Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lost | How it should have ended

For some reason I can't find a way to embed this video, but I guarantee it's worth your time to follow this link to watch: Lost - how it should have ended, from EW. It's spot-on.

We're looking for a canoe, and my wife has found a bunch that should be just fine for our purposes. I'll keep you posted, and once we've got one (and consequently a roof-rack installed on the car) we'll invite you over to go canoeing. It'll be beautiful.

Here's a great psychology joke for my wife
So ... for all her hard work, this is for my wife.

King of the Road
My buddy and I always thought that the pressure to wear a helmet was unfounded. If you were hit by a car, I imagined this is likely what would happen. Granted - in all the other situations when you're not literally being struck by tonnes of metal - helmets can probably stop you from smashing your head against the pavement (but you'll probably still bite through your tongue when you hit the ground).

Caption: Use of a helmet

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pitching The Extent

Here are some blooper reel and out-takes on the DVDs for The Extent (which you can't buy anymore - though I've tried) along with a new trailer to promote the show - which isn't anything significantly re-imagined.

Out-takes Pt. 1

Out-takes Pt. 2

Re-imagined trailer

Interesting thing about Port Perry
There's certainly a lot about the PP area that I'd like to know more about, and if we're going to be here for a while, it'd be cool to know more about the history of the area. One of the interesting things about the municipality is that they only pick up (a limited amount of) trash every other week. However, they pick up recycling and "compost" every week.

This is a very clever way to seriously encourage recycling and composting. There isn't a lot of trash when you eliminate all of the recyclables and compost, except after you've moved, and you've got nothing but styrofoam everywhere.

In any case - I do like the waste disposal situation here. And I'm driving to the dump today. There's just too many bags of junk left over from the move around the house.

King of the Road
Caption: Two weeks after ...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Missed National Canoe Day

I missed National Canoe Day. Not cool. After listening to the song, I was hooked. I will have to celebrate somehow, but unfortunately late. What's next? I'll forget about, and consequently miss, Guy Fawkes day, again! Damn it!

New House
I did a bunch of yard work yesterday - including laying some top soil and seeding the big sandy patch in the back yard where the previous owners used to have a trampoline. It's gonna take a while to get the grass growing, but with all the rain we're having, I'm hopeful it'll take. I'm going to need about another eight bags of topsoil, though.

Port Perry
This weekend we had a chance to visit some of the shoppes downtown during "Moonlight Madness" where I got a coffee and a few books, which was very nice. Saturday we had the Welcome Wagon, and in the evening watched Kick Ass and then Zombieland, on the satellite. Good times.

Also, we went to a 'Welcome Wagon' event at the local Ocala Winery just outside of Port, which was very nice. They have a quiet little orchard and vineyard. It was a pot luck bbq with other folks who have recently moved into town. Of all the people there, we found a few couples who were actually living quite near us, which was nice.

The blog
I've updated some of the "Blog list" on the side, eliminating a few dead links or sites that I never bothered going to anymore - so you might see some different stuff there. I might try some new things on here, as well. We'll see.

King of the Road
Caption: Batman jumped and missed a building

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rainy week so far

It's been awfully rainy here this week - which I wasn't expecting. But that doesn't mean that this place has been boring. We went to a "moonlight madness" event downtown last night. All the shoppes around the downtown strip were open until midnight with sales. I got a coffee and a few books (Eaters of the Dead and The Green Mile) while my wife picked up some clothes and entered a contest. (she didn't win the $50 million last night, by the way).

We had the "welcome wagon" come meet us today and the nice lady delivered a bunch of coupons for the businesses around the area, which was very nice. She has also invited us to a pot luck bbq for new residents in the area. That should be nice.

I also hope to get the lawn mower started up and put some more boxes packed away. Maybe even wash the car. Just. Stop. Raining.

New idea?
A friend of mine was suggesting that I try applying to be a college teacher for creative writing somewhere nearby. And I thought to myself, nah - that wouldn't work. But ... it would appear, that people who are in my exact situation are the usual college professors. People who want to do something, can't seem to get anywhere doing it - and need a job.

