Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kyle Kinane

There are three bits in this stand-up

1. Grabbing life by the balls
2. Believing in God
3. a flyer he found hanging on his screen door

The bit about pizza towards the end had me in tears.

Monday, July 25, 2011

It stormed all night

... so what are the odds that the power's out at work this morning? We've got the most unreliable building I've ever worked in. The power was out from first thing in the morning until 1 p.m. last time it rained this month. Let's see if the facility goes two for two. (grumble)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bill Watters' show finally cancelled

Honestly, this has been the highlight of my drive home over the past two years - and it's a genuine shame that he won't be returning to entertain me. I remember when I first discovered his show - it was during the Leafs Lunch (I think) in the middle of the day.

I was flipping through stations and thought I'd stumbled upon 590's Hockey at Noon, or NHL at Noon, or whatever it's called - with Kypreos and that ass Maclean, or McLean or however he spells it. I wasn't paying much attention, but became aware that the program was FAR better than usual - without two braggardly jocks trying to "out tough" one another over the airwaves.

There's nothing, absolutley nothing, entertaining about listening to Kypreos and Maclean pretend they're macho men, making locker-room jokes to one another, pretending one had a "better" career than the other.

let's face, they're both in broadcasting for a reason.

But Watter's his experience with the Leafs was legendary - and from that moment on, I knew he was something special. He was ugly, but his personality was FAR superior, and attitude was far less "assholish" on the airwaves. He didn't pretend to be buddy-buddy with his guests, and was as respectful as could be - even if he did have an aging sense of what was politically correct to say over the airwaves.

Frankly, I've been listening to CDs in the car lately (I don't get FM stations on my car ride, except for one country station, which doesn't entertain me) so if they're not talking about anything I like on 640, and 590 has switched to tennis, swimming, football, CFL, boxing, or even National League baseball - I'm switching channels.

That's what was great about Watters - he didn't really care for any of those things, he tried his damnedest to find hockey stuff to talk about - whether it was mid-July, mid-August or mid-September.

Bill Watters’s show falls victim to AM 640’s format change
Globe and Mail

One of the worst-kept secrets in sports radio finally came true this week with the cancellation of The Bill Watters Show on AM640 in Toronto. Watters’s three-hour afternoon slot is going to be filed by talk-show host Arlene Bynon, as AM 640 fully adopts the news talk format.

It marks the end of seven years with Watters hosting a sports show on the station. Watters will continue to appear on the station on Leafs Breakfast, after the team’s games and he will also joining the pregame show for the coming season.

“A majority of our listeners have wanted a drive show that is more consistent with the other day-parts - where we have seen substantial growth - and we've heard them,” AM 640 senior program director Gord Harris told Usual Suspects in an e-mail. “The Leafs, however, are still a key part of our programming, and we'll be discussing Leaf-related issues, and breaking Leaf-related stories as they happen on all shows - as warranted.

Watters tells Usual Suspects that he’s naturally disappointed, but “I move on. I’m under employment of Corus Radio till my contract runs out. I understood what my employers were doing. We did best we could. When you’ve done it as long as I had, with no professional training, it becomes a part of you. Part of my success was that I was myself. I have no regrets with that.”

Watters had previously been a major hockey agent and assistant general manager of the Maple Leafs before going to AM 640 when it obtained the radio rights to the team. He hosted the two-hour Leafs Lunch (which peaked as high as 7.5 in the ratings) before taking on his old broadcast partner Bob McCown of Sportsnet Radio The Fan 590 in the highly competitive afternoon drive slot.

While Watters made a few inroads, it was not enough to convince Corus to stay the course for the final year of the contract with the Maple Leafs.

“It’s a juggernaut at the FAN,” says Watters. “And we tried to snip away at Bob’s numbers. Some fans just won’t turn the dial. Turn on FAN you have a rating of at least 3 and then Bob builds on that. Every listener you get has to leave Bob, and he gives no reason to leave him. They have to beat themselves.”

