Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Welcome to Scooters

This is the gag I redesigned. Check out the first effort .... :S
As mentioned before, this is the first time something was bad and I redesigned it, although not the first time I had a joke I didn't like and pulled it out of circulation. Nonetheless, perhaps this joke wasn't worthy of all the messing around? Well, whatever. I hope you think Hooters is as ridiculous as I do.

While we're at it, here's a joke I pulled from circulation - - it just ... isn't funny. I think there's something funny about it, but I don't feel it's expressed well, or anything. So you can see it if you'd like to, but remember, I'm certainly not vouching for it.

At a WalMart I had a cashier ask if the Eggplant I was buying was a plum. A PLUM? My palm spasmed to palm my face, but ... just in the nick of time, I stopped myself, and spared everyone the drama. That being said, I imagine if a stranger said something really stupid and you facepalmed right in front of them, it would be embarrassing for everyone involved. Better to not do it, I think.

Spring Chickens

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