There are about five small college campuses nearby, meaning there's a few places to pitch the idea. I have no idea how to go about suggesting to a college that I should teach a course at them - but my first idea would be to rank the five or so colleges around, in terms of which I'd be most interested in working for, to the least interested.

Then I would make a pitch and walk up to my least favourite choice and "give 'er the ol' college try." The idea would be to refine my pitch and get familiar with what the process is like. Then, if I'm more confident with the idea, make a pitch at the most preferred college.

Will it work? I have absolutely no idea - but I'd certainly prefer to be teaching a college course than laying bricks somewhere this summer.

King of the Road

Caption: Separating Siamese Twins

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things

My office set-up is pretty sweet. I've been putting desks together and hooking up electronics a little bit, and this office is going to be really cool. Two laptops, a printer, satellite television, guitar and guitar stand, drafting table, big desk, and a PC along with a window big enough to fit my television through (if I were so inclined - it's that big) with natural light, it's naturally cool and dehumidified because it's in the basement, and there are adjustable pot lights.


But there are more important things that just a sweet office

Like all the other work that comes with moving into a new home. We've made a checklist that we're working down slowly. I've almost finished the touch-ups painting the bedroom, which is going to be kick-ass. Once that's finished (should only take about 20 minutes after it's dried) I'll be free to vacuum and then shampoo the carpet in there. The bedroom set is to be delivered some time this afternoon, so we'll have our nine-piece bedroom set ready to be fitted in there soon. That's going to be awesome.

We'll be finally able to unpack our clothes and get things really moving with the 'put-away' once we have access to our bedroom, dressers, cabinets and walk-in closet. A big step that we can probably tackle either this evening or tomorrow.

King of the Road
Two updates for the KotR series - because I've been away for a while. First - apparently I felt that a series about a road would be incomplete without this:

Caption: A common road

But I know that this is a personal favourite of mine:

Caption: Useless frog

Again, thanks for all the help, to everyone.

Monday, June 21, 2010


To everyone who helped us with our move, thanks so much. It couldn't have gone smoother. It was a real pleasure to have so many helping hands moving us along. I really appreciate it.

We're still setting lots of stuff up and unpacking boxes, but I'll do what I can to share with you our progress as we go along.

Again, thanks for everything! We couldn't have done it without out.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Queen has arrived - Long live the Queen

Our mattress and box spring are just around the corner, meaning I'm about to shower up and pick up our keys. The moving has officially begun.

Another KofR in case I can't post anything in the next little while.

This caption has become a bit cliche, but this was probably drawn right around the time I'd first heard it. I even had a t-shirt that said the same thing, years later. I may have even had a cookbook titled Roadkill Restaurant once. And Windsor definitely had a place that was called the Roadkill Restaurant out near King Kone. But I'm pretty sure it closed down shortly after I moved down there.

- to Uxbridge and then to Port Perry.

Get moving

Moving starts today
Today I'm picking up the keys to our new house. I hope to pack up some odd stuff around the house and throw it in the back of the car, get the keys, and then unload - so the moving officially starts this afternoon some time.

It might be a while before there's another blog post about anything while we're moving, travelling and getting our utilities installed - so ... take a vacation or something and I'll be back shortly (granted, basically the few readers I have of this thing will likely be helping me move). What better way to spend your vacation?

So - I'm looking forward to a new house, hanging out with some folks over the weekend, getting situated in Port Perry (I hope you're interested in Port Perry news, 'cause I'll be posting lots of it) and the upcoming NHL draft (which is followed shortly by the NHL free agency season).

Exciting little bit coming up!

Cryptomundo has linked to a new Maclean's article about the Montauk Monster that was reported earlier. You can read about it here, but basically the article questions whether these are new species, or mangy bald existing species.

Monster Squad movie remake (also mentions a new live-action TMNT movie - hopefully more bad-ass than the earlier TMNT movies!) looks like it has just hired two writers to produce the script, with Michael Bay (aka blow everything up with camera angles that look like they're falling from the sky attached to a maple key) signing on as an executive producer. So, it looks like it's a go. Probably gonna be cool.

