Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday 2014

Stay tuned for all the mayhem!

Black Friday is some terminal combination of the Darwin Awards and Capitalism.
Will it be another sad day today as the invisible hand of capitalism tramples someone because there was a special price on microwaves?

In the UK
Black Friday Turns Deals to Disasters, BF in the UK from the Guardian.
Injuries, Death as Black Friday Spreads to the UK, from
Walmart is Most Dangerous Place for Violence, UK

Six Years Later, WalMart Still Hasn't Paid $7,000 Fine for Black Friday Worker's Death, Huffington Post

2 Injured in Stabbings at Tanger Outlets, Costco on Black Friday, New York
Injuries and Suspected Assaults at Brookfield Centre Tesco, wherever Hertfordshire is

Fight Over Barbie; Brawl Inside Kohls, Los Angeles
2 Face Charges After Scuffle in Kohls, Tustin
3 Arrests Made After Fight at O.C. Kohl's on Black Friday: Police

Spring Chickens

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