Monday, July 1, 2013

The other season in Scotland is June | June in review

"There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter."
                                                       ~Billy Conolly 
June began with an introduction and promotion for what to expect as of July 1, which was a whole new group of King St. Capers, and it teased the famous Abbey Road cover art from the Beatles now-famous album, which was a big recommendation from a few fans of the program after reading Buncha Stooges.

 The King St. Capers

The Hot Tub story arc continues as a twosome I introduced ages ago returns to discover a mysterious hot tub that landed in the middle of King St. June began with What Could Be Worse Than That? ; and continued with Be the Change, The Upgrade and Hot Tub Duckies. The big shift moving forward (and by "big" I mean nothing big whatsoever) will be to ensure Mr. Minestrone is featured in every Caper moving forward. It's all about Mr. Minestrone, everyone else is just in awe of him - - so he obviously requires a more prominent role.

As I realized this, I introduced a spontaneous series of advice from Mr. Minestrone as a bit of a spin-off, called Salty Advice. No doubt, Mr. Minestrone has a lot of wisdom to share with anyone willing to simply observe his way of life. How to deal with "curve balls" and putting your best foot forward.

Tomb of the Undead 

Act III of Tomb of the Undead continued along, though at a slower pace than I was punching it out earlier in the year - - the summer slows things down. However, many story arcs and character arcs reach a climax in Spill Your Guts and segue into Kodikas Galanos.

Spring Chickens

This was a month revealing a few gags I'd had in my notebook for a long time - - they're all out-of-date and lacking a bit of "punch"but who am I to censor myself. I drew them anyhow. While they may not be my personal favourites, they were good to get out of the way.

We have Hannibal from The A-Team finding joy in other things than making excellent plans, in I Love It When a Sandwich Comes Together; an homage to one of my favourite ad campaigns Learn to Speak Australian and then a joke that I had in my notebook for ages, and finally a bit of a personal jab at hip-hop music with 99 Problems, Including Math Homework. Because, ya know, Jay Z is a high school dropout. Spring Chickens concluded this month with another kitty comic, this time featuring my own beloved Indian Jones in her debut role as "Mittens" in The Most Interesting Thing in the Room. Simply put, when I haven't showered, my armpits are like crack-cocaine to Indy. It's funny, and annoying.

Zombie Dinosaurs

I posted some sketches and rough drafts of a few projects and pages up on Zombie Dinosaurs, as well. You can read up on the behind-the-scenes work and thoughts behind the Tomb of the Undead pages for Spill Your Guts as well as some old Spring Chickens and King St. Capers strips, as well.

Twitterverse (@RogersRyan22)

I was featured as a Top Story in the June3, 10, 17 and 25 editions of the Webcomics Con Daily by @WebcomicsCon; and was FFed by @RiverbendKings author of the Life of Kings  and Benjamin Pernick (‏@TheTurboSloth). I also got a bit of a shout-out from Bill Taylor (@kingsburymanx) , the creator of the terrific Tripp comic. More personally, I announced my new personal best for jogging 22 days straight in a row, which I'll take a run at breaking this summer; and also was ecstatic to see the Offspring on June 15!

There was some disappointing updates of the new Jurassic Park IV film, most notably that it's release has been indefinitely delayed to "serve us better." I posted an update, but basically it's made the countdown timer on the blog obsolete - - to my dismay.

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