King of the Road

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Big Packin'

Only two more days until we're loading up a truck and moving on up. We've managed to pack a lot of stuff - but of course there's more to go. I imagine we're going to wrap it all up on Friday - meaning we've got to be one step away from done by this evening. I think we can pull it off - we're in real good shape.

But you do feel anxious waiting for it. I'm not nervous or anything, but you know a big change is coming up and you know it's coming for a while - and there's enough time to feel weird about it. I am looking forward to moving into our new place together - it's going to be awesome.

We're eating all the stuff that's in the back of the cupboards and the freezer. Stuff that we've been putting off eating for months - there's a random bag of frozen fruit, a whole jar of pickles, a bit too much pasta, big shrimps. Got to get through that stuff or throw it out - so... gonna be an interesting dinner tonight.

King of the Road
Caption: Nice drive in LA

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel is real funny

Alternate endings to Lost
I was going over YouTube a little bit today and found a few alternate endings to Lost - mostly where fans make up their own ideas about how the show might end. Here is a good one that Jimmy Kimmel had on his show.

Hope you had a good laugh.

King of the Road
Two posts today for the series. One, where I embellished that a pothole could be so large, when I didn't know any better. Turns out this isn't entirely uncommon - a sink hole can consume a whole building sometimes. It was clever when I drew it, though.

And this one just seemed more interesting if there were a dozen animals dead instead of just one thing.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Maple Leafs presser

Special announcement from MLSE today at 3 p.m. I'm gonna live-blog it, streaming from their website. Sound interesting? It's the most interesting thing I'm going to do today.

Who's in attendance at the presentation? Darryl Sittler, George Armstrong, Wendell Clark (each wearing jerseys respective of their era), and Dion Phaneuf is there, too. Phil Kessel is there, Luke Schenn, Tyler Bozak. Brian Burke. Joe Bowen is making the announcement!

It was brought to us by Real Sports and Maple Leafs Square, wherever that is.

We played for two years here without a captain. During that time there was a lot of commentary that we needed a captain. We felt we needed to wait - we wanted to restore the historical significance of the captaincy. This is not just another NHL team, this is the Toronto Maple Leafs. I want to stress, as I've sais since I got here, this is a coaching decisions. This is up to our coach, and it's his call. If I had been asked, this is who I would have selected as captain.

More than anybody, I hesitated to name a captain until I knew everyone. We didn't have anybody, to match up historically with prior and previous captains. To my right are the greatest captains in Maple Leafs history. We felt that we didn't have a player in the last two years who would be able to be worthy of being the captain.

Dion is someone who plays with passion, shows up on the ice and is difficult to play against. We thought right off the bat he was a remarkable talent. Without being too long winded, I'd like to introduce our captain, Dion Phaneuf!

Phaneuf then puts the jersey on, and Wilson called him "buddy." Phaneuf is sporting a faux-hawk, just so you know.

Hi everyone. It is a tremendous honour to be here today ... (he's nervous, that's okay with me). all three leafs are hockey icons that I respect greatly, and the media, I'm looking forward to working with each and every one of you. we have alto of work to do but we'll work together. we have a good tea and have a lot to be excited about, thank you very much.

He spoke for about 40 seconds.

Bowen then interviewed the past captains in attendance. Sittler spoke longer than Phaneuf did. George Armstrong says he learned he was captain when he walked into the locker room and found the "C" on his jersey.

It's an exciting spot. Wearing the "C" is the centre of attention when things are going bad, but also when they're going well ... be yourself, and when questions are asked, just answer them right back the best way you know how. Have fun with it, things can be tought when you're having a tough go, but there's no better spot when things are going well.

The new jerseys are an old look. the piping at the bottom has been added in response to fans and season ticket holders. Cresting on the shoulders and the lines on the armbands. Fan feedback has had a large roll in the redesign of the leaf jersey.

The numbers don't have the outline on them anymore, either.

