly religious lines. In one scene, he speaks of the apostle Doubting Thomas and, in another he complains jealously that he cannot see Jacob, but that Locke can walk right up to him, "Like Moses."

"Lost" is not alone here. Recent movies like "Avatar" and "The Book of Eli" have been noted for their religious subtexts. "Battlestar Galactic" and now "Caprica" prominently feature a battle between polytheists and the Cylons, who zealously believe in one true god.

Broadcasters and advertisers in search of large audiences have long avoided programs with dogmatic religious content, considering them divisive and controversial. Recent statements by Brit Hume and Pat Robertson have only confirmed those suspicions.

But religion is so woven into our lives that to ignore it entirely leaves an arid spiritual and cultural void. There was a time not long ago when popular songwriters from Bob Dylan ("Highway 61 Revisited") to Burt Bacharach ("I Say a Little Prayer") could reference faith without fear of resentment or worries that their audience wouldn't get the references. Bravo to shows like "Lost," brave and smart enough to wade into these waters and to do so with a sense of mystery and wonder.

Lost catch-up: Where we left off with Kate Austen

Before Lost kicks off its final season (Tuesday, Feb. 2, 9/8c, ABC), let's flash-back to May 2009 and remember where all our favorite characters left off and what might be next.

KATE AUSTEN (Evangeline Lilly)

Where We Left Off: Kate convinced Juliet and Sawyer to turn the submarine around. She also helped Jack detonate Jughead as part of Operation Reset Time once he convinced her that she'd be helping Claire. Truth be told, it was also Kate who was unable to save Juliet from falling to her death — just moments after Juliet told Sawyer that she thought he still had feelings for Kate.

What's Next: It seems that Kate will finally have to choose between Jack and Sawyer. She'll also have some 'splainin to do to Claire about why she decided to kidnap her son, Aaron, and raise him as her own.

10 ways the last season of Lost will disappoint

That Lost has managed to survive ABC's axe-swinging all these years is a feat, given the leaps of logic (and faith) the survivalist soap has required during its lifetime. More incredible: The staggering number of cutaways that involve Hurley hoarding food. We get it, J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, and Carlton Cuse. Hurley's a large man and as long as one of your flash-forwards don't involve a close-up look at his gastrointestinal processes, I think we're good. The show returns for its final run next Tuesday. All sorts of things have already been said about this final season! Some people who died a long time ago are coming back! Jack Shephard dies! Every conflict isn't resolved by Sayid's font of nuclear weaponry-related knowledge! According to Matthew Fox himself, the Lost finale will disappoint everyone. The 10 ways the series will do that before it goes off the air for good sometime in May, after the jump.

1. Two words: Evangeline Lilly.
2. No more cameos like those by former Sabrina the Teenage Witch star Beth Broderick as Kate Austen’s mom or Bai Ling as Jack’s lady of the night.

3. Dr. Jack Shephard isn’t relegated to two-to-three-line speaking bits which minimize the amount of times he stares vacantly at one of his fellow survivors, mouth agape. Of course, others beg to differ.
4. Charlie doesn’t come back from the dead.
5. Desmond never returns, let alone overtakes Jack, Sayid, or Sawyer as the series’ primary alpha-male.
6. Sun fails to slap anyone.

7. Ilana--the bounty hunter hired to apprehend Sayid--isn’t made into a series regular. Lost is always hard-pressed for capable leading ladies (it took three seasons to bring Juliet Burke into the mix and unfortunately in four, they got rid of Claire.) Zuleikha Robinson’s Ilana is such an obvious lift for a series that always seems like it could collapse under the weight of its sparring alpha-males.

8. Cuse, Lindelof, and Abrams renege on their promise of no spinoffs or sequels when they see viewership spiking throughout the series’ last season.
9. The lack of a final triumphant cameo by one Lost’s first curiosities: Danielle Rousseau. Actress Mira Furlan already dashed our hopes, citing an overseas engagement.
10. And finally, the series’ end offers no peace of mind for Sayid.

Final Lost episode not yet written
FROM the time that Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 crashed on a mysterious island in the 2004 premiere of “Lost” on ABC, almost everything that appeared to be true about the fate of the survivors has become if not actually false, then at least vastly more complicated that it originally seemed.

The island itself, for example, which at first seemed to be disconcertingly deserted, soon proved itself to be even more disconcertingly inhabited. While those inhabitants (known as the “others”) are liars, kidnappers and murderers, ultimately their crimes are revealed to serve a larger, protective purpose. And though it appears that for survivors of the crash the ultimate goal is to leave the island, many who do leave find themselves inexorably pulled back.

For the men pulling the levers behind the “Lost” curtain, finding ways to wrap up both the fate of the story’s characters and the mysteries of the island for the program’s final 16 episodes, which begins Tuesday, is a multifold challenge.

“Normally the thing that you have to execute is coming up with fulfilling endings and resolve the fate of your characters,” said Damon Lindelof, an executive producer who, with Carlton Cuse, oversees the series and is writing the key episodes for the coming season. “But we also have the added weight of how are we going to resolve this mythology.