Which begs the question of where the rights will go next if Corus (as expected) decides to get out of the action after this contract. The team did Corus few favours, not getting into the playoffs since the 2004-'05 lockout. But it’s expected that the feud between TSN Radio and The Fan 590 will drive the payments higher. The only question for the Leafs is do they make the sale now or wait until spring and hope that the club is getting a playoff spot? Interesting gamble.
And Jim Ralph was doing an outstanding job as the side-kick, or host, or whatever - right up there with Bill Hayes Sr.

Too bad - looking forward to his pre-game show!..... in October.

Voltron in October

My wife got this new Sonic the Hedgehog game, and it's kind of awful, and she was having a lot of trouble with the controls - so I asked her what the reviews were on the game before she bought it. Uh oh, she hadn't checked, just trusted that the Sonic creators wouldn't release a bad game on the popular brand ....

in any case, I looked it up and found that the game receive a mediocre 7.0, with especial concern going to the very difficult controls (so a lesson learned there). HOWEVER, I started looking at other games coming out only to discover Voltron: Defender of the Universe is due out in October!

Is this awesome?

... Doesn't look too awesome. However, I was impresed and pleased to see that the 80s-voice-actor / legend Peter Cullen who has been performing the voice of Optimus Prime for 30 years was also in Voltron, which is cool. (That might be the last cool part about it, though).

When you're the tigers, you're just running around shooting lasers at lots of little badguys that are so small you can't distinguish them from the landscape, and when you're Voltron, it almost looks like a crappy turn-based fighting platform you might find in Final Fantasy II, so not too impressive.

What disappoints me even more, is that it's hardly even an official release. It's available for $10 for download. You're much more likely to find better games with more engaging environments and battles on the Nintendo DS or PSP than you are with this game.

Kind of disappointing.

But while searching for more work of Peter Cullen, I browsed through some Youtube videos and found that a few Voltron videos are up in their entirety.

Check out episode one:

I always liked the theme song. It sounds familiar to a sound bite that AM 640 uses (or maybe it's 680?).

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bautista makes The Onion

Mostly funny - except the steroids gag at the end. A baseball joke about steroids is like a hockey joke about not having your own teeth. It's become too cliche to be funny anymore.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens seems cool

When I first saw the preview for Cowboys and Aliens, and saw what Daniel Craig did to make himself fit the new role - going from a stalwart physique as James Bond to a significantly more emaciated physique for the western role, I was really shocked.

He shrank the size of his neck, somehow, to look the part, which is astonishing. (Christian Bale famously switches body-types for roles in his films, too - to some characteristic flaws, if you ask me, but he's dedicated, no doubt.)

And Sam Rockwell always creates a totally new character for each of his roles, which should go without saying, but Rockwell in particular shows yo a character in his roles that's genuinely fresh and full of depth. It's fun to see what he does with a role.

He should be great in Cowboys and Aliens, too!

But ... this brings me to Harrison Ford. Now, I really like his Han Solo, and I really like his Indiana Jones. He's a fine actor, but ... frankly Jones and Solo aren't really all that different. One wears a hat, the other drives the Millennium Falcon. They're very much the same character - and honestly, beyond simply growing older, Ford hasn't changed his look for any of his roles.

(he kinda looks like a young Chevy Chase in this one)

I know God only gave him one face - but a little range would be nice. Seems like changing roles is basically like changing his hat. One hat for Indy, cowboy hat means he's a cowboy today, and no hat means he's a doctor (Dr. Richard Kimble) or a space pilot.

It's like the band Everclear. Their singles pretty much sound the same, or distinctly similar. Lucky for them, it also sounds good. Harrison Ford is in a similar role in many of his films - which has been advantageous, because he played Han Solo three times in the 70s, and then Indiana Jones spanned through three decades in the same role.