The media scums are going to be handled to the backdrop at our right. (I'm sure he meant "scrum," but the Leafs must have an inside joke calling them "scum")

What's not interesting?
My wife and I are in the market for a new mattress. We've already purchased a new bedroom set to go in our new home, and we need a good new mattress to go along with it. That's not so unusual - and we're kind of lucky that there are a lot of places in town that sell mattresses, meaning we can really search around. Even more lucky, all these places are on the same street, not two kilometres apart! Pretty good.

So we went to Sleep Country to see what they had in stock before we made any decisions on a mattress. Well, within 60 seconds of being in the store if we didn't have a high-pressure sales person sitting at our feet telling us "This is the most important decision you're going to make in your life." My wife thinks he said something different, but ... I'm pretty sure that's exactly what he said.

Me? I just want to go and sit on a few beds that are in our price-range and then make a decision. If there aren't any beds in our price range that feel right, we move on. There are literally five places on the same street to check out. But this joker at Sleep Country is laying the hard sell down as hard as he can. "Try out these beds and we'll match the perfect bed for you" because "It's the most important decision you'll make in your life."

So he watches us lay down on mattress after mattress. The point of all of this will likely be to have you lay down on mediocre mattresses, then a super-expensive great mattress. Of course the cheap mattresses won't feel as super-good as the super-expensive (thus super-good) one - and you'll be making "the most important purchase of your life" believing that a $2,000 mattress is better than a $700 mattress. We're talking the rest of your life! That's only $20 a year! You won't spend $20 a year on the most important decision in your life?


I bought a mattress that was 50% off instead - but even that place didn't have employees while the store was supposed to be open. We showed up to Master Mattress on Sunday at 12 o'clock (late, I know) and the store wasn't even open yet! The store said it was scheduled to be open at 12, but Noooo - I wasn't impressed. Then the store guy (just a kid, though he was really nice) couldn't answer questions about delivery and things like that. So we put the purchase off until today (Monday).

So I show up at 10:20 (20 minutes after it's supposed to be open) and the place is still closed. I'm not impressed. The mattress we want is sitting in there at a great price, and the store can't be bothered to be open on time to sell us something. That's not cool. If the price weren't so good - I would have shot him the bird and gone elsewhere. He didn't show up till 10 to 11 (and can you believe I walked three blocks in all directions and couldn't even find a store that sold magazines to help waste my time!). The owner said it was 'cause his truck wouldn't start.

In any case, I wasn't charge delivery as a result. Shopping for mattresses has not been cool.

King of the Road
Caption: Whoops!

The caveman looks genuinely confused that he ran over someone - as if nothing like it had ever occurred in history. Good on me (15 years ago!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good signs for the Leafs

It sounds like the Toronto Maple Leafs are going to announce Dion Phaneuf as the captain of the franchise tomorrow - and this is a good sign for the Buds, mostly because it shows that they are finally moving on. First off - Phaneuf seems like a nice guy, an intense player, and of course he is about as star-studded a hockey player that the Leafs have had since Mats Sundin. For some reason, since Sundin has left, the Leafs have had an incredibly difficult time moving on.

Is Phaneuf going to be as media-friendly and charismatic as we'd like to see from a captain? Probably not - he might be more like Darcy Tucker was before he was traded away, just a grumpy miser who wouldn't crack a smile or play nice no matter what. If the team wasn't winning, for some reason he had to be a crank. I see Phaneuf being the same way - and unfortunately, the Leafers aren't going to be "Winners" for a while. So ... expect a grumpy Phaneuf with his bland answers and hockey cliches.

But that's fine - what's more important is what he does on the ice. Let's just hope he doesn't wait till the last two games of the season to score goals as a Maple Leafs next year, too.

Signs that the Leafs are moving on ... They will finally be naming a new captain since Sundin. Mats walked away from the team at the end of the 2007-08 season, and the Leafs have been without a captain ever since. And the reason they didn't name a captain was because they were without a 'leader.' To think that for two full seasons they were without a bonafide leader is a bit scary, but we can probably agree that it's true. [Granted, Beauchemin could have been a pretty good captain, I think - I think Burke wants more "star power" in a captain, though. Perhaps "star power" helps to attract free agents? Seriously, it might.]

