Monday, July 26, 2010

Brett Hull vs. Tie Domi

I've had a lot of difficulty figuring out where this fits in chronologically. It was some time after Team Canada was putting together their national team when Brett Hull concluded he would play for the U.S. (and pretty much quit being Canadian) from that point on. It was a gripe with Canadians, 'cause Hull was in the throes of his Hall of Fame career, doing just fine at the NHL level. They were astonished that he wouldn't accept an invitation to the team, especially because Canada is always a favourite to win.

I think Canada struggled that year, but I don't really recall. Hull was in the papers quite a bit around that time, and I was able to get a picture of him from the Toronto Star (the Internet didn't have pictures of hockey players, you still needed hockey cards for player info back then). This had to be some time in the mid-90s, though I can't be sure if it were after the '91, '96 or '98 series. I just don't remember.

Anyhow, I found a few good picks of Tie Domi and a few good pics of the Golden Brett and though, what the hey? It'd be cool if Domi beat the bejezus out of 'im. And that led to this comic. It's set at a pancake dinner hosted by the Lion's Club in the basement of the Nobleton Town Hall down beside the arena. As far as I know, the Lion's Club still hosts these dinners in the same location to this date.

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