Monday, May 11, 2015

From Busk Till Pawn, Act II, sc. iv

Look out park-goers, there's a new attraction.

I don't know how you'd ever say, "stop following us around, you bum!" while you're with your kids at the zoo. Especially when his tour is so awful. Although Beardo does get one thing straight: camels are the most chauvinistic of the animals, let's be clear about that. Things get awkward when the sober bum starts getting agitated.

Next week: Working miracles with Cracker Jacks.

Spring Chickens

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Matt Cole said...

Haha I'd take his guided tour - that's so funny. Really cool comic Ryan!

Peter Rasmussen said...

Haha. That's the type of guide I would like for my next Zoo visit! Really funny.