After seeing what Daniel Craig and Sam Rockwell have done in their past, without half as much fanfare as Ford, it'd nice to see Harrison do something totally different. Look at what Robert Deniro has done with himself!

Then again, I'm not certain Harrison Ford has much of a sense of humour (and a difficult interview).

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Maddox's new book

I wasn't really aware that Maddox was publishing a new book, but it would appear that he's completed the manuscript, and it's going to be big.

As the first time I heard the concept for the Alphabet of Manliness, I'm not entirely sure if it's going to be any good - but after reading the Alphabet of Manliness, and laughing all the way through it, of course I'll be open to the subject.

Looking forward to November 2011 for: I Am Better Than Your Kids.

Maddox told me:
This is a stack of some of the artwork, drafts, and versions that went into making this book. It's so awesome it makes my balls ache. I graded about 600 pieces of artwork, journal entries, worksheets, shitty poetry (though that's redundant), math, failed science and even a few pictures of kids. I could literally crush a child with this book. Also, for the first time in the history of Earth, I've included my own drawings to be graded. Now you can judge me judging myself. Spoiler: it will give your mind a boner.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Has 2011 been odd to anyone else?

I can remember back to grade whatever (I think it was Grade 2 or 4) but I remember writing the date on the top of my papers. Mille-neuf-cent, quatre-vent dix-huit, which is French for 1998, I'm certain of it. (French counts in some archaic way where four-20s and 18 means 98 instead of just saying "88" like a g--damned human being - thanks French folks)

In any case ... it's in '98 that I became cognizant of what year it was, which was never tremendously important at any point, and really isn't that important today. I still recall things from my past in relation to what grade I was in at school, of what year I was in at University. As we move forward after going through the education process, it'll be interesting to see what the yardsticks are in the future.

Putting that aside - I guess what I'm getting at is, every time the calendar turned over in January and we entered a new year, it was like we were entering into the future. For two months I'd still write "2008" when it was already "2009" and think to myself, "Wow, I can't believe it's 2009 already."

I don't know if other people go through this or not - but it always happened to me. I was always caught thinking that the year I was in was so current and ahead of its time that it was hard to keep up. I seemed to be always trying to keep up with the times, and was astonished with the decade, century and year we were in at that moment, only getting comfortable with it in time for the year to change again.

But 2011 has been something of an anomaly for me, and I have no idea why. Frankly, 2011 seems passe, out of date, and out of touch. Hell, it should still be 2010, if you ask me, there's been nothing significant or interesting, nothing progressive or important, nothing fresh or exciting about 2011 like there has been in years before.

I almost feels like it's been 2012 for six months, and 2011 is way behind us.

... I don't even know what I'm trying to say, but this year seems to be lacking in the things that made the years before exciting and vibrant. 2011 has been like watching "Back to the Future" and realizing that we don't have hover boards, or like watching "The Jetsons" knowing we'll never have space cars that fold into suitcases.

Through all our history we were raised believing there was an unlimited potential to the future, and in the past two-to-five years we've been dealing and negotiating the consequences of that mentality with over population, pollution and "the tipping point" that we've "theoretically" already past.

2011 just hasn't had a personality of its own, it hasn't had any promise, and it feels like its behind the times and out of date before it's even half over.

or maybe I'm completely nuts. I mean, what does it really matter in the grand scheme of things what year it is? And perhaps that's the oddest part of it all - up until 2011, the year we were living in felt exciting and progressive, while 2011 already feels dull, like it doesn't hold any significance, like it doesn't matter.

When I write the date, I'd almost prefer to be mistakenly be scrawling 1998 all over again - I don't even know how to say 2011 in French. Deux-mille cent, onze?

Am I nuts?

and I would totally call it "Cao Cao, the Chow Chow," for the record.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

hobby updates have been scarce

Hobby updates have been scarce lately, and it's definitely because we've had great weather and more weekends with weddings and travelling than during the fall and winter months. But all of that aside - I think I've got a new schedule I'd like to try and might make things run a bit more smoothly and hopefully lead to more updates more often.