“The show is so predicated on questions. So now we’re in answer mode, and have been for quite some time.”

And while the creators of “Lost” have assured viewers for much of the last five years that yes, they know the answers to those questions, they acknowledge that they do not yet know exactly how the series will come to a close. The final episodes have not yet been written, much less filmed.

“We came up with the final image of the show a long time ago, back when we were first plotting out the mythology in the first season,” Mr. Cuse said. But he added: “We still have six hours of the show to make. That is sort of the equivalent of three feature films. We have to do all the writing for those in about eight or nine weeks, and we have to finish shooting them between now and the middle of April.”

The creators are willing to make a few promises, which they outlined this month in an interview and in discussions with reporters at a meeting of the Television Critics Association. Viewers will not have to wait until the last moments of the series finale to get many of their answers, they say. Beginning with the season premiere, revelations about some of the most fundamental mysteries will come fast and furious.

Some of the “Lost” actors, in fact, implied that viewers hoping to quench their thirst for answers in the season premiere might find themselves drinking from a fire hose.

“It felt like a finale,” said Josh Holloway, who plays Sawyer, the brooding loner who seems to think best with his shirt off. “That scale. Wow.”

But providing answers does not necessarily means that resolutions will be simple. Emilie de Ravin, whose character, Claire, was pregnant when the plane crashed, gave birth on the island and all but disappeared into a spiritual netherworld in Season 4, admitted that she was initially a bit confused.

“I think I had to read it about three times before it actually made sense,” said Ms. de Ravin, whose character plays a bigger role this year. She was confused, she added, but “in a great way.”

“Not helping,” said Mr. Lindelof, who said of his biggest nightmare, deadpan: “Get ready to scratch your heads, America.”

The creators say their hope is that this final season might feel like a first, in that a viewer does not need to have watched the 95 previous episodes in order to enjoy the final chapter.

“There’s an inherent process when you’re ending something to sort of be thinking about the beginning,” Mr. Lindelof said. “One of the things that I think we are trying to do — all of us, the actors and the writers as well, in the sixth season — is to show the audience the before,” as well as the after.

Therefore episodes in the final season will continue to provide plenty of back story. That way viewers “have some sense of, ‘Oh, this is what he used to be and who they are now,’ ” Mr. Lindelof added. “So you really get a sense of how far that person’s come.”

And, both the creators and ABC hope, viewers who have never seen the show might find it more inviting.

“Lost” remains, by almost any measure, one of ABC’s biggest hits. But its viewership has fallen by about 30 percent from the first season, when an average of 15.5 million viewers tuned in each week, to the fifth, which drew about 11 million a week, according to Nielsen. Last season’s finale drew about 10 million viewers, compared with 14 million to 20 million in the earlier seasons.

And it is perhaps the most loyal viewers — who, having immersed themselves in every detail of every show, might therefore be hoping that every puzzle will be solved — who stand to be the most disappointed, according to the creators.

“Obviously not every question’s going to be answered,” Mr. Cuse said. “We felt if we tried to just answer questions, it would be very pedantic. Apart from that, we also really embrace this notion that there’s a fundamental sort of sense of mystery that we all have in our lives, and certainly that is a huge part of the lives of these characters.”

“To sort of demystify that by trying to literally explain everything down to the last little sort of midi-chlorian of it all would be a mistake in our view,” he added. (In “Star Wars,” midi-chlorians were life forms existing inside all living things; that the “Lost” creators might explain the real-world implications of their fantasy world by referring to another fantasy world is perhaps part of the reason that the series has lost viewers.)

But Mr. Cuse remains optimistic: “I think there would be, hopefully, a kind of healthy cocktail of answers, mystery, good character resolutions and some surprises.”

As with the Harry Potter series, another fantasy that the creators often cite as inspiration, the end is likely to have more to do with character resolution than with the solving of mysteries like what exactly the island is. Does Kate, the sexy fugitive, for example, end up with Sawyer or Jack, the reluctant leader of the band of survivors? Is John Locke dead or alive? Will Hurley ever lose weight?

If the creators are not saying, they do promise one other thing. While the ending of the series will almost certainly provoke some debate, it will not be of the type created by, say, the black screen that ended “The Sopranos” or the “It was all a dream” or “It all took place in someone’s imagination” endings of “Newhart” or “St. Elsewhere.” And like David Chase, the “Sopranos” creator, they do not plan to answer questions after the finale.

“We feel like over the course of the entire season we’re going to be answering questions and explaining things,” Mr. Cuse said. “We’re really going to focus on making sure the resolution of these characters comes to a place that we as writers feel satisfying. And that’s kind of the best approach we can take to make the show end well.”

IA that just spelling everything out would be lame...but I still want to know what the fuck's up with Libby. ZOMG THREE DAYS!!! (Not cool rejecting this because of the "Ben baked you a delicious ham" .gif, mods. >:\ Ben shan't be denied.)