Friday, January 3, 2014

Reading List 2013

Here's the reading list from 2012 - another neat example of identifying other life memories that go along with reading the novels. It's very interesting to remember where you were and what was important to you while you were reading the books.

For more references, here's 2010's list , 2011's list and 2012's list

The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt, William Nothdurft and Josh Smith

Damn Nazis! A touching story of discovery over generations.

Deception Point, Dan Brown
Another Brown story you whip through far faster than makes sense.
Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Jules Verne
Don't' be fooled, there are no dinosaurs whatsoever in this book. Plus, be prepared to read the word "Fathom" a thousand times.
The Dalkie Archive, Flann O'Brien
Some guy plans to blow stuff up, and has homemade whiskey! Funny! Another fun Flann O'Brien novel.
Offside: The Battle for Control of Maple Leaf Gardens, Theresa Tedesco
BOOOORING. Imagine reading hundreds of pages of legal documents and itinerized dates about a frustrating real estate transaction.
Dracula, Bram Stoker
Read some Late Victorian diary entries from a cast of characters who wrote about meeting Dracula.. Some great local dialects employed by Stoker, though.
Measuring Mother Earth, Heather Robertson
VERY interesting, especially if you're into Joeseph Tyrrell or Canada's mid-western geography.
The Walking Dead - books 1 - 14, Robert Kirkman
On Green Dolphin Street, Sabastian Faulks
Great storytelling by Faulks, a rich and colourful journey through a mid-20th century New York City.
Che Guevarra: A Revolutionary Life, Jon Lee Anderson
The size of a phonebook, it was really interesting all the way through - - what a life!
Materese Countdown, Robert Ludlum
Still can't find the Materese Circle (which I really liked) - this is that books sequel, which I read instead.
The Diviners, Margaret Laurence
Haven't read this since high school - poignant metaphors really bring it to life.
I Am Better Than Your Kids, Maddox
It was fun, c'mon!
The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel
The dialogue is kind of like an infomercial, but makes plenty of good points. Just ... feels like he's selling something the whole time, but you're never sure what, exactly.
Jurassic Park (Screenplay), Michael Chricton and David Koepp
Real different from the finished script you see in theatres - - before Spielberg got his hands on it. My draft has a bunch of autographs on it, too!

The Gremlins of Grammar, Toni Boyle and K.D. Sullivan
 Light and fun, considering it's literally about grammar and spelling.

Hannibal Rising, Thomas Harris
Another quick-to-read installment of the Hannibal Lecter story.

Terrible Lizard, The First Dinosaur Hunters and the Birth of a New Science, Deborah Cadbury
The dramatic, dirty history of becoming the foremost authorities on dinosaurs. I really want to read about the Cope and Marsh feuds as well. The Owen v. Mantell battle was pretty dirty!
Lastly, Hannibal by Thomas Harris, the sequel before the prequel, to the Silence of the Lambs series
There are only a few first-edition, hardcopy versions of books I own, and this is one of them. I'd forgotten about Barney's interesting epilogue.

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