That's certainly what I'd like, any how.

So here's to an evening of more drawing - I've drafted an entire new scene for Tomb of the Undead, and I'm looking forward to getting it up page by page. Hope you're looking forward to it.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New draft picks - what to expect

Hockey's Future, where I find most of my information on prospects, doesn't have much information about the players the Leafs drafted this year, delaying any post on that front - BUT that doesn't mean I can't look elsewhere.

Sources: hdb (, hf (

Tyler Biggs (RW)
Born April 30, 1993 (93?!) in Cincinnati, OH (he's going to college at Miami, OH)
Height 6'02" - - 200 lbs (according to Hockeydb) 210 lbs. (by Hockey's Future)
Selected 22nd overall in 2011.
Prospect Grade: __?
Notes: Leafs traded up to get him, giving the 30th and 29th picks to Anaheim for the pick. Anaheim drafted RW Rickard Raekell (6', 199 lbs OHLer ) and John Gibson (Swedish goalie 6'3" 206 lbs from the USHL).

Ontario Junior Hockey League career (2008): 3 gms, 2 pim (Hdb)
Biggs played for the Toronto Jr. Canadiens, playing in 72 games for that team. He scored 40 goals and added 46 assists for 86 points. Biggs was chosen in the second round of the 2009 OHL Priority selection by the Oshawa Generals (HF)
2009-10 U.S. National Development Team, USHL: 24 gp, 6 g, 5 a, 11 pts 54 pim (HDB)
Played in 24 games for the U.S. NTDP squad that competed in the USHL, scoring 6 goals and adding 5 assists for 11 points. Played 40 games for the US. National U-17 team where he netted 15 goals and added 8 assists for 23 points, and also suited up for the U-18 squad for 13 games, picking up 1 goal and 1 assist for that team. Played for the gold medalist U.S. team at the World U-17 Hockey Challenge, scoring 5 goals and chipping in 1 assist for 6 points in 6 games. Also represented the U.S. at the 2010 U-18 World Junior Championship, where he was scoreless in 7 games. (HF)
2010-11 U.S. National Development Team, USHL: 20 gp, 7 g, 4 a, 11 pts, 41 pim (HDB)
Playing for the U.S. squad at the 2011 U-18 WJC in Germany. Will play for Miami University starting in the fall of 2011 (HF).
Stuart Percy (D)
Born May 18, 1993 in Oakville, ON
Height 6'01" - - 175 lbs (HDB) but 186 lbs (by HF)
Selected 25th overall in 2011.
Selected 15th overall in the 2009 OHL Priority Selection by Mississauga
Prospect Grade: __?

2008-09 (HF) Toronto Marlboros in the GTHL
2008-09: Percy played for the Toronto Marlboros in the GTHL. He was chosen in the first round, 15th overall, of the 2009 OHL Priority Selection by the Mississauga St. Michael's Majors. (HF)
2009-10 Mississauga St. Mike's Majors (OHL) 52 gp, 3 g, 15 a, 18 pts, 40 pim (HDB)
Percy registered 1 assist in 16 playoff games. Percy played for Team Ontario at the 2010 World U-17 Hockey Challenge, picking up 3 assists in 6 games for the silver medal squad. (HF)
2010-11 Mississauga St. Mike's Majors (OHL) 64 gp, 4 g, 29 a, 33 pts, 50 pim (HDB)
In 20 playoff games, he scored 2 goals and added 10 assists for 12 points. Percy registered 4 assists in 5 Memorial Cup Tournament games for the Majors. Percy played for Team Orr at the 2011 CHL Home Hardware Top Prospects Game. (HF)
Josh Leivo (LW)

Born May 26, 1993 in Innisfil, ON
Height 6'02" - - 180 lbs (HDB) but 188 lbs (by
Selected 86th overall in 2011.
Selected 11th round (yikes) in the 2009 OHL Priority Selection by Sudbury
Prospect Grade: __?