Their trade to get Phil Kessel was Burke's first real stab at restocking the roster with Top 6 forwards, but we can see by how very shy he is (and streaky) that he wasn't captain material. Tomas Kaberle was always rumoured to be captain material, but head coach Ron Wilson thought he was fat and lazy, and Burke has obviously been more interested in trading him than keeping him - no reason to put him in charge of a locker room when you'd rather trade him for something.

So the Leafs have two star players, and arguably 1 Top 6 forward and 1 Top 2 defenseman. It's a start, but there's obviously 6 more pieces to the puzzle before they are considered "talented." Perhaps two or three of those spots will be replenished from within the organization - let's hope. That still leaves 3 big important roster spots vacant - with few organizational assets to acquire them. Tough luck .

But naming a captain is a big step to getting away from the Leafs old days in the shadow of Sundin.

New goal scorer
Phil Kessel scored 30 goals last season, and this is important because he's the first Leafs since 2008 to score that many (Mats Sundin). This is the first Maple Leaf not named Sundin to score 30+ goals since Alexander Mogilny scored 33 in 2003! So it's been a long time in the coming. If Kessel begins to hit the 40-goal mark, and the team fills in behind him with consistent and normal scoring behind him, this is a big positive.

The next big step will be to try and acquire a point-per-gamer to help add consistent offensive talent to the team. Again, this was last achieved by Sundin in 2008. Mogilny lead the team in scoring and averaged over a point per game back in 2003. But there has been an obvious (and well documented) absence of star power and offensive consistency for years in Toronto. Last year being one of the very worst where the leading scorer only had 55 points (which is unbelievably poor - but perhaps expected from a 29th place team?).

So let's hope that the rebuild begins by finally shaking off the shadow of Sundin. He left us with nothing but memories of him scoring a bunch of points for a long time, and that's all. (I'll always remember him for splitting the defense and then faking a shot, switching to the backhand and shelving a goal on goalies in Calgary!)

King of the Road

Caption: Road Construction

Once the King of the Road series is finished - I have scanned another old short comic from years and years ago about Brett Hull and Tie Domi. I know it's been requested that I scan and post it - so it's ready to go when I'm out of road kill comics. Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Uggh - we're moving next weekend. Today we went out shopping for a few appliances for the house. Today we bought a seven-piece bedroom set, a fridge and a stove (and groceries for the rest of the week).

Now I'm spent.

Tomorrow we need to get a mattress to go on the bedroom set. Then that's done. (Until we need to get a lawnmower and paint and brushes and .... who knows what else.)

King of the Road
We're just passing the half-way mark for the KotR series - meaning I've only got a little over 20 comics to go before the series is finished. I hope you're enjoying them.

Caption: Never get a Honda

When I wrote this I think there was a car accident near our house and the driver was in a Honda. The Honda was absolutely destroyed - totally creamed. And this comic is a result of that observation - however, despite the condition of the car (absolutely written off) the driver walked away unharmed.

In any case, it's best you don't get into an accident with a Honda that's more than 17 years old.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Weird stuff the last 24 hours

Admittedly, there hasn't been anything dangerous that's happened to me in the past 24 hours, but that doesn't mean that we didn't think that there could have been something dangerous ...

But seriously - unusual things happening lately.

First, last night I was helping Cogeco film a Lacrosse game, and again, lacrosse is pretty cool. It was an exciting game, for sure - and the home team won. BUT at the start of the second period, an errant pass arced across the zone and struck one of the officials in the calf muscle - he was too injured to continue. That's not so weird, but while he was being attended to by the trainers on hand, the arena made an announcement to ask if there were any Level 3 Lacrosse officials in attendance at the game.

This is just some guy getting injured, but it kind of illustrates my point.

That's right, they stopped the game and got a fan out of the stands to officiate for the second half. That's pretty unusual. In the end, it is just an interesting anecdote, but definitely unusual.

Second, and here's the dangerous part, it's just a little after seven this morning (I know, I know - you were all likely up way before that, and possibly already on your way to work by then) when the upstairs smoke alarm went off - meaning there was smoke in our upstairs hallway!

So we got out of bed (my wife first - after cussing a bit). I figured she'd put her hair straightener on and put it down or something, and that it was smoking a towel or a bed sheet in the other room. It made sense to me, so I was ready to go back to sleep (believe that! A smoke alarm going off and I'm writing it off, and going back to sleep, jeez).

Well, turns out it was nothing. There was no scent of smoke, there was definitely nothing burning - there was no good reason for the alarm to be going off. I don't think my wife even waved a towel by it to get it to turn off. Just weird.

Third thing today was someone's pet. I was just checking the mailbox after a quick jog this morning (which was very nice - super weather and a nice stream to run along) when there were two people carrying a white pet (I thought it was a cat) talking to two others who were parked by the mailboxes in a minivan.

Well - I was getting the ass-end view of whatever the animal was, but it had curly, puffy hair and hooves. Turns out they had a lamb! Somewhere in our townhouse community someone has a pet lamb living with them. That's really weird.

That's all - but if things keep going like this ... well, I'm not sure what I'll do. Put it this way, I'm heading out with Cogeco this afternoon to film the Dragon Boat Parade, and I have an unusual feeling that I'll be seeing some more weird stuff before the day is through.

Hope your day is going awesome.

Here's today's King of the Road

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stanley Cup in Nobleton, some day soon

If I recall correctly, Nick Boynton is reputably shy off the ice. From what I've heard, he's not much for all the bravado and fame that comes with being a professional athlete. However, I really do hope that he's comfortable enough to be a part in either a parade or at least a tailgate at the old Nobleton Arena now that he's won the Stanley Cup. That'll be really cool.

He's mentioned in this article on the Blackhawks home page, which basically accounts the procession in which the Cup was handed from player to player. Their website does not have photos up from Game 6 yet, but I'll make a link when they do. It's a good one, no doubt.

On a much lesser note - Joel Quenneville could be bringing the Cup to Windsor ... but who cares about that? ;)

And on an even much, much lesser note, with Chicago's victory, there is a new patient at the end of the donor list for the longest drought in Stanley Cup history ... and it's been bleeding blue and white since 1967.

On a more fun note - Brent Sopel looks like a white Snoop Dogg ... a white barnyard Snoop Dogg.

Fo Shizzel ma Frizzle = I like winning the Cup, Elliotte Friedman.

Today's King of the Road comic
If you're thinking, "Man, there are lot of these dumb comics," then you're right! I've got loads more, still.

Caption: Traffic Jam
An US army veteran was sniped in the leg, and pulled out of a war zone. In the process he lost some of his armour - the government is charging him $30,000 to replace it. Not cool, I agree.

Jon Lajoie's latest single, "Pop Song."

Not his greatest, but worth a listen for its satirical perspective on pop music. He's saying what we're all thinking! / feigned excitement

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Cup might be coming to Nobleton tonight

King of the Road
But before we get to that, I first wanted to post today's King of the Road comic:

Caption: Superman flying low

On the heels of Cloverfield, J.J. Abrams is interested in producing another monster movie, this time it's called "Super 8," obviously no more revealing than the title of his last monster movie. We know that he was interested in creating a monster that America could call its own, because Godzilla (and all the monsters he battled) were Japanese, and King Kong was too cuddly (his words, not mine). Well, Cloverfield came and went, and people aren't considering it the American Godzilla. So what does he do next?

Well, he obviously doesn't believe Cloverfield deserves a sequel, so he's developed another low budget film that you can read all about here, and watch the decidedly exciting trailer, too.

Steven Spielberg's next dinosaur expedition will likely be filmed in Australia - what? This hasn't begun filming yet? We heard about this production months ago. I'm excited to see what they do with it. It would appear it's only one season long, perhaps 13 episodes. A safe bet, if you ask me. Let's hope it's on a network, and not on cable or satellite. That pisses me off (however predictably inevitable it is that all valuable television programming will migrate to pay channels).