2009-10? Barrie Minor Midgets, 30 goals (

2010-11 Sudbury Wolves (OHL) 64 gp, 13 g, 17 a, 30 pts, 37 pim
Anyone who wasn't sleeping during the second half of the 2010-11 OHL season knows Sudbury Wolves forward Josh Leivo has become a sleeper for the upcoming NHL Entry Draft.

[H]is coming-out party was during the post-season, when, playing on the first line with centre Michael Sgarbossa and right-winger Andrey Kuchin, he scored six goals and assisted on seven others, (helping) the Pack upset the favoured Ottawa 67's in the first round.

Leivo wasn't listed by NHL Central Scouting on its final rankings, released in April, but it's clear the 6-foot-2, 188- pound forward is on the radar of several big-league clubs ahead of the seven-round draft, which runs today and Saturday in St. Paul, Minn. (
Tom Nilsson (D)

Born in Sweden
Height 6', 176 lbs.
Selected 100th overall in 2011.
Prospect Grade: __?

2010-11 Mora J20 squad, 37 gp, 2 g, 6 a, 8 pts

Swedish defenceman Tom Nilsson saw his stock rise dramatically in the second half of the 2010-2011 season. Playing primarily for Mora’s J20 team in Sweden, Nilsson saw some time with both Mora’s J18 team and their Mens’ team.

Nilsson represented Sweden at this year’s IIHF U-18 tournament, winning a silver medal for his efforts (
Tony Cameranesi (C)

Born August 12, 1993 in Maple Grove, Minnesota
Height 5'09", 162 lbs.
Selected 130th overall in 2011.
Prospect Grade: __?

Minnesota High School League 25 gp, 15 g, 54 pts.

Minnesota-native Tony Cameranesi is known specifically for one facet of his game: his skating, (possessing) explosive speed and solid offensive instincts.

Playing for Wayzata (added) nine ... points in three playoff games. Cameranesi has committed to the University of Minnesota Duluth, but will play this upcoming season for Waterloo of the USHL before making the jump to college. (
David Broll (LW)

Born January 4, 1993 in Mississauga, ON
Height 6'01", 220 lbs. (HDB) but 225 lbs (by
Selected 152nd overall in 2011.
Prospect Grade: __?
Notes: Broll is said to be best friends with former Otters teammate, and another Leafs prospect, Greg McKegg (

2009-10 Erie Otters (OHL) 64 gp, 9 g, 9 a, 18 pts, 42 pim

2010-11 Sault St. Marie Greyhounds (OHL) 65 gp, 13 g, 21 a, 34 pts
No one will ever wonder why David Broll is often referred to as “the Brolldozer.” The 6’1, 225lb winger plays a physical game, and likely feels right at home when he is banging bodies in the corners.

Broll was sent along with a handfull of draft picks to the Soo in exchange for the Greyhounds’ leading scorer Brett Thompson at the OHL’s Trade Deadline.
Dennis Robertson (D)

Born May 24, 1991 in Fort St. John, BC
Height 6', 195 lbs. (HDB) but 225 lbs (by
Selected 173rd overall in 2011.
Prospect Grade: __?
Notes: A ’91-born, Dennis Robertson just finished his freshman year with the Brown Bears of the ECAC (NCAA Division I) (

2008-09 Langley Chiefs (BCHL) 55 gp, 1 g, 11 a, 12 pts, 65 pim

2009-10 Langley Chiefs (BCHL) 53 gp, 9 g, 25 a, 34 pts, 83 pim

2010-11 Brown University (ECAC) 30 gp, 6 g, 11 a, 17 pts, 48 pim
While he just turned 20, Robertson will most likely continue developing his game at Brown before making any jump to professional hockey.

Garret Sparks (G)

Born June 28, 1993 in Elmhurst, IL
Height 6'02", 204 lbs. (HDB)
Selected 190th overall in 2011.
Prospect Grade: __?
Notes: In response to being drafted, Sparks tweeted “Dear Maple Leafs, Thanks for turning my mom into a crying mess. And waking me up from my nap. But seriously, I don’t mind. #bestdayever.” After the Leafs drafted him, Sparks’ Twitter account (@GSparks40) exploded from less than 100 followers to over 1,000 in a matter of hours (

2010-11 Guelph Storm (OHL) 19 gp, 59 ga, 3.64 gaa, 8 w, 6 l, 1 t, .890 sp
Garret Sparks started the season battling for Guelph’s backup goaltending position with Matej Machovsky behind veteran starter Brandon Foote. Sparks became Guelph’s goaltender of the future when Machovsky was traded to Brampton in December.

Next season, expect Sparks to inherit the No. 1 goaltender’s job in Guelph.
Max Everson (D)

Born February 22, 1993 in Edina, Minnesota
Height 6'01", 184 lbs. (HDB) but 190 lbs (by
Selected 203rd overall in 2011.
Prospect Grade: __?
Notes: was the captain of his hockey team in Edina. Committed to Harvard University to play for the Crimson.

2010-11 US National Development Team USHL 5 gp, 1 g, 1 a, 2 pts, 2 pim

2010-11 22 gp, 21 pts,
Max Everson lead all Edina defencemen in scoring this season, coming in just shy of a point-per-game pace with 21 points in 22 games. Everson plays a positionally sound and effective game.

It's Friday night, it's 1 a.m., it's CHCH tv

Alrighty, Frank D'Angelo - I'm willing to give your show a bit of a chance - I wonder, what on earth would make you think that you should have your own television show. The only airtime you ever received was when you paid for it for apple juice commercials and after that, commercials for energy drinks.

I have to admit, when I saw that you were selling a CD to raise funds for ... was it Katrina, or Haiti? I can't remember - but it was really awkward. It's like, ... you basically pay to put yourself on TV.

WAIT - your show is on now!

Looks like his show is hosted at Copps Coliseum, or in Hamilton, at least.

Wait - he's in the MMA ring? They don't show how that turns out.

He brought Luca Caputi onto the show, looking for some "Star Power" from the Leafs for his own means, and then treats him like his television persona isn't good enough for his show - not cool, if you ask me. Not everybody can be "Frank D'Angelo," buddy.

In some shots while he's interviewing people, he's got the Cheetah Power Surge promotional advertising in the background. It's so obvious that it's embarrassing.

.... after quite a bit of the show, it seems a whopping amount of it is MMA wrestling, with cutaway shots of Frank "liking it." So Frank's basically trying to use the fame and popularity of MMA to make his show popular - I don' t think it's going to work.

Perhaps if he can make some sketches with hilarious characters in them?

WAIT - after the commercial break, he's cooking spinach rapini? Wait! that was a commercial for D'Angelo brand rapini, "look for it in your super market."

This show is terrible. It's like an Avril Lavigne video, except instead of a blonde (if she's actually blonde) sellout, it's a 50-year-old dummy who wishes he was a popular celebrity.


More MMA - with Frank watching. What a great show!

Then he gets in the ring with one of the fighters and they show him throwing a few punches - and they don't show the guy thumping him pretty regularly - and then the show's over, and a voice over names all of Frank's products.

Who does he think he is? Paul Newman?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Leafs Depth Chart - how's it look now?