I wasn't sure who I was backing for the Stanley Cup until I realized that a guy I went to elementary school with (and high school, afterward), Nick Boynton, is playing for the Blackhawks, which means I'm backing the home team. If he wins, I can only imagine that he'll bring the Cup back to Nobleton for the most fun parade I've ever been to on home soil.

However, we went to King City Secondary High School, which is where the parade will be if the Flyers win, because Dan Carcillo is apparently from there, too. So, either way, the parade's coming home - however I'm angling for Chicago for Nick. (I might otherwise be rooting for Philly, believe it or not).

So - bring it on. Cup might be coming to Nobleton tonight!

Possibly predictable conclusion to Mugabe
It's highly likely nobody's been checking in on this other than me, but the final page of the Mugabe series has been posted, so you can now check in on the comic as a whole without any waiting. So, check it out.

NBC is interesting

How to make a new show:
Type: The Extent
Right click: Copy
Ctrl+n: Start a new page
Right click: Paste
Right click: Save As
Type: Persons Unknown
Of course I'm not suggesting that NBC has plagiarized our idea for The Extent - it wasn't incredibly unique in any way, but it goes to show that the networks out there were looking to put out a show incredibly similar to what we had designed.

I've only seen a clip for the pilot that was posted on July 29, 2009 while we were still filming some of the first episodes. The Extent didn't air until August 5, -so it's incredibly unlikely that our trailer or ambitions were influencing this show in any way - but it's eerie how similar it appears.

See for yourself

The Extent

Obviously the concept is extraordinarily similar - though I like that Persons Unknown uses an entire town instead of just a room (something we'd happily have conceived with a budget) and that there was more interaction between the overseers and the incarcerated.

Well - I'd type more, but the cat is clawing my bare legs and it's distracting ...

- courtesy of Indy

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nearing the end of Mugabe

This is the last post before the conclusion of the Mugabe comic series, so if you've been waiting to read it so you can just read it all at once (it might take you two minutes total) then, you've only got one more day to wait. Here's the latest addition to the comic:

I feel that the last few pages were put together with better attention to the borders and flow of reading left to right. The first few pages were me getting back into the feel of things, I haven't drawn comics in ages - but the last few pages came out much more to my liking. It could also be that the first few pages were more about introducing characters (which isn't graphically interesting, necessarily) while the last few pages were about dinosaurs eating and smashing things (much more interesting). In any case, it's almost all posted - so I hope you've at least been entertained by reading it.

And today's King of the Road is here, too:

Caption: Big fly

The Duel, by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Theater

Dealing Kaberle
Who the Leafs will be interested in, in exchange for Tomas Kaberle in a trade. This is very well thought out.

The expanding earth hypothesis
Dinosaurs, if they were removed entirely from their Mesozoic environment and inserted directly into our environment, would likely be poisoned by the atmosphere. The gaseous composition of the world today, is undoubtedly different than it was hundreds of millions of years ago. This is probable - but might the effect of gravity also be different from back then? There's a theory that the world is still expanding, thus it was smaller hundreds of millions of years ago, and the impact of gravity on the earth would be less severe. In this case it would allow species to grow much, much larger than they are today. Here is a discussion thread on the subject, if you're interested.

Treat your neighbor as you'd like to have them to conform to behaving

If you were wondering how the Christian Right feels about evolution, see this link. If you're interested in reading hatemail that demonstrates the intolerance of others, this is still a good link. It sort of opens your eyes to see what some people have to deal with. Imagine receiving death threats because you believe in evolution? Death threats!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Camera One

Camera one, coming to you ... and you're on.
Before I took my last job I was volunteering at the local Cogeco station where I was helping to film the shows that you watch on tv. My first job behind the camera was a double-bill of a school performing a play for Christmas. Then I filmed a few episodes of a program called "The Skinny" that's filmed in studio. I didn't get a chance to film any Peterborough Pete's games, but just last weekend I was able to film a Laker's Lacrosse game at the Memorial Centre - and Lacrosse games are really cool.