(updated: July 9)
This has taken a couple parts of a couple days to put together - so here goes nothing:

Goalies 2010/11--- Goalies 2011/12 --- Departures
J-S Giguere ------- James Reimer ------Giguere
Jonas Gustavsson --Jonas Gustavsson
Jussi Rynnas -------Jussi Rynnas

Centres 2010/11 ------------ Centres 2011/12 ----------Departures
Mikhail Grabovski -----------Tim Connolly ---------- ---Tim Brent
Nazem Kadri ----------------Mikhail Grabovski ---------(Christian Hanson) probably
Tyler Bozak -----------------Matthew Lombardi
Darrel Boyce ----------------Tyler Bozak

Left Wing 2010/11 ---------- Left Wing 2011/12 -------- Departures
Clarke MacArthur ----------- Clarke MacArthur ---------Kris Versteeg
Nikolai Kulemin --------------Nikolai Kulemin
Joffrey Lupul ---------------- Joffrey Lupul
Mike Brown ------------------Mike Brown

Right Wing 2010/11 ------ Left Wing 2011/12 ----------Departures
Phil Kessel ----------------Phil Kessel ------------------(Fredrik Sjostrom) probably
Colby Armstrong ----------Colby Armstrong
Joey Crabb ----------------Joey Crabb
Colton Orr -----------------Colton Orr

Defense 2010/11 -----------Defense 2011/12 --------Departures
Dion Phaneuf --------------Dion Phaneuf ------------Tomas Kaberle
Luke Schenn --------------Luke Schenn -------------Francois Beauchemin
Mike Komisarek ----------John-Michael Liles -------Brett Lebda
Brett Lebda ---------------Keith Aulie
Carl Gunnarsson ----------Carl Gunnarsson
Matt Lashoff --------------Cody Franson

Toronto Marlies

Jake Gardiner (44 pts U of Wisconsin / AHL)
Simon Gysbers (31 pts AHL)
Matt Lashoff (29 pts AHL/NHL)
Josh Engel (20 pts AHL / ECHL)
Jeff Finger (15 pts NHL/AHL)
Korbinian Holzer (13 pts AHL/NHL)
Mike Brennan (10 pts AHL)
Mike Komisarek (10 pts NHL)
Juraj Mikus (16 pts AHL)

Right Wing
Tyler Brenner (47 pts AHA / AHL)
Greg Scott (30 pts AHL)
Aaron Voros (109 PIM AHL/ NHL)
Richard Greenop (6 pts ECHL/AHL)

Philippe Dupuis (17 pts NHL)
Greg McKegg (93 pts OHL/AHL)
Mike Zigomanis (48 pts AHL/OHL)
Joe Colborne (43 pts AHL/NHL)
Alex Foster (34 pts AHL)
Christian Hanson (34 pts AHL/OHL)
Justin Hodgman (30 pts AHL/ECHL)
Andrew Cresenzi (24 pts OHL /AHL)
Brayden Irwin (15 pts AHL)

Left Wing
Jerry D'Amigo (43 pts AHL /OHL)
Fabian Brunnstrom (35 pts AHL)
Marcel Mueller (33 pts AHL/NHL)
Ryan Hamilton (28 pts AHL)
Will Acton (24 pts CCHA/AHL/ECHL)
Jeff Cowan (16 pts AHL)
Luca Caputi (5 pts AHL/NHL)

Ben Scrivens (2.23 AHL/ECHL)
Jussi Rynnas (2.71 GAA AHL)

Minor Leaguers

Stuart Percy (OHL - 33 pts)
Jess Blacker (Windsor/Owen Sound - 30 points)
Andrew MacWilliam (WCHA - 8 pts)
Petter Granberg (SEL - 1 pt)
Eric Knodel (can't find any 2010 stats?)

Left Wing
Brad Ross (Winterhawks - 68 points)
Jerry D'Amigo (Kitchener/Marlies - 43 points)
Jamie Devane (OHL 38 pts /131 PIM)
Leo Komarov (KHL - 26 pts)
Daniel Brodin (Swedish Elite League - 13 pts)

Right Wing
Josh Nicholls (WHL - 87 pts)
Matt Frattin (U of North Dakota/NHL - 60 pts)
Kenny Ryan (OHL - 60 pts)
Tyler Biggs (USHL - 41 pts)
Dale Mitchell (AHL/ECHL -17 pts)
Ben Winnett (CCHA - 12 pts)
Richard Greenop (ECHL / AHL - 6 pts)
Sondre Olden (SEL - 3 pts)

Sam Carrick (Brampton - 39 pts)

Mark Owuya (SEL/Swe 1 - 2.18 GAA)
Grant Rollheiser (Boston University - 3.98 GAA)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

excited for new Leafs!