I haven't ever seen a lacrosse game before, though I've heard they're intense. I thought this was going to be two high school teams, but ... I was really wrong. The Lakers are a bunch of big men slashing each other in the throats with batons while sprinting up and down an arena while firing a hard little ball all over the place. It was high-scoring and exciting - I was really impressed, and it's definitely cool to be a part of the filming.

Then this morning I was filming with them again for a memorial and plaque dedication for D-Day. That will be airing on Cogeco for the rest of the day. It was a beautiful morning to be out on the hill top filming. And most of the veterans out there looked pleased to have been part of something so special. So these things have been fun - but there are only about two or three more opportunities I'm going to have working with these guys before we move - so perhaps I'm trying to make the most of them while I still can.

Guests this weekend
I had a bunch of guests stay this weekend, and it was really nice catching up and spending time together with people I haven't been able to spend time with in a long while. Very pleasant - but now that the weekend has passed, it means we're that much closer to our moving date. I've got to see if I can get our utilities activated close to the time that we want to move in or not. I sure hope with three week's notice that they'll be able to schedule us in at a convenient time.

King of the Road
I've got another two posts for the KotR for you, seeing as how I skipped posting yesterday. I hope you enjoy - and you can scoot over to the Zombie Dinosaurs blog to see the latest two additions to the Mugabe series. I'll likely link more directly to them in another post later on.

Caption: - none -

Caption: A road that lemmings built

Thanks for checking in.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I skipped posting yesterday - instead I travelled across the city by foot. My buddy Ben and I had a great time people-watching and catching up. It was a great afternoon to be outside hanging out, too. It rained pretty good last night, and I hope that it hasn't made anything uncomfortable for the wedding he was attending this morning.

Anyhow - here's a link to the latest page of the Mugabe series. (There have been two updates posted, for today and yesterday).

And in similar fashion, I didn't post any King of the Road stuff yesterday, either, so here are two for today!

Caption: Road Pizza

Caption: Prehistoric times

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guests this weekend

New page of the Mugabe comic ready to be unveiled
Click here to follow along with the story.

I'm looking forward to having company this weekend. While my wife is gone and there are guests joining me for a couple of days - it means the place should be as tidy or dirty as I make it/leave it - so I'm looking forward to clearing everything off and packing some things away to get it very neat.

All of that being said - it'll probably be a rockin' mess around here for a couple of days. Hard to say.

Here's today's version of the King of the Road series:

In the annals of time, the punchline of this joke was lost. Use your imagination to find something funny with it?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mugabe comic continues

Hey there - the second page of the Mugabe comic series is now posted, and you can find it here, or the first page here. In my opinion, the first few pages start off a bit rough, but it cleans up and turns out a little more like I had envisioned by the end. I had fun making it - though after spending so much time on something, it loses a lot of the magic that comes with the first imaginative spark.

I hope you enjoy it. There will be a new page posted every day, up until it's finished. There are only nine pages, so the last one should be posted by the middle of next week.

King of the Road
Today's KOTR comic was inspired by Australia.

The other day, Maple Leafs fans were able to hear from Brian Burke about what his intentions over the summer for the hockey club will be. Those ideas are summarized here at the National Post.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Novel reviews

I've got two reviews of my novel returned to me now which means I can go through my reviewers' thoughts and suggestions and go over the book one more time. I've got the linear storyline down pat to where I want all the scenes to go - and I've got the characters and what happens to them finalized - now there are some spelling, grammar, literary techniques and things like that to consider while going back over it - chapter by chapter. I'm looking forward to it.


My short comic Mugabe is almost complete. I did a whole whack of inking on it today - and think that I will likely scan the pages in tonight, meaning it should be finalized and posted very shortly, too. So - two projects closer to where I want them.

No, haven't heard anything back yet - bummer.

King of the Road:
For no reason, when I was younger, right around Grade 6, I went through a phase where I would call my brother a cow. There was literally no rhyme or reason to it. I have no idea to this day why I was inspired to do it, or what it could have possibly meant, but ... this comic is a text that confirms that this in fact happened back in the day.

Caption: Scott, on the road dead