Not sure how this quite fixes into the overall scheme of things, but so far, this is how it looks:

Giguere - gone, but Reimer resigned (with Gustavsson still available - and Scrivens resigned)
With youth in position in goal, it should be interesting to see how they fair, and also what they do when the team hits a dip. Everyone seems to trust the excellence of Reimer, who could be the next Kirk Cameron of Christianity in Toronto. Think about it.

In any case - Reimer will be more consistent than Giguere because he'll be more healthy, and Gustavsson will be on a short leash with Scrivens as understudy. Should be exciting to witness.

Tim Brent - gone, but they sign free agent Tim Connolly, which is an upgrade, for sure. Yet, in a different trade package, the Leafs also brought in Matthew Lombardi to fulfill some duties at centre ice as well! Two new centres will help ease the transition to fulltime major league status for Nazem Kadri and Joe Colborne.

Taking pressure off young talent is tremendously important - and adding two pro centres who can fill the first and second/third spots (Tyler Bozak will take the third/second spot - and the penalty kill) sounds good to me.

Brett Ledba is traded away to Nashville - but John Michael Liles is acquired for a second round pick- major upgrade! (Even the Denver Post dislikes the trade, which means Toronto really got the best out of this deal.)

But that's not all, the defense also brings in Cody Franson is 6'5, 213 lbs. He's got great upside, and working behind Schenn, Gunarsson, Aulie and Phaneuf, he'll have plenty of time to craft his skills - all the while Mike Komisarek feels shame for being the Garnet Exelby/Jeff Finger of the Maple Leafs for the 2011/12 season.

Outgoing: a second round and fourth round picks in the 2012 draft, AND Robert Slaney. Who the hell is he?

With these signings and trades, the Leafs have made excellent upgrades already. Not bad, and in fact, very cool. Will this make them contenders? No - but it does improve their defense, centre and goal positions, which is GREAT.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Winnipeg is like Kazhakstan: Antropov

It's my second annual Canada Day in Port Perry, and I was excited once again to see Mr. Nik Antropov stomping around in the fish tournament.

Last year he was unshaven and wearing a grey Atlanta Thrashers hoodie, but not this year. The announcer there asked him what his thoughts were on moving from hot Atlanta to a colder climate in Winnipeg.

Antropov answered that his hometown (in Kazakhstan) has a very similar climate, so he'll feel at home there. Frankly, Winnipeg has now been compared to Kazakhstan, so take that Winnipeg! Suckas.

Nik didn't have his false teeth in while fishing his year, so he had quite the field goal between his lips.

This is literally Alexei Ponikarovski agreeing to a $1.5 million contract with the Carolina Hurricanes. I have a photo of him becoming a millionaire all over again, which is pretty cool. The deal was reported on at 4:26 p.m., and we saw him around 3:45ish, so there's a very good chance this is what he's doing on the phone here.

It just goes to show, you can be in the Afghanistan or Port Perry and still get a deal done, which is good to know. Tim Brent was supposed to be there, and Justin Peters was there, too - meaning that Peters would have been the first to congratulate his new teammates on their contracts. Except I didn't see Brent, but that doesn't matter.

Here's James Neal, who was traded to Pittsburgh from Dallas for Goligoski at the deadline. The announcer kept asking these hockey players which they like better: fishing or hockey. Why on earth would a pro-NHLer find fishing so much better than playing hockey?

And there was an obvious distinction between the physique required of a professional hockey player vs. that of a pro fisherman.

Happy Canada Day

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